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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Malay pigs eh? Look who's talking? Racist UMT Chinese student!

For quite some time now, I have been reading the various blogs of this country's citizens vent their rage at what they deem to be Malay supremacists?

The general view is that most of the Non Malay bloggers in this country feel that they are being victimized since Merdeka, yet today we have so many of our Malaysian Chinese and Indians in power, running the State Governments in what was once totally Malay dominions.

I don't have to go into detail but a quick glance at a report showing The Richest Malaysians here clearly shows that it is not the Malays but the Chinese and Indians who outnumber the 'Malay Masters' as far as their Wealth is concerned?

With racist Chinese students such as the above Universiti Malaysia Terengganu attending Ong Siang Ying and her Facebook friend Liang Chua who labels the Malays as pigs, I do not see an end to the scourge of racism plaguing this country or any other nation on Earth to disappear soon no matter how much one tries to forge a united Malaysia!

We can't eliminate racism overnight!

It's an accepted fact that we will all belong to a certain race and that each and every race has its pluses and minuses as far as human nature is concerned?

The best thing that we as Malaysians should learn to adopt and adapt is to accept that we are ALL the Children of Adam and that it is the individual who is to be blamed for any wrongdoing and not the ENTIRE particular race.

Yet, certain shallow minded racists will continue to instigate and stir up emotions without realizing the hurt and mayhem that their words can cause to their fellow citizens.

If the citizens of Malaysia want to live in peace and harmony, higher education students in universities and colleges MUST STOP fanning the flames of racism by watching what they say or express in order not to prolong the unspoken civil war amongst us.

Failure to do so will just evoke another race based tragedy such as what took place before in this fledgling nation of ours.

Yes. 52 years of coming into existence is nothing to crow about when we have ungrateful people living amongst us who do not realize what they have till its taken away from them!

Life is so short. Why not try and make it sweet by choosing to live and let live instead of griping about this and that 24/7?

The Malay saying ' dimana bumi di pijak ; disitu langit di junjung' ought to be a constant reminder to all of us Malaysians to learn and appreciate what we have now with us and not risk it all away by dwelling on divisive issues.

The Malay proverb above means that whichever country we live in, we must obey and honor the rulers there.

For wise folks, that's not too hard to accept and live by.

It's only the ingrates and irrational ones who choose to rock the very boat or ship that they are sailing in!

The moment it capsizes, it doesn't differentiate as to who goes down into the deep sea with it!

I call upon such racist students featured above to repent and apologize to the nation or forever be condemned as being among those who deserve not to live here in peace with us, Malaysians who thank the Almighty for what we have been blessed with!

"May the truth be told no matter what ; so that justice can live!"
Zainol Abideen