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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tragic case of the shooting to death of Arwah Aminul Rasyid

First and foremost, please join me in saying a prayer for Aminul Rashid Amzah, the 15 year old teenager who died after being involved in a hit and run traffic accident in the wee hours of the night on Monday, the 26th of April, 2010 recently in Shah Alam, Selangor.

Al Fatihah!

Okay, by now, most of us have come to learn about the tragic manner by which Aminul Rashid met his death not that far from his home by following the various newspaper reports.

The alternative media, especially those who love to publish news and views badmouthing the Royal Malaysian Police have had a field day in lambasting the nation's major law enforcement agency and labeled them as trigger happy murderous cops with nothing better to do?

It's sickening to see the way things almost always get blown to humongous proportions especially when it involves the men in blue.

Never mind that they are often exposed to various dangers out there putting their own lives in danger and not being appreciated by a growing number of ingrates amongst the country's faultfinding citizens or as I would categorize them as the 'bad news browns' or whatever they choose to identify themselves as?

The teenager died after the encounter with the anti crime police who would surely have had no clue as to who was behind the wheel of the speeding car which had just grazed another car, knocked into a chasing motorcyclist and ignoring the flashing siren of the policemen in chase?

The time was 2.00 am. Would the police fire upon the speeding car if they had known it to be driven by a teenager out for an illegal drive with his friend?

Surely, they wouldn't have resorted to such lethal actions!

If you or me were in the place of those policemen and saw all that had transpired and saw the car involved in the grazing and then knocking down of the motorcyclist, speeding off despite the patrol car switching on its sirens and chasing it, still see that the suspect's car isn't slowing down, what would be our assumptions?

Visualize the scenario! A car speeding away after the initial grazing of a luxury vehicle or any other vehicle for the matter and then still being driven away after knocking down a chasing motorcyclist, what would you think if you were the chasing police patrolmen conclude as to the intent of the speeding car's driver?

Surely all the training the patrolmen have received would make them conclude that the speeding driver is a criminal suspect and they have to do their duty in catching the speeding suspect?

I am not saying that the ones who shot out the tyres of the car inadvertently killing the driver of the car in the process are totally blame free but if we are to be just in our assessment of this tragedy, to please try and look at it from both sides to be fair.

It's tragic and unfortunate for Aminul Rashid Amzah to die like this but it has happened and I am sure that the patrolmen involved in this case are just as affected very terribly and sorry as we all are.

Death by misadventure?

The patrolmen were just doing their duty as they are trained to do. Give chase after a suspected hit and run speeding vehicle.

They do not have super penetrating night vision to be able to figure out the identity of a speeding suspect in the wee hours of the night, do they?

At 2.00am in the dark night, how were they expected to be able to know that the driver of the speeding car was an unlicensed teenager who had taken his sister's car without her permission or knowledge just to go watch football at the local mamak's bistro?

Aminul Rashid Amzah is no more. Best that the Malaysian Government can to do is to clear his name and compensate the family.

The policemen can't be totally blamed for carrying out what is their duty ~ to arrest or take out any criminals at large in our society.

To expect them to just be idle bystanders when that accident had happened is just wishful thinking for if we had such inactive cops out on patrol in our nation, we might just as well order the police to work a 9 to 5 job schedule and get all the faultfinding bad news browns to volunteer taking care of our country from the evening onwards?


missCrab said...

totally agree. they were practically just doing their job, and they are trained to respond that way to that kind of situation. the blame should not be all upon the policeman involved. how a 15yr old boy knows how to drive should be questioned instead. didn't the parents monitor what their kids are doing? did they allow their teenage kids to go for a hangout at 2am?

the more i ponder on this issue, the more it gets ridiculous.

al-Fatihah to Allahyarham Aminul Rashid.

zulkifli said...

Don't the patrol cars have high-powered spotlights? Or were the policemen involved not physically fit, suffering from short and long-sightedness as a result of early stages of diabetes? If their physical conditions were not suitable to continue in a highly-demanding job requirement, they should have willingly requested for desk jobs and let younger, fitter men to patrol the streets. The end result of their misadventure was the death of a young man who had not even sat for his first major secondary school public examination. And what happened to them? They are still alive, doing desk jobs. Why can't they be suspended from their posts, to reflect the seriousness of the matter? When an express bus driver 'kills' passengers in an accident, he is remanded in a lock-up and not allowed to drive. Why the double standards? And don't for once assume that they are shocked by the death. These are battle-hardened men who see death every week, if not every day, unlike us. I don't think they feel remorse or sorry at all-to them, its just another statistic.

noormalaysia said...

Kematiannya adalah Takdir Allah.

1) Saya rasa keluarganya biasa memberi kebenaran kepada budak itu membawa kereta dalam Shah Alam. Dan malam tersebut saya rasa Ibunya membenarkannya bawa kereta kakaknya. Tetapi kerana 'takut' dituduh bersalah kerana biarkan anaknya bawa kereta tanpa LESEN, maka 'terpaksa tipu' menuduh anaknya bawa kereta tanpa 'izin' ? Dikatakan budak itu anak yg baik, mengapa dia pakai kereta tanpa izin ? Saya yakin ibunya 'salah' dalam hal ini juga. Harap ibunya jangan 'fitnah' dgn mengatakan anaknya pakai kereta tanpa 'pengetahuan' ibu atau kakaknya.

2) Bab anggota polis yg telah menembak kearah kereta dan mengakibatkan dreber kereta tersebut mati ia adalah asam garam dalam membenteras jenayah. Kesilapan atau sebaliknya boleh berlaku. Tetapi dengan kematian budak tersebut kita terus menuduh anggota PDRM sebagai 'pembunuh remaja' adalah keterlaluan. Saya yakin sekiranya budak tersebut berani hadapi risiko dengan memberhenti keretanya apabila diarah polis, perkara kejar mengejar sehingga menyebabkan kematian budak tersebut tidak berlaku.

3) Pengajaran bagi yang masih hidup adalah berhenti kereta apabila diarah oleh polis. Kalau tidak hadapi risiko yang amat tinggi. Tugas polis menjaga keamanan negara, sudah pasti mereka akan bertindak sekiranya dirasai sesuatu 'pelik' sedang berlaku.

Ibubapa diharap sekali2 tidak membenarkan anak atau sesiapa yang tiada LESEN MEMANDU YANG SAH membawa kenderaan mereka. Kematian budak tersebut adalah pengajaran yang amat pahit.

4) Pemandu Bas yang menyebabkan kemalangan maut tidak sama dengan tindakan polis yang menyebabkan 'kematian' demi menjaga keamanan negara.

Syabas PDRM dalam melaksanakan tugas memelihara keamanan negara walaupun berkemungkinan ada 'kesilapan teknikal' dan Takziah kepada keluarga mangsa.

5) PDRM perlu dinaungi Raja Raja Melayu, memandangkan ianya Polis Di Raja Malaysia. Baginda Sultan Selangor khasnya perlu melindungi instituisi kepolisan apabila ada pihak berkepentingan politik 'kurang ajar' kepada IGP TS Musa Hasan.

Sesiapa yang menghina PDRM secara langsung dia juga menghina Raja Raja Melayu.

Perlu hentikan penghinaan kepada IGP dan PDRM !

HR said...

setiap kematian adalah takdir Allah. tapi Allah sendiri membenarkan mengambil nyawa manusia yang membunuh orang lain.

senang keja polis lepas ni. agak2 kalau tak boleh nak pursuit, tembak je terus.

Zakir said...


I am totally agree that putting blame and the responsibility of the case on police side is uncivilised and one sided. The arm force is just doing their job. Despite of many perceptions by Malaysian on how/why/what such incidence could happen and how could the policeman have the gut to shot death the boy, only the policeman have the answer. But, logically, no healthy brain conscious person could purposely do that without reason.

Another point to ponder, how a so-called innocent boy which claimed by his mother as a good, masjid-goer person could stay away from the house at 2 am! What is he doing at that time with his friend? And where is the family? Why the father/mother allow this boy to go astray driving a car without licence late at night? And why are they running away from the police when they are asked to stop for inspection?

To me, the first person need to be blamed is the family. The family (mother/father) is the person who allow the boy to go out driving a car without license at time when student like this boy should go to bed! The boy is not that innocence if he lied his family and able to drive the car without license.

The bottom line is, family should put an eye to every movement of their young member siblings and at 2 am, by right they should already in bed, not astray on road! Policemen and arm forces just doing their duty. We should support them and not criticized them blindly, wallahu'alam.

raj raman said...

A young soul lost because the power to judge before the court of Law.

It's very common in our country shoot to kill and answer to the public as self defense.If we ask more question someone said, he will pull out his man from street patrol.(look like this guy like to threatened his paymaster - the tax payer.)

rajraman.May the young soul rest in peace.
We can be racial but can't be racists

MAHAGURU58 said...


Faultfinders will always find something to gripe about here in this country.

No matter how much we try to make sense to them as not to be so bloody cockeyed that their cloistered brain cells just can't figure out the bigger picture as to what led to the sorry outcome of that teenager's encounter with the law officers?

I hope that a mature guy like you will not be one of them.

raj raman said...

The bigger picture of PDRM is they are the "LAW KEEPER".

I am not pointing finger but the rules of the Law of Police Force to protect people.To many dead in police custody,the young Malay mother (if you remember bro,the lady was shot with her friend).Every time this kind of case happen the Chief never seems to console/give a good satisfying reason.

I have face one - my maid stole more than $20k cash frm my house (just employed legally and stole the money next day).Caught her somewhere in Penang (I give the information(how i get the info - it's long story),next day she was release and she took the ferries to Medan.I make a big ho ha in the press.OCPD issue statement,Penang Police came to KL,the KL police send their best Public Relation guy - but end of the day - Quite.Last info frm their department case closed (happen many years back)

There some nice Policeman around and I salute them for their professional attitude.

rajraman666.I closed my cased.
We can be racial but can't be
Happy Labour Day to everyone.

HR said...

the boy is no does his family. and none of us as well.

everybody make mistakes. but then, does Aminul's mistake(driving without licence)made him (or anybody) deserved to be shot to death?

yes, the policemen were just doing their job. they've been trained that way. what we (or rather the govt) must do now is to take a look at the training method, the job procedures, policies and what not. police institution must learn from this incident and ensure no such repetition.

noormalaysia said...

Assaalamualaikum MG58,

Saya cukup pelik dan hairan ada rakyat Malaysia mengatakan duit cukai yang dikutip kerajaan adalah 'duit rakyat' ? Ini istilah sesat yg dicipta ahli politik pembangkang.

PDRM dibayar oleh kerajaan dan BUKAN rakyat. Cukai yg dikutip kerajaan adalah HAK KERAJAAN yang telah mengurus negara dengan aman sentosa sehingga rakyat jelata boleh 'cari makan'

Sepatutnya rakyat jelata berterima kasih dengan kerajaan khasnya PDRM dalam JIHAD menjaga keamanan negara khasnya dari PENJENAYAH TEGAR yang sanggup bunuh untuk mencapai matlamatnya.

Politikus Ekstrim sepatutnya juga di kategorikan sebagai PENJENAYAH kerana ucapan dan ideoloji mereka boleh MENCIPTA banyak 'PENJENAYAH' yang bukan sekadar MENCIPTA RASA BENCI dan seumpama tetapi akhirnya boleh meruntuhkan negara. Mereka yang pertikaikan DASAR KERAJAAN yang dibentuk secara "democracy" dikira penghasut dan melakukan jenayah. Polemik mengenai DASAR KERAJAAN hanya boleh dihalalkan dalam DEWAN RAKYAT DAN DEWAN SENAT. Sekiranya dilakukan diluar KEDUA DEWAN TERSEBUT dianggap PENJENAYAH POLITIK.


Berapa banyak anggota polis dibunuh oleh PENJENAYAH yang kita simpati? Sejarah telah membuktikan KPN dibunuh semasa Tun Razak. Adakah anggota PDRM tiada HAK ASASI ? Musuh ketat setiap penjenayah adalah POLIS. Sekarang ternampak politikus parti pembangkang juga bermusuh dengan POLIS kononnya demi keadilan ? Benarkah itu ?


Apabila anggota PDRM telah menembak sehingga menyebabkan kematian terus dihina PDRM ? Apakah matlamat menghina PDRM ? Saya amat sangsi dengan pihak yang KONONNYA menuntut keadilan untuk mangsa tersebut.

Raj Raman, duit gaji yang dibayar kepada setiap anggota PDRM dibayar oleh kerajaan dan bukan rakyat

Kerajaan yang kukuh dan stabil membolehkan semua mencari 'duit' dan sebagai rakyat yang bertanggung jawab harus kembalikan sebahagian pendapatan kepada kerajaan dalam bentuk CUKAI. Apabila CUKAI dibayar, ianya BUKAN lagi hak rakyat malah HAK KERAJAAN. Dan Kerajaan yang amanah akan mengelakkan salah guna pendapatan negara itu.

Yang diberi tanggungjawab mengurus dana negara adalah ditangan politikus yang berjawatan menteri sehingga Menteri Perdana. Mereka sebenarnya adalah nominee Raja2 Melayu untuk menjalankan tugas mengurus sebaik mungkin negara kita.

Oleh kerana PDRM adalah anggota keselamatan di RAJA MALAYSIA, segala ketidak puasan harus diajukan kepada Majlis Raja2 Melayu. PDRM tidak boleh 'dikuasai' oleh politikus tak kira yang berjawatan Menteri atau Menteri Perdana. Ia hanya boleh dikuasai oleh Majlis Raja Raja Melayu yang tidak dipengaruhi oleh mana mana parti politik dalam mencari jawapan kepada setiap permasaalahan melibatkan KESELAMATAN NEGARA.

Justeru, kes di Shah Alam tempuh hari telah menzahirkan betapa BAHAYA nya politikus yang melakukan " POLITICAL CRIME" dengan menghasut penyokong mereka serta rakyat marhaen 'membenci PDRM'. Mereka adalah spisis yang akan mengambil apa saja kesempatan demi menjayakan "hidden agenda" parti mereka.

Sekiranya "political crime" oleh politikus TIDAK dibendung oleh PDRM, akhirnya PERTUMPAHAN DARAH boleh berlaku saperti di THAILAND.


raj raman said...

Every penny collected from Rakyat is People money.The Government are chosen by people to administrate our country on behalf of us.(Tax come in many form - income gain frm your income,tax paid for purchasing home,sin tax and etc)

Anything we feel is wrong and not justify,some body need to ask.If not we as citizen fails in our duty.

As you mention opposition creating political mileage out of this - I am not bother because i am not link to any political party.I am just asking for PDRM be more accountable for their action.

rajraman.Thank you noormalaysia,you have the rights what you feel and i have my rights to voice my feeling.Thailand - a weird country led by Organized Military,Police and Politician.(Who rule this country i don't know and i hope Malaysia wont be the next)

Be Peace.
We can be Racial but can't be Racists.

zulkifli said...


Kerajaan tak bayar cukai. Kita rakyat yang bayar cukai. Semua pendapatan kerajaan termsuk cukai pendapatan, cukai jualan, cukai export, import,cukai rokok, alkohol,cukai perkhidmatan, saman polis, dikutip kerajaan yang diAMANAHKAN untuk membelanjakannya dengan berhemah. Memang pendapaatn kerajaan tu duit rakyatlah. Kenapa susah sangat nak faham?

noormalaysia said...


Walaupun kita dikatakan rakyat Malaysia kerana kita dianugerah Kerakyatan, kita berhak kepada apa sahaja sebagai rakyat.

Tanah Melayu ini dimana kita hidup dengan tenteram, aman sentosa untuk cari makan dan seumpamanya kerana Keadilan Majlis Raja-Raja Melayu yang memberi amanah kepada wakil-wakil rakyat berkhidmat kepada agama, bangsa dan negara dengan bantuan PDRM dan Kor Risik ATM untuk menjaga keselamatan negara, menjadi HAK KERAJAAN mengutip apa sahaja cukai untuk menjayakan misi visi kerajaan.

Kalau rakyat Malaysia tidak cukup syarat untuk dirinya membayar cukai kepada negara maka ianya tidak salah dari segi undang-undang negara.

Yang wajib bayar cukai kepada negara sekiranya tidak melaksanakannya ia adalah jenayah yang boleh diambil tindakan kerana CUKAI itu adalah hak negara dan bukan hak rakyat yang meraih keuntungan materi di Malaysia.

Hak rakyat adalah duit yang tidak diwajibkan cukai. Suka hatilah apa mereka nak lakukan dengan duit tersebut. Duit rakyat yang TELAH diserahkan kepada negara sebagai CUKAI, BUKAN LAGI HAK RAKYAT.

Ia adalah hak Negara yang diamanahkan kepada Kerajaan semasa untuk digunakan untuk melicinkan jentera kerajaan demi kepentingan warganya.


Apa sahaja perancangan Kerajaan dengan menggunakan duit cukai yang telah dikutip, rakyat atau wakil rakyat TIDAK BERHAK mempersoalkannya. Apabila yang TIDAK BERHAK mempersoalkannya akan berlakulah FITNAH dimana 'emosi' rakyat yg kononnya tidak puas hati dengan perbelajaan yang dirancangkan kerajaan yang memerintah, mudah untuk di eksploitasikan oleh pengkhianat negara atau pun musuh negara.

Segala belanjawan negara yang dirancang oleh wakil rakyat dalam PARLIMEN, BERHAK dipertikaikan Ahli Dewan Negara kerana tanggungjawab sebenar para senator adalah untuk menjaga kepentingan negara dan bukan kepentingan ideologi sesuatu parti politik


jimizul said...

Salam Tuan,

Takziah kpd keluarga allahyarham. Ajal maut ditangan Tuhan, cuma kematian beliau amat tragik sekali. Walau apapun alasan yang diberikan pihak polis, saya berpendapat secara semulajadinya Aminul akan melarikan diri kerana beliau tidak mempunyai lesen memandu. Beliau takut akan tindakan undang-undang yang bakal dihadapinya (he was just a kid..) jika ditangkap. Tentunya beliau juga akan mengambil kira tentang kakak beliau yg bakal terseret sama (si pemilik kereta). Maka sebab itu beliau terpaksa melarikan diri. Akibatnya......

Cuma saya terfikir jika pihak polis rasa mereka bertindak betul dan wajar (dgn menembak Aminul) kerana berasa nyawa mereka terancam, maka sudah tentu tiada lagi kes-kes anggota polis yang mati dirempuh...cedera parah... patah tangan dan kaki dilanggar/ rempuh mat-mat rempit atau penjenayah semasa bertugas. Atau mungkin juga polis trafik kita tidak cekap menembak seperti anggota polis yang beruniform biru...