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Monday, April 05, 2010

Answer to those questioning my article on the Kamikaze Perak PR politicians.


Some of our fellow bloggers fail to capture the essence of my disappointment over the way things have taken place in the Perak State Assembly.

I am asking as to why political leaders have to resort to such blatant displays of discourtesy when the state assembly is in session?

We all know that the state government in Perak under the PR was the rightfully elected government in the last GE.

The treachery of the 3 PR state assembly men and woman toppled the PR government causing the BN of Perak to win by a technicality.

I myself have been writing against that betrayal of the PR by the 3 ADUN's.

That is not how a government should be formed.

What I am highlighting here is that despite the PR taking the matter to court and all other legal actions, the status quo remains.

As long as the country's political system is based upon the current rules and regulations where such acts of jumping from one party to another or claiming independence remains, this injustice will be the reality haunting us and the voters concerned.

Parliament needs to convene on this matter and gazette new laws prohibiting such acts of treachery by elected party assemblymen or women and by the Members of Parliament themselves.

Only then will we see justice and true democracy in practice here in our nation.

DS Nizar's actions do not do him justice in the long run. People will associate him with uncouth manners and disrespect for behaving like that.

As a learned person, he and his fellow assemblymen and women ought to display the highest standards of moral and civil behavior in order to prove that they are the true worthy statesmen and women fit enough to lead Perak.

To accuse me of belittling him just exposes the closeted mindsets of those so called religiously inclined party diehards lack of being able to see the broader bigger picture that I am drawing attention to!

Whatever they accuse me of will only return to them for the blatant falsehood which they publish in the name of any Islamic party or organization. real or imagined?

Wallahu Alam bissawab!


This is my answer to those PAS bloggers who cry foul with my article here.

These fellows do not surprise me for the lack of having abilities to call a spade just that. Instead they will cloud their judgments with visions of infallible self righteousness and do not have it in them to be just in their evaluations of the political scenario surrounding us.

These bloggers miss checking up on all that I have blogged about with regard to the politicians from both sides of the field.

I am known to be supportive of all those who are decent and fair in their political pursuits. I have criticized both BN politicians and also those from the PR.

It makes no difference to me as a blogger if I have to speak out against the current federal or state governments if I see them taking the people's trust for granted by committing any injustice?

We all want good people governing us. This is the fundamental need of all true Malaysians. Being a Malaysian Muslim blogger means I speak for the truth as I see it?

I don't expect those who have yet to really, really know me and all that I stand for to understand exactly how this blogger ticks?

Don't jump to any conclusions about me just yet. You might just end up being the losers here in the Day of Judgment.

Accusing me of this and that with no real proof or evidence but just figments of your imaginations based upon your fanatical zeal to see all things concerning your chosen political side to be rosy and picture perfect.

Things won't be as what you have imagined it to be when you wake up.

It is only Allah the Almighty who really knows the truth.

Do not slander your fellow Muslims without proof or true knowledge of the real situation concerning the one you are unsure of?

Remember Allah Rabbul Jalil's commandment :

1. Waylun likulli humazatin lumazatin

1. Woe to every (kind of) scandal-monger And backbiter,

It would be better if you at least email me and clear your doubts as to why I write this or that rather than jump to hurried conclusions and besmear yourselves with the sin of slander and backbiting.

I published that article based upon the obvious evidence before me which none can deny. No matter what excuse you can come up with, the reality that such a disrespectful act did take place can't be denied.

Having said all that, I wish to reiterate to all my readers here that I do not condone slanders or uncouth mannerisms in my life what more here in my blog.

I try my level best to check my information before publishing. I do not claim to be perfect either and if I have erred in my bloggings, ask you my respected readers to point out my mistakes in a manner acceptable to all of us through my email.

Insya Allah, if it is proven true, I will apologize accordingly and publish that apology here and retract or withdraw any such postings immediately.

May Allah bless and guide us all.


Wabillahi Taufik Wal Hidayah.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.


Anonymous said...

sorry! my comment in B.M .Manusia yang bertuhankan ALLAH akan menghormati ketentuaan ILLAHI,tetapi orang yang bertuhankan iblis tidak akan tunduk dengan apa jua kententuan yang mereka alami.salam semua.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum Ali.

Pandangan yang amat tepat sekali. Syabas!

Abdullah said...

Salam semua,

Apa boleh buat, ulat dalam batu pun boleh hidup...Belalang..Belalang..Dah Nasib kita...

Anonymous said...

Salam Tuan Hj,
Berserah kpd Allah swt dan redha dgn ketentuannya adalah ciri2 mukmin sejati. Pangkat,kedudukan,harta hatta takhta kerajaan sekalipun adalah pinjaman Allah swt semata-mata. Jika ditarik semula, jgnlah kita memberontak, malah patut bermuhasabah atas kelemahan diri kita. Konsep yang sgt mudah. Setiap yg berlaku ada hikmahnya. Berbaik sangkalah kpd Allah swt. Wassalam.