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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Din Sata, Kg Peramu, Tg Lumpur, Kuantan, Pahang.

Din Sata Sign.jpg
This is Din Sata. A roadside stall selling all kinds of East Coast delicacies and fresh young coconut drinks. My missus loves the Sata, a fish paste, folded in banana leaves into triangular cubes, grilled over burning charcoal and coconut shells. Very spicy and delicious.
These Sata have yet to be grilled.
Sata makers.jpg
These are the Sata makers.
Din Sata.jpg
The Sata after grilling over the burning embers are now ready to be sold. 3 pieces sell for 1 Malaysian Ringgit @ USD$0.28. Quite cheap I must say. The ingredients used for the Sata here at the East Coast are much more better than what one might find elsewhere especially over at Kuala Lumpur!
Hakimi Din Sata.jpg
This is young Hakimi, the son of Din and Yah, the stall owners. Hakimi goes to a Chinese medium school. He is happy to show his homework here. Quite happy to pose for my camera. :)
Friendly Hakimi.jpg
In these heaty dry season over there in Kuantan, it is a cool refreshing treat to feast on young coconuts and drink their cooling juice! A coconut here now costs RM3.00 @ nearly USD$0.90 per fruit.
Still much more affordable than what you get charged over at the hotels. They'll charge you double or triple at the hotel lobby lounges. :)
Scraping Coconut Meat.jpg
Happy mom.jpg
Din Sata's friendly neighbor with her child. Her's is the house painted in yellow besides Din Sata.
Din Sata location.jpg
Din Sata Address Besides.JPG
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The East Coast states of Pahang, Terengganu, Kelantan have their unique provincial foods. These states face the South China Sea and are known for their excellent beaches. The State of Johor however is both West and East for it occupies the southern tip of our Malaysian Peninsular, enjoying both the Straits of Malacca and also the South China Sea as well.

Go Cuti Cuti Malaysia!

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