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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Electing Senators or Ministers ~ What's the criteria needed?

Looks like after the abundance of Dato'ships being conferred like confetti, now this nation is going to be chockful of senators!

Yes, you heard me right! They are now going to turn into senators or ministers those who have expired their shelf life in the nation's political theatre.

Latest news I hear is that the MIC Deputy President who lost the previous general election at Hulu Selangor is going to be made senator. He might even be appointed as a full minister.

For doing what? Stepping aside for P. Kamalanathan to be nominated as the BN Hulu Selangor Parliamentary candidate! That's all it takes. Sheeesh... Lucky that Kamalanathan won!

Why is it that failures and has beens are being considered as senator or minister material?

You mean to tell me that those who are past retirement ages are choice candidates for the Dewan Negara?

Looks like our nation is either so bloody desperate to turn this fellow and that fellow into senators or ministers and achieve what?

We really ought to reconsider raising up the bar as to who gets to be senators or ministers and stuff if we do not want to see this country really and truly end up as a banana republic or in this case...kingdom!

When the Dewan Negara or the Dewan Rakyat is full of hot air spewing old dragons or dinosaurs, this country will definitely be forever a developing a snail's pace for sure!

When will we ever learn?

Singapore has long outclassed us by leaps and bounds as far as the quality of their ministers are concerned.

Our's is more like the local pasar malam stuff. Where medicine men and snake oil peddlers thrive.

All they care about is selling their wares ; not giving a hoot as to the welfare of their constituents, etcetera.

We ought to be ashamed of all these so called politicians who in actual fact are political parasites or remora's sucking off the blood and nutrients of this nation whilst the people suffer from malnutrion.