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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Zoo Negara ~ A photographer's heaven. Part 1.

This is one handsome cute baby boy whom I met during my visit to Zoo Negara recently. His name is Luqman and he had quite a curiosity about my beard.

He made a move to grab my beard when I carried him! Hahahaha..

Children being who they are ~ free from sin are such a delight to be with.
I admit that I have a fondness to go carry any baby that I come across and love to see those bright shiny innocent eyes which tell me that there is still hope for mankind.

That not everyone out there is full of evil and mischief. I try to reassure myself that all those villains out there, all those naysayers and hatemongers were once babies themselves and were once innocent. Would I be able to recondition them back to the pure state that they were once in?

Wallahu 'alam.

Just like this cute baby hippopotamus trying to open up its cavernous mouth...

Here is its cousin doing a 180 degrees yawn! Imagine the harm that those sharp canines can do to a boat?

Big Daddy Hippo was watching his baby doing its thing with a wary eye.

Children have an uncanny ability to look straight at the camera lenses. See how these two are keeping an eye on me as I train my lenses at them?

Natural models, don't you agree?

They sure will remember their visit to the zoo. There are plenty of exotic animals being kept at the zoo and I will be sharing with you the many photos that I took of them during my visit.

Lots of cute trainees were there as well. Volunteers were also busy sweeping up the many enclosures at the zoo and doing their bit for our nation's national zoo.

Good for them and for the zoo as well.

When was your last trip to the zoo?

Click on to the photos to view them in a new window.

To be updated....

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