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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Blogodementia ~ Abusing the blogosphere.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Isn't it quite absurd to see some of our fellow bloggers resort to abusing the blogosphere day in and day out by using this convenient platform for humanity to communicate with each other to spread slander and ill will through their blogs and websites on an almost daily basis?

Why do those who have been blessed with the ability to type words from their thoughts often engage and become engrossed with the spreading of hatred and venom amongst the blogging public?

I mean, these bloggers who surely have the means to spread goodwill and productive ideas should consider the implications of their actions online which whether they realize it or not does end up in their book of deeds, provided that these individuals are believers in God Almighty?

But then again, true believers of Allah the Almighty won't resort to such character assassinations of their fellow believers or even their enemies to such an alarming extent?

Why is it that they fail to consider the implications or outcome of whatever it is that they are publishing?

Have we come to such a stage where human compassion and consideration fails us?

I've got all these questions popping up in my mind yet I am at the crossroads of thinking and asking myself, should I or should I not put these thoughts to print?

The level of degradation that has engulfed most of the bloggers online that I have come to learn about, read or follow is quite sickening that I now have this tendency to avoid all those blogs or sites which I know to contain nothing but bad news and assumptions about whoever it is that they have chosen to target and slaughter the reputations of their victims at will.

Where is this sickening trend leading to?

When bloggers were once hailed as the harbingers of free speech and champions of truth and justice, many are now sadly proving to be just the opposite of what the new media was vouched to be?

The new found bastion of open talk and arena of speaking one's mind free from official interference and propaganda.

Sadly, it is now deemed to be nothing but Blogodementia.

A term which I have coined to describe my disgust with what I see to be a new kind of madness in some blogging individuals who have forgotten the main reason why most of us chose to blog in the first place?

Mankind could really use this blogging platform to do good. To share good, useful information or advice as to how best to deal with the many issues that confronts us.

I'm not saying that we can't criticize officialdom or those who abuse the trust that we as a society or nation of people place in them but just asking that if we are forced to do so, carry it out in a manner befitting our position as those who have the ability to put type to our thoughts and feelings.

Whether we accept it or not, our words and articles or even those who resort to publishing slanderous postings must know that even after we have passed on to the realm of the dead and entered the Yaum al Barzakh, our blog postings here online will forever remain in the internet archives and in our individual Book of Deeds to either speak up for our actions that are deemed to be good or to be used against us as incriminating evidence to charge us before the Almighty in the Day of Judgment!

Maybe I'm just being wishful but I surely yearn to see the day when bloggers who misuse this platform of free speech will come to use it for better, more beneficial purposes.

Insya Allah.

Remember that our blogs are but a portrayal of our self's.


abu amar said...


bravo.. slanderers and critics are two different entities. One goes to hell unless he redeems himself and another is a brave person to explain the truth even it is bitter.

May Allah bless us with the courage to tell the truth.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam bro.

I'd rather see more critics who in turn have a better answer to the problems we all face instead of only having the faultfinders and slanderers masquerading as the justice league in the blogosphere!