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Monday, May 31, 2010

Israel murders unarmed Gaza Humanitarian Aid Flotilla! Where the hell are American and British 'freedom' fighters?

Is US President Barack Hussein Obama Jr not aware of what has happened? 20 humanitarian aid volunteers have been killed by the occupying Israeli Navy commandos who boarded one of the Gaza Aid ships!

Where is the justice often broadcasted by the US and UK so often during their colonizing the world?

President Obama ! The world is watching!


Faridah said...

Events have shown that what the Israel did , do and will be doing had/have the full support of American and British leaders .. it started with the creation of Israel and the displacement of people of the land by same powers. Why do we need to look to them for help ?. Do they care ?. It is just lips service.. What we should be doing is continue to give support to Viva Palestine.

norzah said...

US and UK are well aware of what Israel is doing. For all we know Israel must have informed them that the flotila was an armed convoy loaded with weapons. It's pointless to ask the leaders of the Arab nations to gang up and retaliate, They could have done that long ago if they wanted to. The wealthy Arabs are virtually living in US and UK, the two countries that helped them to create their wealth.
Hitler was right when he tried to exterminate the Israelis. They are the embodiment of evil. They can only be routed through internal penetration, sabotage and holding some of their womenfolks and children to ransom. All the Muslims in the world would have to combine their resources to plan such a strategy. They can never be defeated in open warfare for they've some of the most advanced weapons including nuclear warheads.
All muslim countries should set aside RM1B each for the all points penetration plan with HAMAS taking the lead. It should stop the innocuous belting of Jerusalem with rockets that kill no one but caused murderous retaliations on the Palestinians.