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Monday, January 11, 2010

Do Catholic Christians worship Allah? No Sirree!!!

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.
May peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.

Ya Ikhwanul Muslimin na wal Muslimat.

The current controversies about the Catholic Church of Malaysia insisting in using 'Allah' to represent the 'Triune God' that they worship is referred to here.

I have received emails and comments from many bloggers and commenters which inquire about the permissibility or forbidding of Kaffirs using 'Allah' as the name of their god or in this case the Trinity Godhead of the Catholic Christians?

Most of these emails and comments are from my fellow Muslims and the odd Christian as well.

The utter impossibility for true Muslims to accept such an outrageous demand from the Catholic Church of Malaysia that they too be allowed to use 'Allah' as the name of their Triune Godhead of 'The Father ; The Son and The Holy Ghost' is so glaringly absurd that only those who are ignorant in the matter of 'Ilm al Tawheed will be so foolish to go ahead and kowtow to the Catholic Church of Malaysia's ill wish!

This is the very reason why I decided to write and share about At Tawheed here , here and here to help my fellow Muslims learn more about this most crucial and very, very important aspect of one's foundation in Iman and Amals of Al Islam.

At Tawheed which is the Belief in the Oneness of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

The Christians who claim that Allah is the Father, Jesus Christ His Only Begotten Son @ Begotten ~ Not Made and The Holy Spirit to be the Triune God are so clearly WRONG in thinking that we who are Muslims will idly stand by and watch them desecrate the Blessed Name of Allah!

I say that whomsoever amongst the ummah who ignorantly goes ahead and endorses this preposterous demand by the Catholic Church of Malaysia's Archbishop Murphy Pakiam that he too be allowed to use 'Allah' to describe the Triune Godhead worshipped by himself and his flock fall into the category of those who have committed As Shirk Al Akbar!

I am due to interview one of our nation's most prominent ulamak this afternoon. I will publish the video interview later so that all of us will get a chance to hear him clear the confusion once and for all that it is HARAM for anyone who considers himself or herself as a true Muslim, to support Archbishop Murphy Pakiam in his blasphemous deed of associating Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala with his 3 in 1 Triune God!

The Christians and all other Kaffirs DO NOT WORSHIP ALLAH as we Muslims do!

If they all come to declare that There is No Other God but Allah and swear by the Sūrah Al Ikhlas, Chapter 112, Holy Al Quran :

1. Qul huwa Allahu ahadun

1. Say: He is Allah, the One and Only;

2. Allahu alssamadu

2. Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;

3. Lam yalid walam yooladu

3. He begetteth not, nor is He begotten;

4. Walam yakun lahu kufuwan ahadun

4. And there is none like unto Him.


...then by Allah, I swear that I will be amongst the first Muslims to welcome them into the fold of the Believers and declare them as my brothers and sisters in Islam.

As long as they remain Kaffirs and worship something else apart from Allah, then this servant of Allah will remain steadfast in my opposition to their using the blessed 'Ismul Allah' to represent their deity or object of false worship.

No Muslim is a proper Muslim if he or she associates Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala with whatever it is that the Kaffirs worship.

It makes no difference whether such a Muslim hails from royalty, high society or plain commoner.

You can rant and rave all you want here on Earth accusing those who stand up for Islam as this or that but at the end of your miserable lives here in this world, you shall reap what you have or are now sowing?

True Muslims must learn not to be swayed or distracted by the munafiqs and the musyriks @ 'those who associate Allahu Ta'ala with other objects of false worship' who are the ones making so much noise against them for standing up to the evil designs and manipulations of those who are sick and deviant in their hearts and ignorant mindsets!

By their faces, you shall know them.

There will be no 'Nur' in those faces but only 'Narr'.

Remain steadfast O Muslims and persevere against the enemies of the Ummah and protect your Aqeedah if you truly declare 'La ila ha ill lall Laah! Muhammad dar Rasullullaah!'.

Let's see what our learned Islamic scholars and Da'ee's of Allah have to share about the Tawheed, which is the bedrock of our faith in Allah!

When your Ruuh is about to be pulled out of your mortal self, what will be your last testament and declaration of Iman?

Will you still be willing to stake your hereafter according to the dictates, wishes and wants of the Kaffirs or will you be steadfast in uttering ' Asy hadu alla ila ha ill lall Laah ; Wa asy hadu anna Muhammad da Rasulullaah!?


alhusseyn said...

Salam ya akhi,
Penurunan seluruh ayat-ayat Al-Quran berlaku pada zaman nabi SAW. Bahkan, dalam al-Quran sendiri ada menyebut;

وَقَالَتِ الْيَهُودُ عُزَيْرٌ ابْنُ اللَّهِ وَقَالَتِ النَّصَارَى الْمَسِيحُ ابْنُ اللَّهِ

"berkata yahudi, Uzair adalah anak Allah, dan berkata Nasara, Isa adalah anak Allah"

(Surah At-taubah : 30)

Ayat ini secara jelas menyatakan, bahawa Allah SWT sendiri mengakui kesesatan yahudi dan nasrani dalam pemahaman mereka terhadap penggunaan "Kalimah Allah" yang berlaku di zaman itu.

Ini membuktikan, penggunaan kalimah Allah di kalangan orang yahudi dan nasrani di zaman nabi sudah tidak merujuk kepada kalimah Allah yang sebenar. Ia sama Sepertimana, orang yahudi dan nasrani di zaman ini memahami Allah tidak sepertimana difahami oleh orang islam.

Apakah kita mengatakan yahudi dan nasrani di zaman nabi itu betul? Apakah kefahaman makna Allah di sisi yahudi dan nasrani ketika itu, sesuai dengan kehendak Nabi SAW?

Jika kita mengatakan "Ya", apa perlunya Nabi SAW menyeru mereka kepada tauhid?

alhusseyn said...

Tidak dinafikan, memang kefahaman "Allah" dari sudut islam tidak sama dengan orang yahudi dan nasrani. Pun begitu, tidak sama kefahaman terhadap Allah ini bukan berlaku di zaman kini sahaja, bahkan berlaku juga di zaman nabi SAW.

Jika dalam Al-Quran mengizinkan penggunaan kalimah Allah kepada non Muslim, waima berbeda kefahaman antara muslim dan non Muslim tentang Allah, mengapa perlu dihalang di zaman kini, walhal berbeda kefahaman antara Muslim dan non Muslim tentang kalimah Allah adalah sama?

Kalau dikatakan bahawa di zaman nabi SAW, Al-Quran menterjemah tuhan Yahweh/ Elohim, Tuhan Yahweh/ Elohim dengan Allah, mengapa di zaman kini, Al-Quran tidak boleh menterjemah Allah dengan Yahweh/elohim, Yahweh/elohim (disisi kefahaman mereka)?

Yang pastinya, sejak bila yahudi dan nasrani menggunakan kalimah Allah pada tempat yang betul?

Lihat lagi di

Jeffry said...


Farouk A. Peru said...

Salam alaik,

Dear Sir,

The Quran teaches the concept of one God without any assocations/partners. That is very clear as you pointed out.

However, in the Quran itself, there are ayaat which tell us:

1. Those who call for others besides Allah also call Him 'Allah' (39/38)

2. Those who say God is Jesus, also use the word 'Allah' (Allahu huwa Al-masih ibn maryam) (5/72)

3. Those who say God is the third of the three also use the word 'Allah' (Allahu thaalith thalaatha) (5/73)

In none of these cases does Allah reprimand these people for using the word 'Allah'. Instead, He corrects and describes their mistakes.

The Quran uses the word 'Allah' to discuss the concept of 'God'. Others have different concepts and the Quran acknowledges that and doesn't deny them the right to use the word. Rather, it corrects their concepts.

What you propose is unheard of in the middle east, the birthplace of Arabic. There you will find both Arab Muslims and Christians using the word 'Allah'. Christians even say 'inshaa Allah', 'maashaa Allah' and 'alhamdulillah'.

thank you for your consideration

Mohd. Rizal said...

Assalam wbt.

Apa sebab mereka beriya2 sgt nak guna Istilah 'Allah' ni jika mereka tak memahaminya....

Doug said...

Our Muslim brothers should spend some time studying mathematics, in which case they would discover no real conflict between the Christian's, the Jew's and the Muslim's essential understanding of the one God.

1 X 1 X 1 = 1.

Simple truth. The math works backwards and forwards. No conflict. No problem. Eternal harmony!

There is only one, true God, no matter by what Holy name he might be called.

Some of Allah's children are blessed to know him, love him, and serve him more fully and completely than others, because they have the genuine Spirit of Truth for their constant advocate and comforter.

Others have to make do as best they can, according to the limited understanding of flawed and sinful men.

The eternal choice is yours to make.

Peace, brothers!

Farouk A. Peru said...

As a response to 'Al-Huseyn' who said 'Ayat ini secara jelas menyatakan, bahawa Allah SWT sendiri mengakui kesesatan yahudi dan nasrani dalam pemahaman mereka terhadap penggunaan "Kalimah Allah" yang berlaku di zaman itu.'

The deviance of al-yahood and an-nasaara as per 9/30 isn't about use of the word 'Allah'. If it was, Allah would tell them to use another name! The problem isn't the word but rather their concept attached to the word.

Allah is a word denoting 'God'. As with the Arabic language itself, it does not belong to anyone.

Mr feckry said...

Assalamualaikum Tuan Mahaguru 58.

Saya mohon jasa baik tuan memberi pendapat mengenai diskusi saya dan Lynda Peter di blog saya.

Rasanya ada sesuatu tersirat di entry saya itu yang perlu saya kongsi bersama dengan Tuan.

Linus Linnaeus said...

Remember your words are your bond and will be used either for or against you in the Day of Judgment.

So my friend...please do not have your religion and i have mine...we are all trying to find god...we should help each please stop judging.

MAHAGURU58 said...

May peace be with you Linus.

Stating the facts and clearing the confusion about us worshiping the same God is what this article is about?

You are free to worship what you will ; my article here is addressed to my fellow Muslims :

"Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

May peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.

Ya Ikhwanul Muslimin na wal Muslimat."

So, please understand that.

Not necessary for you to remind me of my own words.

I am the author and editor of this blog.

I stand behind every word I publish here.

You have your choices ; I have mine.

To each their own.

Good luck with your films.

Take care bro!

Peace be to you.