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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Convert's Regret ~ Malaysiakini.TV's new Cause de Celebre?

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

When I watched this video put up by Malaysiakini.TV to highlight a case of a convert to Islam wishing to revert to his former faith, I sense at once that this portal is only too eager to showcase this convert's cause for it shows the hardship this particular Mualaf faced after being shunned by his family for becoming a Muslim.

Malaysiakini.TV has yet to highlight the cases where converts to Islam are happy with their chosen new faith and living a life where they are happy with Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala and themselves.

If I were to go shoot a video highlighting all the converts to Islam here in Malaysia and present to the global audience here as to the kind of satisfaction that these Muslims are enjoying, will Malaysiakini.TV accept that for every one disillusioned convert like this poor brother here feels, there are tens if not hundreds of thousands or even millions of satisfied happy new Muslims out there all over the world, glad to be not Kaffirs anymore?

Here, let me show you an example of one particular convert to Islam from Roman Catholic Christianity, my colleague in Islamic Dakwah activities at the Masjid Kapitan Keling, Georgetown, Penang, Brother Haji Kamarudin Santanasamy Abdullah :

He remains as a dedicated Caller to Islam and has been the Chairman of our Islamic Propagation Society International since its formation by us in the late 80s.

Maybe Malaysiakini.TV would want to go interview him and ask him whether he's happy being a Muslim or has any regrets like the case they are showcasing above?

I seriously doubt as to whether Malaysiakini.TV would even bother to do so since it will not be of any assistance to their agenda? What agenda you ask me?

Hello!!! Have you seen any Islam praising production of theirs to date? You'd know exactly what I'm inferring to here if you are amongst those who are able to evaluate and assess any particular media portal's chosen agenda or direction? Their vision or mission objectives to be exact!

Let me share with you now about another dedicated revert to Islam : Brother Ayub Abdul Rahman former Roman Catholic Reverend Anthony Swami Viyagulam from East Malaysia.

Listen to his story :

I'd also like to share with you an example of another convert to Islam, Brother Lim Jooi Sun, a Malaysian Chinese :

As much as I sympathize with Brother Faizal Wong Abdullah, Malaysiakini.TV's latest Cause de Celebre, I can't help but question his stated reasons for deciding to become a Muslim in the first place?

He says that he embraced Islam because he was influenced by his friends and that he wasn't stable at that time @ 10 years ago!

That is not the reason why one should embrace Islam!

You should embrace Islam if you truly have come to realize that There is No God but Allah the Almighty as your Lord God, Supreme Master and Creator.

You must claim your birthright to be a Muslim because you truly have come to learn that there is no deity worthy of your worship save for Allahu Ta'ala Rabbul Alamin!

Simply deciding to become a Muslim just because of your friends asking you to be one doesn't cut it!

Islam is not a faith that you decide to embrace out of a fancy towards a member of the opposite sex whom you have taken a liking to and wish to be with him or her in marriage ; so you 'convert' out of your personal needs or circumstances!

You must not con anybody especially try to con Allah Azza Wa Jalla that you do believe in Him the Almighty just to facilitate your earthly needs.

No sirree... you don't!

Islam needs to be embraced with total faith. This is a lifetime commitment, not something you decide to be born out of a spurious decision.

Calling yourself a Muslim but not putting the faith of Islam to practice is an exercise of futility. A sham @ theatrics which surely Allah Azza Wa Jalla does not ask of you!

You are either a Muslim or a Kaffir.

There is no room for one to be a Munafiq.

No provisions in Islam for those who want to put up a show? You wanna do that... go join an opera!

Time and times again, we have been sharing with our fellow human beings, realities about this Truth of Al Islam yet there are still folks such as this poor brother who are lost in their journey through life.

People who do not really know where they are heading to and end up lost in the deserts of human misadventures.

One must not take embracing Islam as a vain experiment in life.

Islam is for real and it is a lifelong commitment.

Learn in depth about this only revealed faith for mankind from Allah the Almighty, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful God of us all.

I really pity this brother who seems confused about his faith and feel sad for him to be where he is at the moment?

Those who brought him into Islam @ his friends ought to be ashamed at their neglect of his needs and obvious lack of follow up with educating him about Islam and helping him to grow as a true Muslim.

The Islamic authorities who officiated at his conversion must also be held accountable for his erosion of faith and failure to nurture his being with all the right Islamic knowledge and know how?

Malaysiakini.TV have their own agenda to highlight the failures of the powers that be @ especially this current BN Federal Government and the Muslim authorities at large. It's in their blood.

I don't see Malaysiakini.TV or their main portal sharing positive news or views about Islam.

That's the reason why Muslim Bloggers need to be more active and vigilant in countering these smear campaigns against our faith and fellow Muslims?

Sad thing is that most of our nation's bloggers who happen to be Muslims would rather spend their time tarring and feathering their fellow Muslims just because they are on differing political camps.

These bloggers sell their souls to the devils for a meagre handful of ringgits at the expense of the long suffering, ignorant members of the Malaysian Muslim ummah.

Apart from these mercenary bloggers at large, most of the Malay Sultans, Ulamaks and political rulers fail to carry out their duties towards people like Brother Faizal Wong Abdullah because they are too bloody engrossed in their own personal agenda to stay rich and to remain in power at all costs affairs!

If this man apostatizes, his sin will be borne by all the above!

They won't realize this here on earth. They will only act surprised in the hereafter.

Mark my words!

As for Faizal Wong Abdullah, do collect yourself and try to ponder on what you are planning to do bro?

Life here on Earth is just too short for you to gamble on your eternal future in the Yaum al Akhirat!

Email me if you need to speak to one who might be able to help you out?

Insya Allah.


pez said...

Assalamualaikum brother,
it maybe that the brother is dillusioned by the challenges that Allah Azza wa Jalla put for him.

I believe this is what i heard from a certain brother who is a convert alhamdullillah,that he also faced challenges when embracing the deen.

didn't that Allah promised us that He would test us,as said in Surat al-Ankabut verse 2 and 3.

Same to it as Ustaz Hussain Yee,whose mother when she knew that he (may Allah preserve him) became Muslim,she thought that he became malay!

But wallahualam,maybe some of the converts (may Allah Guide and Help them) couldn't face the pressure of it.

Enough that we have the west attacking us,inikan Malaysiakini,yang diahlikan orang Muslim juga,nak percikkan minyak ke dalam api.

aliya said...

Assalamualaikum sifu,
Why aren't I surprised? Malaysiakini will never have the guts to showcase true genuine cases of Muslim reverts who are happy to be Muslims.
That man? After 9-10 years of being called a Muslim, he still can't get used the usual challenges faced by almost all Muslim reverts tells us a lot about his own character, and role played by those of his so-called Muslim friends who 'influenced' him and the local Islamic authorities.Why aren't he married, and why is he alone? Where are his Muslim brothers during the interview? tskk tssk tssk.
Forget the people paid by the majlis agama etc who work only during office hours. Muslim reverts, both men and women, have to be tough and independent in order to survive.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam pez,

It's not easy to try and be a true Muslim nowadays especially in these Akhirul Zaman.

Even some born Muslims are clueless about the faith of Islam having inherited it for free by being born into the Deen of Allah!

True converts to Islam are the champions actually if we are to take into account the tremendous challenges that they face or have to go through in order to live as a dedicated Muslim!

The weak and unsure such as this brother have only themselves to be blamed or held accountable for failing to equip themselves with the true knowledge and know how of Al Islam!

Refer to the hadith of Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam where the Blessed Messenger prophesied about how only the true rock steady Believers will prevail in the current Age of Fitan?

MAHAGURU58 said...

Beloved Cikgu Aliya,

May Allah bless dear you for remaining as a rock solid true Da'eeyah of Allah and as a bonafide Muslimah worth your weight in gold!

May He keep you from Harm's Way and ensure your safe deliverance of a prince or princess to help the cause of Allahu Rabbul Jalil!

Jazakallah dear Cikgu!