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Friday, April 02, 2010

Kickdefella kicks ass ~ Exposes Corruption in PAS

Mind boggling!

That's all that I can say about the damning exposes that fellow blogger Syed Azidi Aziz @ Kickdefella has published in his blog here.

You will be shocked and awed by this corruption scandal that must surely be investigated by the MACC!

Looks like the supposedly holy moly Kelantan State Government under PAS's Supreme Spiritual Chief ain't that squeaky clean as we were all led to believe, after all?

Kickdefella has surely kicked ass this time!

A blogger scorned will not take any such mistreatment from the Kelantan State Government of PAS lightly!

I am sure that Kickdefella must have plenty of such arsenal of damning evidences backed up in safe places to be fired away in irrefutable salvos against those who played him out in his coming blogposts!

Watch out Malaysia! More shocking exposes are heading our way. Better clench your teeth and don your helmets!


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