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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Malaysian Domestic Maids Abuse ~ Enforce periodical checks to curb it!

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Malaysia has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately. Domestic maids abused and now even murdered!

Picture of the murdered Indonesian maid, 36 year old Mantik Hani from Surabaya.

I am referring to the heartbreaking news reports of how some domestic maids here in Malaysia often fall victim to their sadistic, brutal, heartless employers!

We have grown up watching P.Ramlee movies where maids have been featured quite prominently in some of those films where they do play a pivotal role in the life's of most families who can afford them.

Do you remember the role of Ani Jasmin in many of P.Ramlee's classic films?

She always played the role of a maid in most of his films and the viewers enjoyed the comedy that accompanied her roles. The maid was seen as an important member in the family.

All that niceties about the role of domestic maids featured so prominently in such films of yesteryear's have sadly disappeared from the scene and replaced by the heartwrenching stories of maids being so brutally tortured and now even murdered at the hands of their employers who can only be described as brutish devils and satans from hell!!!

Yim Pek Ha (above) got in the news infamously for brutalizing her Indonesian maid Nirmala Bonat to such a stage of cruelty that many hearts bled and eyes weeped upon seeing the tremendous suffering and pain inflicted upon the poor maid by the smiling beast above!

From a picture of a smiling happy maid (above), Nirmala Bonat eventually was tortured to such a degree that the poor woman is now the symbol of domestic maid abuse here in Malaysia and probably throughout the whole region of South East Asia if not the world?

Her abusive employer was sentenced to a jail term of 18 years only! Not at all a fair sentence given the extreme physical abuse and mental torture meted out by Yim Pek Ha the beast upon poor Nirmala!

That she demon ought to be put to hard labor during her imprisonment and not considered for parole throughout her sentence.

After Nirmala Bonat's shocking abuse case, we learned of another equally devastating case of another Indonesian domestic maid by the name of Siti Hajar (pictured above) who was also brutally tortured and abused by her employer.

Again at the hands of another female Malaysian employer!

Click on the news report above to read it clearer.

What the hell is wrong with some of our fellow citizens?

What has triggered them into becoming such heartless, brutal demons devoid of human compassion and mercy towards their servants and domestic help?

What makes these devils in human form resort to such brutality to appease their overly inflated egos and turn into maniacal beasts who maim, hurt and torture the very persons who served them throughout the day and nights?

I suggest that any employer here in Malaysia who wants to hire a maid or maids to undergo psychiatric evaluations and go through a police screening in order to detect in advance any sickos who will eventually turn abusive and harm such domestic maids in the future?

Do you remember how in the olden days, mothers were visited by the government hospital and clinic nurses to check on the condition of newborn babies and their mothers?

Can we have something similar carried out by representatives of the Human Resources Ministry or enact a law making it compulsory for employers to bring their maids to the local government clinics for monthly checkups to ascertain their general health and safety?

These measures might be one of the many ways that we can try impose on employers so they know that if they ever try and abuse their maids , they will eventually be found out and taken action against!

When brought to trial and charged with their offenses, deterrent sentences must be meted out to teach these abusive employers as a symbol of our Malaysian justice!

Failing that, I am pretty sure that we will forever be condemned by the whole world as a nation of brutal, heartless employers who torture their domestic help!

Those who have been caught abusing their maids must never be allowed to get off scot free and be taught a very serious lesson. The courts should strictly impose Civil Caning as part of their punishments and not drag their foot as what we see happening now!

A graphic showing how a Civil Courts Caning is carried out?

It is meant to inflict graphic injury to the buttocks of the criminal taken prisoner! The rattan cane used would be considerably thicker than the one used by the Syariah courts.

We are talking about a cane that is roughly as thick as 13millimeters and soaked in water so that it doesn't easily split when used. The caning motion would be as strongly as one would swing a golf club against the sentenced offender's butt!!!

That would cut the offender's buttocks seriously given the grave offenses that the criminal has perpetrated against his victim or victims!

Under the Civil caning system, women offenders are not sentenced to be caned thus allowing them to escape punishment when they themselves have seriously inflicted grievous bodily harm to their victims or even have committed murder?

Where's the justice in that?

See how Yim Pek Ha brutalized and tortured poor Nirmala Bonat in the evidence above? Justice has not been carried out in her case by sparing the she demon from having a taste of her own cruelty! An eye for an eye!

That's the justice of Islamic Syariah. Retribution!

There is quite a difference between the severity of a Civil Court's caning sentence and that imposed by the Syariah Justice System.

The Syariah system is very much milder and meant to embarrass the offender into repentance.

Just like a schoolteacher caning students who cause mischief. No serious harm will be done to the offender. No scars would be left. Only welts which will subsequently disappear from the back of the offender.

Here's a picture of how a Syariah caning sentence is carried out?

File picture of a syariah caning sentence where the person who is carrying out the sentence must not raise his or her arm to the extent of exposing their armpit when they swing the rattan cane which is to be no bigger than a centimeter in its diameter.

Malaysia is not alone in having such cases of maid abuse.

Here is another tragic case of a Sri Lankan maid abused in the Middle East!

How could those who pontificate as if they are God fearing Muslims do such a thing in those lands which are supposed to be sacred and all holy?

Same case I believe? Demons in disguise!

Maybe the sadistic employers think they can get away with their abuse on Indonesian maids because most of the Indonesian maids coming here to Malaysia aren't that educated?

Filipino maids are much more better than the Indonesians and Sri Lankans because they are able to stand up for their rights and speak as well as express themselves quite well in English.

See here how such a maid refuses to be a victim of such abusive employers?

Judging from the records so far, is it safe to say that most Malaysian employers who abuse their maids here are non Malays?

We ourselves would not waste a minute working for such arrogant employers as shown by the video above!

The Indonesian maids are mostly submissive; that's why these murderous, sadistic Malaysian employers think that just because they pay someone a few hundred ringgits a month as their salary, they practically own a 'slave'?

I call upon the Human Resources Ministry and all relevant embassies of the domestic maids home countries to impose a monthly safety and health check upon all these maids.

This is to my opinion, a much more better way to monitor the safety and well being of all those maids who have come to serve in this country!

Checks must also be done to ensure that these maids are promptly paid at the end of the month and such payments verified by way of checking their bank account statements by the respective embassies.

Failure to do any of the above will just prolong the abuse and torture of domestic maids in our country, both local or foreign.

Employers who have been found to have abused their maids should be dealt with severely by the justice system, sent to prison, whipped and made to compensate their victims accordingly and forever be banned from employing or hiring any live in maids.


Ariji said...

Salam Ustaz,

I appreciate your concern about the case.

Bila membaca kes ini, saya teringatkan kisah pada zaman Jahiliyyah di mana hamba2 abdi didera.

Teringatkan kisah Bilal bin Robah yang didera dgn teruk semata2 ingin memeluk Islam.

Pembantu2 rumah ini pula didera kerana mencari sesuap nasi di negeri orang dan mungkin ingin menghantar beberapa cebisan RM kpd keluarga yang kebuluran di kampung halaman...

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Ariji.

The abuse of domestic maids here in Malaysia has been recurring so many times yet the justice system has been very lopsided when meting out sentences upon the offenders.

Syariah if carried out to the letter will bring about a much needed change to our country yet our so called learned judges play havoc with the true Syariah Laws and thus cause it to be ignored by the Civil Court advocates and solicitors if not by the Civil Court judges themselves?

Abusive employers must be brought to justice and punished appropriately based upon the severity of their crimes.