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Friday, December 25, 2009

Kiasu Singaporean at JB ~ See how he pumps to the max!

Hahahaha!.. I'm sure you have heard of how 'Kiasu' @ 'Afraid of losing out' some Singaporeans can be when it comes to taking advantage of our cheaper petrol here in the Malaysian peninsular?

I just happened to come across this all exposing video of how ' kiasu' Singaporean motorists can really be when I read Husin Lempoyang's blog article here and one of his readers referred this video as an example.

Fuyoo! Really eye popping I must say!

Doing all that shaking and pumping his Singaporean car to make sure that our Malaysian petrol really fills his car's petrol tank to the brim if not overflow!

Malaysians ought to learn to appreciate what we have with us and not to go to such extremes when the petrol prices shoot up again!

Here's another kiasu Singaporean motorist.

I figure that one of these days, Singaporean motorists might even be tempted to modifying their cars to have extra hidden tanks so that our Malaysian petrol can be pumped into every nook and cranny of their high powered Japanese automobiles which might be gas guzzlers and really, really get to save a whole bloody lot by filling it up here at JB!

I saw so many Singapore cars jamming up our Malaysian petrol stations when I was over there in JB last year.

Cheap Malaysian petrol man! Singaporeans really get to save their Singapore dollars by fueling it up to the brim here!

Most Malaysians don't know what they have till its all gone!

All of us better learn to appreciate our country more and don't be bloody ingrates by raising up all unnecessary social and political issues every now and then!

'Hujan emas di negeri orang ; hujan batu di negeri sendiri! Lebih baik di negeri sendiri!'

In the meantime, Kiasu Singaporeans cross over to JB and engorge themselves like hungry locusts daily!