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Monday, February 08, 2010

Islamophobia raging uncontrolled over there in England

It's what you don't see being highlighted in our mainstream media. The image of terror and violence that is perpetrated at an almost daily basis over there in the UK.

The United Kingdom.

The photo here shows the burnt out remains of what was once the Cradley Heath Mosque. Arsonists torched the masjid which was serving 400 over Muslims in the West Midlands, England.

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We often hear of some of our friends or families make a beeline to the West in search of a better more affluent life for themselves or their families. Some of them manage to secure better positions over there depending on their professional qualifications and proven work capabilities. Their families might get better housing, perks and benefits by living a lifestyle that is far much more better materialistically compared to what they found themselves living in here.

Yet there are the hidden threats from the rising scourge of Islamophobia that is raging uncontrollably over there in the UK. Fed by negative media portrayal of Muslims and Islam through the various forms of broadcasting and publishing of biased articles, news reports, videos, movies and all other channels of communication, those who are ignorant and academically challenged in Middle England swallow hook, line and sinker all those nasty media propaganda and in turn react destructively against their fellow citizens and the immigrant population just because they are Muslims.

Brother Sharjeel Karim exposes all these crimes against the Muslims of the West here in his site. The West Muslim Chronicle.

I pity the Muslim lady shown here cowering in fear against the intimidating stance of the growing number of the 'English Defence League' hoodlums terrorizing the Muslims living in the UK.

You don't see us giving hell to the Westerners living in our midst here in Malaysia. Maybe Malaysians are more tolerant and accommodating compared to these masked hoodlums and hooligans. Most of them probably might not have completed their secondary education thus resort to violence as a way of life.

We just had a spate of arson take place here in Malaysia as well as a backlash of the usage of the sacred and holy blessed name of 'Allah' by the non believing Catholic Church of Malaysia. Wild boar heads were thrown into the compound of two mosques in Selangor and a couple of surau's were firebombed by culprits still at large.

When will all these end?


Abdullah said...

Salam Tuan,
Memanglah mereka pun fanatik juga dan barbarian.
Semua ni agenda Zionis. Kita juga mungkin akan menyokong mereka jika fahaman hidup dan amalan kita serupa dgn mereka. Ingat fahaman hidup dan amalan hidup: zionis , freemason ,athies, materialis, naturalis,nationalis, komunis, secularis ,pluralis dll semua nya ditolak Islam sbg Deenul hayah al-Haq dr Allah SWT sendiri menerusi Rasul SAW.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Tuan.

Saya setuju dengan pandangan tuan. Kebiasaan mengikuti norma norma kehidupan secara Barat akan membiasakan diri mana mana Muslim mengikuti cara cara Kuffar sedikit demi sedikit sehingga akan terbukti lah hadis Rasulullah SAW 'Kamu akan mengikuti jejak langkah Yahudi dan Nasara walaupun jika mereka masuk ke sesuatu lubang akan kamu turuti jua!'

Bagi kita di Malaysia ini seharusnya kita menjaga adat resam dan budaya bangsa yang tidak menyalahi Ad Deenul Islam.