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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Kamikaze Pakatan Politicians of the Perak State Assembly

nizar agresif dun perak.jpg
Source : House PK

When I saw the photos of the former Pakatan Rakyat Menteri Besar behaving so rudely towards the current BN Menteri Besar during the last interrupted State Assembly sitting, I felt not only so frustrated but also angry at the same time to see such brash arrogance!

Is this the sort of behavior of a person who is supposed to be representing the Islamic Party of Malaysia?

I for one can't accept such arrogant behavior and ignore such rudeness from one who is supposed to be the Chief Minister of a state!

No way!

The behavior of the Pakatan Rakyat politicians can be likened to the kamikaze Japanese pilots who destroyed themselves just to please their egoistical emperor.

We do not need such arrogant chaps ruining our nation and its future.

Vote for those who are willing to work and improve this nation, not destroy it overnight with their arrogance and uncouthness.


Akazi is HERE said...

salam hormat tuan guru

sape2 pun akan marah jika berperangai biadap mcm tu. lebih2 lagi mencemarkan titah sultan!

si lahanat tu patut halau keluar dr negara ni!

kuang hajar! hakkk ptui!

a ali said...

asalamualaikum semua,itu lah pertunjuk Allah pada kita semua. Drp. rupa sangka mempunyai ilmu yang tinggi tentang islam,tetapi malangnya mereka lebeh suka mengikut iblis drp. pertunjuk Allah. Jadi berhatix dengan mereka.

Bro G said...

Jangan terpedaya apa yang dilihat. Lantaran kejadian berpunca dari cara yang biadab maka harus di tangani dengan biadab. Ambil alih jawatan cara biadab maka nya perlu di layan dengan cara biadab. Kita cuma melihat apa yang didepan mata kita tapi apa yang Zambri biadab kita tak nampak. Dia yang sendiri tempah supaya dia diperlakukan begitu. Itu lah risiko yang perlu dia tanggong.

Mohd said...

This Pakatan Rakyat people act very childishly. I don't understand how the people of Perak can vote for them. The Chinese voted for them because PR can give them what they want for example the 999 year land lease. The Malays voted for them because PR can give them a Malay MB from PAS without caring that the MB will just be a puppet MB acting out calls of DAP which will cater to the Chinese only like what is happening in Selangor. We cannot blame the Chinese because they just want what can be got by hook or by crook. But the stupid Malays in supporting the PR get what?

zulkifli said...

Wonder what Nizar was saying.
Let me guess...
Nizar : " kenapa Datuk Seri kena ambil ramai polis nak kawal di dalam Dewan ni?" Lepas tu, buat sidang Dewan dua hari saja? ada time kah nak bahas segala usul-usul?"

Zambry :(kerenyeh, tak tahu nak jawab)

Ibnu Mutalib said...

thats we call politics..
thats will be the politics of democracy looks like..

some people just dont understand the truth until they've been given the true path from Allah,..

baik dibalas baik,jahat dibalas jahat,tapi baik lagi jahat dibalas baik.

just remember,people out there are watching!!!

Tulang Besi said...

Bukan Parti Islam...
Nizar punya Parti Ngeh & Ngah..
huhuhu.. :P~~~

Abdullah said...

Salam Tuan Guru,

Don't judge by looking the visual only (photo). Or by Audio&visual (Video clip)only ...
The Whole stories and histories of that acting is relevant..for big thinking.

MAHAGURU58 said...


Some of our fellow bloggers fail to capture the essence of my disappointment over the way things have taken place in the Perak State Assembly.

I am asking as to why political leaders have to resort to such blatant displays of discourtesy when the state assembly is in session?

We all know that the state government in Perak under the PR was the rightfully elected government in the last GE.

The treachery of the 3 PR state assembly men and woman toppled the PR government causing the BN of Perak to win by a technicality.

I myself have been writing against that betrayal of the 3 Adun.

That is not how a government should be formed.

What I am highlighting here is that despite the PR taking the matter to court and all other legal actions, the status quo remains.

As long as the country's political system is based upon the current rules and regulations where such acts of jumping from one party to another or claiming independence remains, this injustice will be the reality haunting us and the voters concerned.

Parliament needs to convene on this matter and gazette new laws prohibiting such acts of treachery by elected party assemblymen or women and by the Members of Parliament themselves.

Only then will we see justice and true democracy in practice here in our nation.

DS Nizar's actions do not do him justice in the long run. People will associate him with uncouth manners and disrespect for behaving like that.

As a learned person, he and his fellow assemblymen and women ought to display the highest standards of moral and civil behavior in order to prove that they are the true worthy statesmen and women fit enough to lead Perak.

To accuse me of belittling him just exposes the closeted mindsets of those so called religiously inclined party diehards lack of being able to see the broader bigger picture that I am drawing attention to!

Whatever they accuse me of will only return to them for the blatant falsehood which they publish in the name of any Islamic party or organization. real or imagined?

Wallahu Alam bissawab!

Abdullah said...

Salam Tuan Guru,
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Projek ini diperolehi sebuah syarikat bernama Asiasoft Malaysia yang mana sahamnya dipegang oleh dua buah syarikatl B Syestem Sdn. Bhd dan Asiasoft PLC yang berdaftar di Singapura. Syarikat ini berpengakalan di Israel dan dikuasai Yahudi.'