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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

DBKL stands for 'Dewan Bandaraya Kaki Lepak'?


Dear brothers and sisters, fellow KLites.

Have you witnessed the stinking, crumbling, litter strewn infrastructures of the public amenities in Kuala Lumpur, lately?

I am getting sick of walking along poorly constructed pavements, avoiding potholes, stepping over unswept rubbish, even used baby diapers, thrown by the roadsides by litterbugs who make up most of this filthy capital city's populace and having to hold my breath whenever I have to make my way through the dirty, stinking place that we unfortunately have to call home!

The utter inefficiency of DBKL in keeping this so called metropolitan city clean and up to date is simply baffling!

I just wonder as to where the hell have the City Council of KL's sanitary squads disappeared to?

That's the reason for my asking as to whether DBKL now stands for ' Dewan Bandaraya Kaki Lepak'?

If you are a Malaysian, you will know that 'Kaki Lepak' means 'Loafers' in the Malay language.

Sometimes, one can get one's message across better by way of visual images. So here goes.

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Maarof said...


I used to work in a Local Authority. I am sad to say that the attitude of the Local Authority officials have changed. While formerly we performed our duties without fear or favour, most of the present officials do not. They choose to be popular rather than enforce the regulations and thus be cursed or sworn at.
Many were employed or promoted because of politics. So how are they going to take action against politician law breakers? That's how people like the late Zakaria Derus reigned like a king without the local authority lifting a finger.