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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Solar Energy ~ How come Malaysia doesn't utilize it?


I just returned from the East Coast states of Pahang and Terengganu. The sun was shining mercilessly to such an extent that there were brush fires everywhere along the East Coast Highway starting from the exit to Jalan Gambang, Kuantan and all along the way to Pekan, Pahang.

I even saw similar brush fires on my way to Pantai Kemasik, Kemaman, Terengganu. My brother in law who is a firefighter told me that all fire engines were busy fighting such fires and are on constant call all over Kuantan and the neighbouring areas.

We are so blessed to be getting all these solar energy to the stage where such intense heat coming from the sun has scorched the earth of the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia until brush fires break out on their own and all such solar energy is being wasted untapped!

Our federal government is infamous for staging all kinds of concerts and extravagant fireworks where hundreds of thousands if not millions of precious ringgits go up in smoke in split seconds just to entertain the masses during New Year celebrations etc.

Why can't we do away with such unnecessary expenses for once and use the money saved to install solar panels all over our nation's tall buildings or along the East Coast states to tap into the much needed energy that the sun provides courtesy of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala?

The video above shows that if there's a will to achieve such a thing, there definitely is a way to tap into the solar energy!

Instead of installing fanciful gadgets here and there to provide visual entertainment for the passing motorists along our roads, the government and its local city councils would do better to install solar panels to collect energy and channel it to run our government buildings electrical equipments, light up roads and highways, tunnels, etc.

It's environmentally friendly, doesn't pollute the air, contaminate the water, can be used to cool down our public facility buildings, etcetera.

Let's harness the power of the Sun! We can save quite a bundle in energy bills.

Its potential is endless.

Would TNB look into this?