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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bangkok's Burning ~ Retribution for the Thai Army's Massacre of its Narathiwat Thai Muslims?

It wasn't too long ago that we read and saw the videos as above showing the Thai Army and Police blatantly shoot and massacre the Thai Muslim population at Tak Bai as they damn well pleased!
We also read of how the Thai Courts conveniently found their military 'innocent' of such brutal massacres and freed them from all charges of mass murdering unarmed civilians who were Muslims of Southern Siam now called Thailand.

Here is the news report :

Thai court clears military of Tak Bai massacre

Fri, 29 May 2009

A court in southern Thailand on Friday cleared military personnel of any misconduct in the Tak Bai incident in October, 2004, an action that resulted in the death of 85 Thai-Muslims. The Songkhla Court ruled that military personnel were carrying out their duties in the Tak Bai crackdown, in which 78 alleged demonstrators suffocated after being stacked like logs on trucks taking them to prison.

The court, ruling on a post-mortem inquest into the Tak Bai incident, noted that Thai authorities were acting under an Emergency Law which states officials could not be subjected to civil, criminal or disciplinary liabilities arising from their actions while performing their duty.

"The relatives of the victims are not satisfied with the decision," said Anchana Nilaphaichit, whose lawyer husband Somchai went missing more than five years ago when trying to defend Thai-Muslims charged with terrorist activities in the deep South.

"The people can't do anything," Anchana said. "All they can do is walk away." She added that some relatives were expected to appeal the verdict.

On October 25, 2004, Thai soldiers cracked down on thousands of demonstrators at Tak Bai, Narathiwat province, 750 kilometres south of Bangkok, with tear gas, water cannon and batons.

More than 1,000 of the demonstrators were tied and loaded on army trucks, piled five bodies high, to be taken to Ingkayuthaborihaan Army Camp in Pattani.

Some 78 of the prisoners died of suffocation en route to the camp. Seven others died in the crackdown on the demonstration.

The incident, which outraged human rights activists and Muslim communities around the world, also helped to inflame a separatist struggle in the majority-Muslim deep South, which has simmered for decades.

Some 3,500 people have died in the escalating violence in the deep South - comprising Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala provinces - over the past five years.

The region's separatist struggle took a more militant turn in January, 2004, when insurgents raided an army depot, killing four soldiers and making off with 300 weapons.

The incident sparked a series of brutal government crackdowns, including the Tak Bai incident, on the separatist movement, which turned much of the area's 2 million people, 80 per cent of whom are Muslim, against the central government.

Although the region, which centuries ago was the independent Islamic sultanate of Pattani, was conquered by Bangkok about 200 years ago, it has never wholly submitted to Bangkok's rule.

Analysts said the region's Muslim population, the majority of whom speak a Malay dialect and follow Malay customs, feels alienated from the primarily Buddhist central government.

There is a popular saying that the prayers of those who are victimized are not in vain.

Barely a year after the then Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra was deposed in a military coup, Thailand's new government under Abhisit Vejjajiva today reels under the ferocious defiance of Thaksin's rogue mercenary citizen protesters @ the Red shirted protesters where he has no choice but to order his army to open fire and crush the dissidents!

Talk about retribution for the lives of the Tak Bai Muslims lost during the massacre on October 25th 2004!

Do we need to wonder as to why the Pattani Muslims are not just going to let the Thais annihilate their people just like that without fighting to fight for their rights to live autonomously?

Today, Bangkok is being drenched in blood and set on fire. Instead of Thai Muslims, amulet wearing Thai Buddhists are being shot dead by the Thai Army and Police! Retribution?

Here are some photos I gleaned from sources online. Click on them to view them better!
Bangkok burning.jpg

Bullet holes.jpg

Burnt Garbage Truck.JPG

Dead Thai.jpg

Dead Thai Firefighter.jpg

Deadbeat Protestor.jpg

The stand down.jpg

Thaksin's Thugs.jpg

Thai soldiers firing.jpg

Taunting Thai Airhead.jpg

Surrendering Protesters.jpg

Shooting at the Army.jpg

Running away.jpg

Resting Thai Army.jpg

Red shirts at work.jpg

Red Shirt Mercenaries.jpg

Molotov Cocktail Thrower.JPG

Looking for trouble.jpg

Home made rocket launcher.jpg

Firing rockets.jpg

Gloomy situation.jpg

Catapulting Thai.jpg

Getting his dues.jpg

Rebel Thai General moments before his death.jpg

Dead Rebel Thai General.jpg

There are many other photos and videos showing how it is right now in Bangkok which is experiencing a retribution period for all the sins of the Thais perpetrated against their Southern Thai Tak Bai Muslims in Oct 2004?

Today, Bangkok is being burnt and drenched in blood as a result of the Abhisit government failing to nip the Red Shirts uprising in the bud!

Thaksin Shinawatra is behind all these uprisings and he is on video testifying that he pays 500 Baht per protester rampaging through the streets of Bangkok!

Whatever it is, he's just shot his integrity to bits!

Meanwhile, here are some latest videos of Bangkok burning :


krakatau said...

To those muslim who was killed in the Tak Bai massacre,to me they are brave and we need all the muslim who is not afraid to die and heart is not ' Hubbud dunya'.Hopeful they will get title syahid,insyaallah.

noormalaysia said...

Pergolakkan politik Thailand kini Raja Bhumipol kelihatan tidak mahu masuk campur dengan menasihati PM Abhisit meletak jawatan dan adakan pilihanraya.

Raja Thailand seolah-olah membenarkan kerajaan abhisit menentang Thaksin habis-habisan. Tiada kompromi.

Peristiwa Takbai berlaku sebagai suatu pengajaran kepada semua. Disebabkan wujud 'perebutan kuasa' dikalangan orang atasan peritiwa takbai berlaku.

Pendek kata acapkali rakyat bawahan akan menjadi mangsa kepada pergolakan kuasa dikalangan orang2 atasan saperti apa yang kita semua dapat menyaksikan kini di Bangkok.

Atas nama agama palsu 'DEMOKRASI', agama BUDDHA yang menjadi anutan majoriti rakyat Thailand sudah tidak diendahkan lagi. Rakyat yang memberontak seolah-olah bukan lagi sebagai BUDDHIST. Sifat hormat dan ketaatan kepada Ketua Agama Buddha ia itu Raja Bhumipol sudah tidak wujud lagi.

Pergaduhan sesama bangsa dan agama ( BUDDHA ) atas nama DEMOKRASI nampaknya sedang menghancurkan sifat keinsanan dan berubah kepada sifat kebinatangan.

Demokrasi tak mungkin boleh membawa keharmonian dan kesatuan kepada sesebuah negara disebelah timur ini.

Demokrasi adalah alat yang boleh menghancurkan sifat ketaatan seseorang kepada apa sahaja agama yang berpaksikan kepada kewujudan TUHAN.

Orang yang memilih demokrasi sebagai wadah memperjuangkan keadilan akan meliberalisasikan dirinya dari agamanya, tak kira Islam, Kristian, Buddha atau pun Hindu.

Mereka yang menganut 'agama demokrasi' akan melakukan perkara-perkara yang bertentangan dengan ajaran agama mereka yang sebenar.

Peliharalah apa sahaja agama yang berpaksikan kepada KEWUJUDAN TUHAN.

Tuhan orang beragama Islam namanya ALLAH dan Nabinya bernama MUHAMAD SAW.

Perangilah apa sahaja 'agama' yang tidak berpaksikan kepada KEWUJUDAN TUHAN.

Sayang, nyawa manusia dikorbankan demi agama palsu demokrasi dan bukan demi agama, bangsa dan negara.

Berdoalah semoga Allah SWT memberi hidayah dan taufik kepada semua rakyat Thailand khasnya umat Islam. Semoga mereka dijadikan asbab rakyat Thai memeluk agama suci ISLAM.


jimizul said...

Salam Tuan,

Like you said these protesters are paid 'mercenaries' and I would simply say they deserved it.....

How I wish the Malaysian law enforcers i.e the police, army etc would give the same treatment (though not to the same level) like their counterparts) to our local 'mercernaries' like Hindraft and other like-minded organizations (we all know who they are)..

Bottomline is to drive in the messages...which is very important and that is why we see the US are willing to spend billion of dollars and sacrifice thousands of their young soldiers just to send messages to their perceived enemies.