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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kindness to animals is enjoined in Islam.

A fellow Malaysian @ Brother Kumar emailed me just now and asked me for my opinion regarding a case of extreme cruelty inflicted by some heartless demons in human form upon a poor stray dog at the Kepong KTM station. You can read about it here at

My heart bleeds upon looking at such a horrific sight.

Truly whomsoever has done this atrocity upon that poor dog is or are not true knowledgeable Muslims if they are so or just plain demons in human form?

No true Muslim or Muslims would have the heart to do this?

This is sheer barbarism which is forbidden in our Islamic teachings or just basic human decency?

Terrible! What kind of raving lunatics would descend to such a cruel sadistic manner of torturing that poor dog?

Wallahi! If this cruelty had happened in the times of the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam, I'm pretty sure that the culprits would have been severely punished by His Holiness for their serious crime against a helpless creature like the dog above!

I sincerely hope that the poor dog has been rescued by now and the police investigate as to who are the sadistic evil culprits who tied that dog up to the fence and shoved a wooden stick down its throat?

May they be punished by Almighty Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala both here in this world and in the hereafter!

Islam does not condone such acts of cruelty against animals and all other creatures living here together with us.

The Blessed Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam was sent as a Mercy from Allah Azza Wa Jalla to all Mankind and inhabitants of the entire universes.

Here are some hadiths attesting to his kindness towards all makhluks :

His Kindness to Animals MHMD

The Prophet MHMD not only preached to the people to show kindness to each other but also to all living souls. He forbade the practice of cutting tails and manes of horses, of branding animals at any soft spot, and of keeping horses saddled unnecessarily. (Sahih Muslim,).

If he saw any animal over-loaded or ill-fed he would pull up the owner and say, "Fear Allah in your treatment of animals." (Abu Dawud, Kitab Jihad).

A companion came to him with the young ones of a bird in his sheet and said that the mother bird had hovered over them all along. He was directed to replace her offspring in the same bush. (Mishkat, Abu Dawud)

During a journey, somebody picked up some birds eggs. The bird's painful note and fluttering attracted the attention of the Prophet MHMD, who asked the man to replace the eggs. (Sahih Bukhari).

As his army marched towards Makkah to conquer it, they passed a female dog with puppies. The Prophet MHMD not only gave orders that they should not be disturbed, but posted a man to see that this was done. He stated, "Verily, there is heavenly reward for every act of kindness done to a living animal."

Volume 4, Book 56, Number 673: Narrated Abu Huraira:

The Prophet said, "While a dog was going round a well and was about to die of thirst, an Israeli prostitute who saw it suffering so, took pity upon it and took off her shoe to fetch some water from the well and gave the thirsty dog a drink. So Allah forgave her because of that good deed."

There are many other hadiths recorded about the Holy Prophet's enjoining us who are Muslims to be kind to all creatures and our fellow beings but in today's self centered world, not that many of us bother to put to practice such noble teachings and end up being sadistic and cruel needlessly.

Brother Kumar, thanks for alerting me to this incident and please update me as to the condition of the poor dog?

Hope you have now learned that Islam forbids us to inflict any such cruelty upon animals who can't speak for themselves.

May we all learn to care for one another in peace and understanding.



Maarof said...


I used to stamp on snails. One day during jogging in my housing estate's children playground I saw a young man taking close-up or macro photographs of something. He was using a Nikon DSLR. On second look I realised he was taking photographs of snails. There were snails crawling on the grass. Some were climbing trees. The next day I brought my Canon DSLR and did the same thing. The snails are beautiful creatures. From that day I never stamp on snails again.

Anak Timur Laut said...

'Kasihanilah semua yang di bumi, nescaya semua yang di langit akan mengasihanimu' - arRasul s.a.w.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Tuan Haji Maarof. I absolutely agree with your decision to avoid killing any other makhluk unnecessarily.

The world of digital macro photography really opens up a whole new world of awe and admiration of Allah's supreme creation.

Just like you, I am so into digital photography and the other day started shooting some tiny ants as they converged on a piece of chicken bone left by some picnickers at the Cameron Highlands forest reserve.

Zooming using macro photo lenses made me do a double take for here was this vista of precision work being carried out by fierce looking ants in detail with all their joints and body parts magnified so many times over!

I can only say my praises for what Allah the Almighty has created in such detail and these are living beings which we seldom bother to see or observe?

So, I can understand your perspectives as to the snails, etc.

May we learn to value life better and not simply take for granted all such living beings around us and learn to live and let live.

Hope the poor dog is safe from harm now.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum wahai sahabatku Anak timur Laut.

Sadaqa Rasulullah!

Setuju sangat sangat dengan sabda Nabi, Khatamun Anbiyya iwal Mursalin.

Semoga kita semua amalkan nasihat Nabi itu.

Insya Allah.

Kumar said...

Dear Brother Zainol,
I'm the one who sent you that email. Appreciate you for taking my email soo seriously and came out with such beautiful explaination.
May people have better perception toward animals and
lets together educate fellow human being.


MAHAGURU58 said...

Brother Kumar,

Islam is the first and only revealed faith from Allah the Almighty.

In its teachings, we are taught to practice living life as meaningful and as productive as possible. It is we who adhere to its rules and regulations who at times fail to follow the Syariah (Laws) of Islam to the letter and end up giving the true faith from Almighty Allah a bad name.

Just like being the owner of a first class Mercedes Benz but driving like a maniac and parking at the wrong place as we please?

Muslims can be the best of mankind but at times there are those who do otherwise.

Weird thing is that most of these wrongdoers think that they can do no wrong and are infallible?

This Muslim thinks otherwise and blogs to correct the various misconceptions plaguing the Muslim community as well as try my level best to correct my own self from committing the same.

Glad to know that you are now much more better informed as to what is Islam's stand on being kind to animals and all other living beings?

May Allah bless and guide us all.