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Friday, November 13, 2009

Blackmailing the Royal Malaysian Police now? What the bloody hell???

Today I read about how the 'President of the Human Rights Party of Malaysia, ex ISA detainee and HINDRAF leader , lawyer P.Uthayakumar is not happy with the Royal Malaysian Police Force for shooting dead 5 suspected criminals in Klang, recently.

Read here to learn about it!

The Royal Malaysian Police are now being accused of decimating the Malaysian Indian population systematically by all these shooting to death of criminals who happen to be from the Malaysian Indian community!

What else is going to be plastered against our nation's Royal Malaysian Police Force?

They are now accused to be putting to practice a 'shoot to kill' policy when confronting vicious crooks and criminals terrorizing the nation?

Maybe a few videos taken off You Tube could clear away the clouded judgments and condemnations of the 'Men in Blue' to show just how dangerous and heartless are some of the murderers, rapists, robbers, gangsters and hardened criminals who are rampaging throughout our country!

Here's a video showing brazen vicious criminals brutally hacking a convenience store cashier to death :

This video was removed from Youtube due to its violent graphic nature but somehow I luckily managed to scour for it and found it here.

The criminals robbing and hacking the victim are Malaysian Indians.

Remember the murder of Ustaz Mohamed Khairuddin Mohamed Isa, 42, who worked as a part time cashier at Petronas Gunung Lang, Jalan Kuala Kangsar, Perak on 11th November, 2008?

3 Malaysian Indian men named below were arrested and charged with his murder:
  • N. Ganeson, 22, from Rumah Murah, Jelapang;
  • M. Tayalan, 32, from Kampung Razak, Jalan Kuala Kangsar
  • and K. Nanda Kumar, 22, from Kampung Baru, Jelapang together with another suspect who is at large were charged with murdering the Ustaz at 6:58am on that day!
Check out how vicious were the above murderous criminals who hacked him to death here!




Graphic pictures of the murder victim below :

Does our Human Rights Party of Malaysia stop to think for a while and consider the unnecessary deaths of all such victims of the Malaysian Indian criminals?

Who sheds a tear for these poor unfortunate souls who died at the hands of such heartless brutes who happen to be part of the Malaysian Indian population?

Before you even start accusing me of being a racist who hates Indians, let me clarify that :
  • My car motor insurance agent has been and is a Malaysian devout Hindu @ Mr.Ramakrishnan @ Ramky of ALLCARES Service Agency from AIG. He was my colleague during my apprenticeship with American Home Assurance General Insurance training period. I gave him my business when I stopped being an agent myself and have not dropped him in favor of another because of our friendship.
  • Many of my blogging mates are decent Indians such as Cikgu Murali of Gangeticus.blogspot. Ask him about me? Do I treat him any different because he is a Hindu or Indian? Hell! I respect very much Cikgu Murali for his levelheadedness and intelligence.
  • Emmanuel of DAP Socialist Youth and many others. Same case here. We respect each other and constantly keep in touch through our blogs even though I have my reservations regarding the DAP!
There are good, decent Malaysians of Indian origin all around us but due to their involvement in serious crimes such as murder, rape and robbery, many suspected Indians who are caught in the confrontations with the Malaysian Police usually end up dead in such shootouts!

The Malaysian Police Force are trained professionals. Crooks are not.

Hence the outcome. I am sure that many of us would cry foul if it was the cops getting blasted by the crooks!

I prefer that it be the crooks and vicious criminals like the murderers in the video above who get shot to death as an appropriate measure and to uphold the spirit of justice we all crave for!

This is not a race issue we are talking about!

This is about the police fighting crime and using force where and when it is necessary.

Does anyone here wish for the situation to be the other way around and have these crooks killing our law enforcement officers as they damn well please?

I surely hope not!

Here's a tragic case where one of our nation's finest died after he was killed by a criminal while being on duty!

Did Uthayakumar shed even a tear for this greatest sacrifice by a policeman? It would be a miracle if he did that!

The man's just too fixated with venting his anger against the 'Malay-sian' Police Force judging from the way he publishes his ire against our nation's 'Men in Blue'!

So much hatred and anger eating away from the inside....sheeesh!...What a waste....

Not good for the heart, I tell you...

Lastly, May our Royal Malaysian Police Force be able to safeguard the nation and take out all such crooks and criminals, no matter what race or religion they are from!