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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blackmailing Comments ~ Now ain't this plain stupid?

Every now and then, I'd receive blackmailing comments such as these.

The commentator would usually be a non blogger or even if he or she is one, their blogs are usually stock full of nonsensical rants and raves blasting away at everyone but their sorry screwed up self's!

These crazy cyber snipers would come in like they are the cyber mafia's strutting about in the cyber space of others demanding that we publish their trashy comments or else we are according to their screwed up demented minds, this or that?

Who gives a flying hoot about what a cowardly, cowering behind a pseudonym cyber sniper thinks?

They can go jump and drown themselves into the nearest sewer for all I care!

This anonymous Zaharah, please spare me your drivel and go get a life!

That is if you do have one?

I'm not a newbie here in the Malaysian Blogosphere to succumb to your threats.

I state the truth of the matter as I see fit and my blog here has a comment policy, which if you were smart enough to read first would know that I don't give a hoot to blackmailing cyber snipers like your obviously demented sorry excuse of a self!

You wanna trash Nik Aziz or who the hell ever, kindly do it at your space?

Psst... I hear Alam Flora has vacancies.

Don't you wanna apply?

Good luck!