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Monday, March 08, 2010

Cameron Highlands Album ~ Photos by Mahaguru58

This is the border between Pahang and Perak. Very picturesque view during daytime. I can just guess as to how it must be driving in pitch darkness for those travelling along these highlands road at night?

Just returned from a very 'challenging' drive from Kuala Kelawang to Semenyih @ night drive through the jungle roads there! Very, very, heightened senses as I drove into the totally pitch dark night along curving roads and unknown territory! :P

Had recited the Ayatul Kursi as a precautionary measure, not knowing what's gonna jump up at us driving through the dark roads? Was expecting tigers or those of the spiritual kind to scare the hell out of us!!! Whoo hoo! :D

Will be uploading a short video of that scary drive later. Insya Allah!

Now, let's see some photos I shot during our recent trip to the Cameron Highlands.
Hibiscus bud @ Bunga Raya, our national flower.
I don't know the name of this flower but it is pretty. :)
Bell flowers? Hehehehe... These flowers are near the Cameron Valley Tea House.
Morning glory, if I am not mistaken. Saw lots of these flowers by my kampong road in yesteryears.
Cameron Tea Plantation
Delicious mouthwatering Cameron strawberries! Yummy!
Posing by one of the many Cameron Highlands 4 wheel drive trucks!
Beautiful bloom of orchid!
The ever present Bangladeshi migrant worker! Cameron Highlands has lots of them working diligently there! How come no local Malaysian youths want to work there? Low pay?
The Camerons vegetable farms all nestled in the many valleys! What a sight!
Wildflowers. Beautiful.
Don't know the name of this fruit but it's very unique and hairy! :P


mamasita said...

Awat tak cakap mai pi Kuantan..lain kali beritahu yer.

The photo snapshots of the beautiful sceneries, strawberries and flowers are amazing!

MAHAGURU58 said...


Hehehehe...Terimakasih daun keladi!

Mamu dah menceburkan diri didalam bidang fotografi digital.

Makanya bila ada masa terluang, kamera Mamu akan mencari bahan bahan sesuai untuk dirakamkan sebagai kenangan abadi senifoto ciptaan Ilahi. :)

Beralih tentang pesanan Mamasita.

Nak habaq macamana?

Cheq tak bagi nombor talifon?

Sms kat Mamu : 0163969881.

Hujung bulan ni kami kan ke Kuantan lagi.

Majlis pernikahan anak saudara kami disana.

Mamasita tinggal kat mana di Kuantan?

zulkifli said...

Thanks for the picturesque, scenic and pretty photographs of Camerons. They certainly brought fond memories when I served one of the commercial banks there back in the 1990's. It is till a great place for a holiday...but one should go jungle trekking to experience the beauty of the place.

MAHAGURU58 said...

You are welcome Zulkifli.

Insya Allah, I will post more of the photos I have taken when we went holidaying there recently.

I'd love to go jungle trekking one of these days.

We are blessed to have beautiful jungles but I see lots of jungle reserves being cleared at whim by illegal loggers as I drive through the East Coast Highway every now and then.

We have laws but no enforcers. :(