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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Anti 50 Interfering Gay Supporting Australian MP's Protest

I received an sms from my fellow blogger friend A Voice alerting me to the protest against the 50 Australian Interfering MP's yesterday, scheduled to be held at the area before the Australian High Commission at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng today, the 17th of February, 2010.

So, I made my way to the protest area after parking besides Wisma Selangor Dredging. At first, I thought that the protest had been cancelled because I saw none of the usual FRU trucks parked anywhere near?

Yet, I just followed my instincts and made my way slowly to the Australian High Commission at the Jalan Yap Kwan Seng which was just a few minutes walk away.

Suddenly, a couple of traffic policemen came wheezing by with their sirens blaring, cordoning off the road and I sensed that hey, things are happening at last!

Then as I entered the road, I saw more policemen and media personnel getting all flustered for a large group of protesters were loudly making their way to the Australian High Commission with all kinds of banners and placards condemning the 50 Australian MPs brown nosing their way into our Malaysian judicial affairs, especially the sodomy case involving Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim lodged against him by his former personal aide Saiful Bukhari.

As with any protests nowadays, it is usually sort of a mild affair. Malaysians aren't as volatile as many other folks across the world. The run of the mill chants and slogans condemning the intended party @ those 50 Aussie MP's were peppered every now and then by the protest leaders!

I heard from A Voice that the UMNO Youth guys had stolen the show from the protest organizers @ namely a fellow blogger nicknamed Bujai.

I sensed that something was wrong straightaway as I saw the UMNO Youth fellas sort of hogging the protest limelight if you can call it as such when they were calling the shots as to who got to address the crowd?

The burly Lokman Adam was calling out to the UMNO Youth Exco members one by one to speak!

I remember him calling Tun Faisal, Engku Salleh and a Sabahan UMNO Youth chap who lost his voice and squeaked a protest before Khairy Jamaludin came to proudly claim that he and UMNO Youth colleague Datuk Reezal Merican Naina Merican had redeemed Malaysia's honor!

The crowd cheered vociferously not knowing that in the process of getting the Australian High Commissioner to state that her government has no interest to meddle in Malaysia's affairs, the memorandum which a few of the organizing bloggers had signed was left out by an aide to Khairy to be passed on to the Australian High Commissioner!

I have recorded several High Definition videos of the protest and a few exclusive interviews of some prominent bloggers and Members of Parliament plus a never before video shoot of the Malaysian Makkal Sakti Party (embattled) President Mr. R.S. Thanenthiran who spoke in 3 languages ~ Tamil, Malay and English! Quite a remarkable feat I must say!

Wonder if any other Indian politician out there is as versatile?

After this revelation of the UMNO Youth hijacking of the protest, I wonder if I should highlight the videos to you, my readers and viewers?

Would I be doing a disservice to my fellow bloggers or just let you decide? Please tell me what you think I should do? To upload to You Tube or not?

I saw my fellow bloggers such as A Voice, Syed Akbar Ali, Parpukari and GOMO amongst the crowd.

Syed Akbar Ali came and greeted me. Parpukari acknowledged me and commented that I'd lost weight since he last saw me. :)

GOMO was pleasantly surprised to run into me again. Several protesters who recognized me came and greeted me as well. I was busy filming the protest as all these greetings were taking place.

This is Syed Akbar Ali addressing the crowd on behalf of the bloggers. I will process and upload the video to my You Tube account later in the morning.

The view of the crowd of protesters comprising of UMNO Youth, PERKASA members, MIC Youth, Makkal Sakti Party members, Bloggers and other Malaysians.

To me, it's not a matter of showing up at the protest to support this or that group!

I attended the protest as a concerned Malaysian citizen and blogger.

When foreigners start demanding that we kowtow to their demands and dictates, that is the start of foreign interference in our nation's sovereignty.

We don't interfere in Australian affairs, do we?

The whole world knows that the Aussies aren't squeaky clean themselves and have been pretty well ruthless in their mistreatment of the Aborigines who were there tens of thousands of years before the first British convicts carrying ships landed at Down Under!

After the protest, I had a mug of coffee with an Australian Army Colonel who happened to be at the eatery where we were having our meals and chit chatting with the MP's such as the newlywed YB Datuk Bung Raden Mokhtar (Kinabatangan), YB Datuk Ir Idris Harun (Tangga Batu), Bloggers Big Dog, Sang Kelembai and Photojournalists such as Minaq Jinggo, NST Editor Firdaus Abdullah, etc.

I had a pretty interesting chat with the Australian Colonel who said that he had just returned to Malaysia after a stint at Kampuchea and didn't really know the story about the 50 Aussie MP's demands to Malaysia?

After I briefed him about the situation, he agreed that it isn't right for them to make any such demand upon the government of a foreign nation.

He didn't want to speak further about such a sensitive issue and we spoke on other things such as Australia's history of cooperating with our country in ensuring the safety and security of this region.

I will be following up on this protest report later.

More pictures coming after this.

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Abdullah said...

Salam Tuan, Dalam negeri pun huru-biru jugak. rakyat sendiri melayu islam pure telah dianaktirikan dikampung saya ni..
Geram dah ni..Sila Tuan siasat dan hebahkan atas nama Kebesaran dan Keadilan Allah SWT..
15 hektar kebun musnah
Bashir Ishak

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"Kami membangunkan tanah tersebut yan tidak didiami bagi memenuhi hasrat kerajaan yang mahu memajukan sektor pertanian dan penternakan," kata Mohd Salleh Ariffin, jurucakap kumpulan peneroka tersebut.

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