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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Penang's disgruntled voters upset with the Penang DAP State Government

Looks like another case of 'washing off their hands' after promising the voters that the DAP leaders were willing to lay down their life's for the villagers of Kampong Buah Pala, Bukit Gelugor, Penang as promised before by the DAP MP there?

Look at the body language of the DAP representative who shrugs off the appeals of the now displaced poor Indian villagers of Kampong Buah Pala whose homes have been razed and demolished to make way for the luxurious condominium project there!

Aiyaa..annen! Sariyapocchi!

Gone case!

Its too late for the Penang Kg Buah Pala Indians to ask Guan Eng to 'Balik Melaka!'

The Malays have a saying,"Ayam terlepas ; tangan berbau tahi!"

Its the same old story here bro...politicians will twist and turn, promise you the skies and the heavens before they get what they wished for?

Once power changes into their hands, this is what you get!

Betrayals after betrayals! Makkal Sakthi???

Yeah right!

I don't know whether there will be any self immolation threats coming from any Kg Melayu Tanjong Tokong villagers due to the fact that the majority of them living there since the early 1700's are Malays and Muslims?

Here is one Kg Buah Pala resident Madam K Indrani, 60, threatening to torch herself but still lost her home!

Undilah Pakatan Rakyat!

After Kampong Buah Pala, there is another 200 years old kampong facing demolition in Penang under the current new DAP State Government.

This time around it is the Kampong Melayu Tanjung Tokong.

Read here to learn more in depth details about this historic original Malay fishing village which is also going to face the bulldozers ala the now demolished Kampong Buah Pala!

Watch this video and learn about what's happening over there?

Unless a miracle takes place, I don't see these poor villagers escaping the same fate as what Kg Buah Pala suffered?