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Monday, January 11, 2010

Zionist Israeli regime destroying foundation of Masjidil Al Aqsa!

Like pesky rats, the Zionist regime of Israel have been destroying the foundations of Islam's 3rd holiest masjid on Earth by tunneling under the historic Masjidil Al Aqsa and slowly but surely bringing ruin to this much coveted House of Almighty Allah from where the Blessed Messenger ascended to the Heavens in the historic event of Al Isra' wal Mikraj.

These photos show proof that the Zionists will carry on as they will in bringing down our beloved Masjidil Al Aqsa very soon for the courtyard of the historic masjid are already caving in and its walls starting to show cracks and other signs of foundation damage, threatening to collapse very soon due to the Israelis undermining its very foundations.

The Islam Times portal carries this story here.

As usual, no Islamic nation or the OIC for the matter will have the temerity or courage to face the Israeli regime about this outrageous and criminal desecration of Islam's 3rd holiest site on Earth.