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Friday, May 21, 2010

Bloggers Universe Malaysia 2010 ~ Discussing the 'Allah' issue..

Yam Seng Kaki's.jpg

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, fellow Malaysians ...

Tomorrow there is going to be a 'discussion' on the 'Ismul Allah' issue by several Yam Seng Kaki's at the Bloggers Universe Malaysia 2010 do at the Lakeview Club, Subang Jaya.

Yes, you heard me right!

Yam Seng Kakis are going to speak about a matter as serious as the controversy surrounding the Kaffir's contention that they have the absolute right to address whatever it is that they worship and address that deity or object of their praying to as 'ALLAH'.

This venture is as I see it as not being any different from the visual above as several drunkards are gonna be discussing such an important matter that touches on religion at a bar!

Yup! I was at the first ever BUM gathering at the Lakeside Club and I know what goes on during such an event?
The speakers especially those who are Non Muslims or those who are Muslim in name only guzzle draft beer after draft beer as they speak on matters which they find fit to broach upon?

That experience led to our forming the Muslim Bloggers Alliance and I have not stepped my foot at the following BUM events held at the same venue ever since. For sheer reason that there is alcohol being served there in the event.

I love my blogging buddies still but would rather not be in an event where beer is part of the agenda.

Yes, it's a free country and every Yam Seng Kaki does have his or her right to gobbledegook as he or she pleases after downing a pint or two but for me this is just a plain exercise in futility.

It would be a different affair if we are to witness those Roman Catholic priests who are behind all these hullabaloo in the first place to want to sit down and discuss in the real sense with our religious scholars such as the Honorable Professor Tuan Guru Dato Dr Harun Din Al Hafiz, Professor Dato Paduka Dr Mahmood Zuhdi Hj Abdul Majid, Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria the Mufti of Perak etc?

But no, here we have a number of Yam Seng Kaki's planning to talk about an issue as important as the 'Ismul Allah' issue.

Don't raise your hopes high folks.

Things are just gonna be the same after the hangover is over! :P

Believe me.

I would very much welcome a discussion between the Roman Catholic priests and our learned Muslim scholars named above if it can be held at a neutral venue and with sober participants who would know just whatever it is that they want to discuss about especially the serious matter of the 'Ismul Allah' issue.

Tomorrow is just gonna be another Yam Seng Kaki's get together, as far as I see it.

Would be good though if they would just stick to blogging issues and matters that would really benefit the nation's cyber community?

Whatever it is, have a good pow wow folks!


Harimau-Menaip said...


Kaki Minum itu sengaja mengundang nahas. Mereka mencabar umat Islam.

Bahaya betul.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Itulah masaalahnya bila kaki berdengung nak sembang berbincang pasal siapa yang berhak menggunapakai 'Ismul Allah'?

Sedangkan yang tak menegok air syaitan tu pun merapu tak tentu arah ; tak tahu hujung pangkal tentang Zat Ilahi dok lorat nak mengaku dia pun tumpang sekaki sembah yang itu dan yang ini kemnudian mengaku sembah 'Allah'?

Datang pula puak Kaki Yam Seng nak 'bincang' isu "Ismul Allah"?

Memang tak guna sesen pun dok buang masa layan kaki minum ni semua!

Kalau sungguh nak bincang boleh!

Cari tempat neutral ; jangan yang dok kaki bir kaki brandi, biaq yang datang Ketua Ketua Paderi depa yang boleh nak pikiaq skit, sila mai duduk semeja bincang secara ilmiah ; pakai akai dan lojik!

Baru depa tahu yang mana Tuhan dan yang mana Syaitan?

Ini tidak! Kaki mabuk nak sembang bab ismul Allah!

Memang Akhirul Zaman sungguh!

Yakpursalam semua ni!

satD said...

salam zainol

the panel itself is designed to tip the discussion towards the Christian side....the funny thing they put up a set of "Malays" to be at each others throat....

read my simple analysis..

take care beb...

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam bro satD,

As I have stated, nothing good is going to come out of this Yam Seng Kaki's 'discussion' about the 'Allah' issue.

We can't stop them from yak yakkety yak yakking about it can we?

It will pass...