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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Not in the name of the 'Father!' Mainstream media sensationalizing crimes committed by kith and kin of prominent figures!

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh!

What first grabs your attention when you read such screaming headlines in our local newspapers?

'Anak' or 'Presiden CAP'?

Naturally it will be the latter.

Same modus operandi when the son of Malaysia Today owner Raja Petra Kamaruddin was hauled up for crimes that he did!

Who got sensationalized?

Raja Petra of course...all for the wrong reasons!

Same scenario here with the reputation of Tuan Haji S.M. Mohd Idris, the legendary consumer affairs champion of our nation who has contributed so much to our nation, as far as alerting the general public as to the dangers of certain consumer products which have been proven times and times again to be injurious or detrimental to our health!

Why do our mainstream media need to smear this good citizen's lifetime achievements just because his son has been accused of committing crime?

Why drag Tuan Haji S.M.Idris's name into the mud for something that he did not do?

Tuan Haji S.M. Idris is a man who has refused titles and honors which were offered to be bestowed upon him for his contributions to the nation as far as advocating a responsible consumer rights awareness by manufacturers and service providers both from the official and private sectors.

Why highlight the father for sins committed or assumed to have been committed by the kith or kin?

Is that fair reporting?

I believe this is just a ploy by the publishing media to draw the attention of the public into buying their newspapers!

Sensationalizing of news.

Where is the respect due to such notable prominent figures in our nation who have contributed to the good of society but get their reputations and good names smeared for something that they did not do?

Will we get to see the names of newspaper editors highlighted for bad deeds committed by their offspring or family members?

Fat chance!

Give the fathers a break will you and go apologize to such fine gentlemen like S.M.Mohd Idris Al Haj.

Do we blame Our Father Prophet Adam Alaihis Salam for the murder committed by his son Qabil @ Kane?

Innocent folks getting plastered for the offenses committed by their family members is just not right at all!!!

The media ought to practice fair reporting if they want to be taken seriously!

Failing to observe good morals will only leave their newspapers to be worth nothing more than to be used to wrap groceries and thrown into the garbage bin or recycled!

So much for your sensationalization of your so called 'news'!

Think and consider the implications upon the innocents before you publish!


Roseriana CA said...

totally agree with u Mr. Mahaguru!!

why should a person be blamed to another person's bad deeds?? especially if it's done with malicious intention..

This kuno sentiment of "one particular person doing wrong and another person hs to clean up the mess" shud be destroyed before it destroy the society..

Hashim said...

Walaikum Salam mahaguru58
sememangnya tahap laporan akhbar harian tempatan hampir menyerupai seperti laporan akhbar berbentuk tabloid hanya melihat kepada sensasi berita.

Intregriti Wartawan semakin hilang dalam melapurkan hal hal yang benar.

Copy paste dari akhbar asing adalah rutin harian dalam mendapatkan berita antarabangsa

MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum dear Roseriana CA.

The media has as I see it become so sales oriented that along the way, they have sort of lost that loving and caring feeling.

They usually dwell on the negative aspects of a news scoop in order to sell more papers and tend to forget that they are dealing with the reputations and life's of all whom they report about?

I have given a few newspapers ..if you can call them so..for the sheer reason that each and every headline that they publish has been negative all along.

I would like to state that it's 'HARAKAH' published by PAS.

I have yet to see HARAKAH have a 'feel good' headline.

It's a constant 'Bad News' publication that defeats the purpose of being a paper that is supposed to represent a political party that claims to be an 'Islamic' one.

All other local newspapers are equally to be blamed for failing to consider the human implications.

Why can't we for a change get to read some uplifting piece of news?

A headline that will make us cherish what we have instead of 'brown nosing' some poor sod who just happens to be a victim of some heartless fiend?

That's why I cry foul of such vicious headlines..plastering someone for the crimes that he or she had nothing to do with in the first place!

It's alright to make a note that the perpetrator is so and so of such a person as a footnote BUT NOT AS A SCREAMING HEARTLESS HEADLINE!!!

Forgive me for that but if you have been reading my blog for some time, you'll know that this is me.

* I like the way you write. Celebrating life and whatever goodness that it has given you..

Please keep it up. You have me as a fan.


Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.