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Monday, May 31, 2010

Gaza TV News Activist Caoimhe Butterfly's Appeal

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The appeal by Irish activist Caoimhe Butterfly goes out to all concerned human beings who are shocked by the latest Israeli atrocities and brutal massacre of 20 unarmed international humanitarian aid volunteers who have now been martyred in the course of their attempt to send much needed aid to the blockaded Palestinians living in inhuman conditions in that strip of land which the Zionist regime has turned into the largest prison in the world!

Imagine the tyranny of a people who once complained of having their kind mass murdered by the Nazi Germans today do the same or even worse to the Palestinians who did not have anything to do with Hitler's Holocaust against the Jews back in World War 1 and 2?
Instead of seeking retribution from the Germans who bear the responsibility of recompensating the Jews for the massacre of their people, it is criminal for today's Israelis to go occupy the lands of the Palestinians and in the process carry out the brutal genocide of such people without any care for the very sons and daughters of the soil!
israeli war crime.jpg
This brutal blatant atrocity by the Israeli rogue regime must not be left unchallenged!!!
All countries who claim to be for justice and freedom must rally their forces to avenge the massacred international Gaza Aid martyrs!

Miss Caoimhe Butterfly who is speaking here in this Gaza TV News video is a real life hero who has courageously risked her life and even been shot by an Israeli Zionist sniper when she bravely stood in the line of fire and rescued injured Palestinian children who had been shot by the Israeli murderers.

Read here, here and here about the bravery of Miss Caoimhe, an Irish peace activist who has been living in Jenin, Ramallah, Palestine standing in the way of Israeli tanks and facing Israeli gunfire just for the sake of protecting the unarmed Palestinians from being ruthlessly massacred by the Zionist bastards!

She has even been featured in the TIME magazine for her selfless heroism and concern for the poor Palestinians.

May Allah bless and protect Miss Caoimhe for her sacrifices for the safety and betterment of the beleaguered Palestinians suffering at the hands of the Israeli Zionist regime!

Ameen! Ya Rabbal Alamin!

1 comment:

Esperalzi said...

It is good for nostalgia to look at how the map of Palestine evolved from nearly entirely green (color of Palestine) to nearly entirely white (color of Israel) with patches of green here and there.

Muslims today are reduced to mere nostalgic talking about Cordoba, Granada, Toledo, Andalusia, Ottoman Empire, the Mughal Empire, the Melaka Sultanate, Palestine, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, platza, platzi...that's all they could do now! How pathetic Muslims have become!

But I don't know what good it does. But right now as we speak,Iraq and Afghanistan are entirely accessible to Mossad, Shin Beth and all arms of the Israeli government. Pretty soon, Iran might be next. And may be Pakistan too.

And before we know, the whole Muslim region from the Nile to the Indus will be entirely white with no green patches at all. The Jews finally will achieve ERETZ ISRAEL(Greater Israel) not just from the Nile to the Euphrates as the Jewish Tanach (Holy Book) "prophesies", but from the Nile to the Indus, with YERUSHALAYIM sitting tight as its capital and the BEIT HA MIKDASH (Haikal Sulaiman/Solomon Temple) replacing the MASJID AL AQSA...

The entirely world, especially the Muslim world, is totally IMPOTENT against Israel and the US. The US is the real sustainer of Israel and the US will not allow anything to threaten Israel, so they will fix Iran soon. How can Muslims stop this from happening? Probably nothing!

And to make matters worse, practically all leaders of the Muslim world have been forced by the US to become Muslim Zionists, ruling their Muslim lands and over-lording their Muslim populations according to ways that
the US and Israel dictate..

That is how how pathetic we Muslims have been forced to become. Unless, there is quick divine intervention, I don't see how Muslims will overcome Israel and all its atrocities and schemes..