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Friday, May 28, 2010

Application to apostate! A request from a 'muallaf'...

Good day Brother Zainal,

Hope you and your family are well.

I have a Hindu friend who converted to Islam via marriage to a Malay Muslim girl. Now they're divorced.

He wants to start afresh and get married to an Indian girl and lead a Hindu life. His case is on-going with Syariah court to denounce Islam and return back to his original faith, Hinduism.

Is it true that no one is allowed to come out of Islam? If yes, how is it fair that everyone is free to embrace Islam but forbidden to get out.

I don't mean to be rude, but kindly enlightened me since I have so much of respect for Islam and have many Islam brothers in my life. My opinion is that man embrace a religion of his choice to get closer to God, but if he chooses to change the path, he must be allowed to.

How am to convince or be convinced myself that Islam is a fair religion, as I don't see others practicing such methods, maybe I could be wrong, "tak cukup pengalaman", but please advice.



* The actual name and email address of this person has been hidden upon his request. He agrees however to have the contents of his email here be published for public deliberation.


So reads the email from a Malaysian Hindu blog commentator who has been in contact with me lately.

From the gist of his email, I come to understand the situation of Mr.X's friend who became a Muslim just for the sake of marrying a Malay Muslim woman.

Now, I wouldn't want to question what has already taken place between the 'muallaf' and his ex-wife?

What I'd want the Islamic authorities to consider before approving any further converts to Islam is to assess each application from such reverts to Islam based upon the merit of each case?

Persons who claim to believe in Allah and accept Al Islam as his or her faith ought to be interviewed and their selfs be entered into a special program to test and evaluate their actual reasons for wanting to be registered as true Muslims in our multi faithed, multi ethnic country?

As a caller to Islam, I am all for Non Muslims or Kaffirs to embrace and enter Al Islam borne out of their true convictions of realizing that there is no other god except Allahu Rabbul Alamin and that our blessed Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam is the final Messenger of Allah to all mankind.

Nevertheless with cases such as above cropping up every now and then in our country, it is important for the Islamic authorities of Malaysia to process each application to register themselves as Muslims and to gauge their true intentions?

I propose that such applications be vetted thoroughly and a cooling off period be imposed upon each application and the applicant undergo a religious understanding program by JAKIM or the relevant State Islamic Departments to see if the applicants are really sincere in wanting to be registered as a Muslim?

Declaring oneself to be a Muslim but not really having true faith in Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala or the teachings of Al Islam is a betrayal of the highest level by these persons who in actuality are just putting up a show of belief when in reality they just want to get the certificate of conversion to Islam to marry their chosen Muslim partners?

Thus, for the sake of ensuring that we do not have to face such bogus conversions anymore in the future, I see no other way for us to prevent these fraudulent 'reverts' except to put them through a Confirmation of Aqeedah program. This is not meant to discourage true reverts for in actuality, it will be a good learning period for these new converts to Islam.

It can be run along the lines of the ESQ enrichment programs and each applicant or revert can be tested by qualified Muslim authorities individually. Surely, true reverts to Islam would want to strengthen their newfound belief with all the right truthful knowledge of Islam and cherish such exposures to the faith?

They can be given systematic exposure to the true tenets and principles of Islam and be tested as to their professing of the faith and be assessed as to their true acceptance of the religion?

Truly bogus fraudsters who are insincere and not really true believers of Allah and Islam as they claim to be will be found out within the running of the faith affirmation program which I am proposing?

As I see it, the case in question here involves someone who became a Muslim for the wrong reasons or intentions.

He wasn't really sincere in declaring himself to be a Muslim as we can all deduce that by now. As a result of his decisions, many lives have been affected and a woman now has become a divorcee.

Whomsoever approved his conversion in the first place, is the guilty one in this case. Yes sirree!

We need to go to the root cause of all these fraudulent conversions. Because of these religious officers who failed to really truly determine as to whether the one they were issuing the certificate to was really a true believer, today we are facing another application to apostate from the Deen of Allah?

Because of the failure of the religious departments of this country, we have before us another muallaf who stands to make it to the must screen list of!

Yes, he definitely will be sought out by to highlight how cruel this country is in not making it easy for reverts to apostate themselves as they please or as they wish?

Because of the way our religious departments are so gung ho in approving any applications to embrace Al Islam without really proving themselves to be sincere in wanting to become a Muslim, today we are facing another case of a revert to Islam who wants to call it a day and go back to worshiping the very idols that he renounced when he declared the Syahadah before the religious officer or officers concerned?

All these need to be taken in consideration by those who are in charge of the 'Conversion to Islam' departments of this country.

Will this exposure awaken the officers concerned or will this case be taken up by all the Islam bashing media portals, channels and newspapers who so love such cases and will go all out to whack the religious departments concerned and turn it into another controversial issue that will further inflame our already bruised nation's sensitivities?

Wallahu alam bissawab.


||Aku Pemikir|| said...

salam blogger,

minta kebenaran untuk jadi your follower, minta juga untuk saudara menjadi follower sama di blog saya..

sama2 kita bertukar padangan dan idea.. :)

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Ariji said...


Please consider my research on Abu Hanifah at

There is no death penalty for apostatasy in Islam.

Surah Al-Furqan ayat 30;

Dan Rasul berkata "Tuhanku, orang-orangku telah meninggalkan al-Quran ini."


Ahmad Nizam Abbas said...

Very enlightening indeed .

I just wish to clarify . I think the writer meant 'renounce' instead of 'denounce' Islam. The 2 have very different meanings and have different implications .