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Monday, May 10, 2010

Kelantan Sultanate ~ Time for a new Sultan?

If you read the newspapers today, I'm sure that you won't miss the front page photos showing the ailing Sultan of Kelantan looking very feeble and obviously a victim of stroke affecting his physique especially His Majesty's hands.
Sultan Kelantan.jpg
The reality that His Royal Highness is no longer fit to carry out his role as the Sultan of Kelantan is so clear that only those who have vested agendas and conceited plans will continue to insist that the now ailing Sultan can still perform his royal duties as the Ruler of Kelantan Darul Naim.
From what we have all been exposed to, there is a power struggle between the Regent of Kelantan Duli Yang Maha Mulia Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra Sultan Ismail Petra who is now the Acting Sultan and his younger brother Tengku Temenggong Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Petra Sultan Ismail Petra as to who should succeed the Sultan of Kelantan if His Majesty becomes totally incapacitated as he is now seen to have become?
Kelantan Sultan n Princes.jpg
His Royal Highness Acting Sultan Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra is a regent known to be free from any scandals and is highly respected by his subjects as well as the ruling Kelantan PAS State Government.
Tengku Faris.jpg
His Highness enjoys the respect and total support from Kelantan Menteri Besar Dato Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, who is also PAS's Spiritual Leader and is known to be a very religious royal. His Royal Highness Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra has shown himself to be a very capable leader of the Sultanate of Kelantan and deserves to ascend the throne now in order to be in full command of his state.
TGNA menyambut TM Tengku Faris Petra.jpg

Imam Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra_2.jpg

Imam Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra.jpg

The Sultan of Kelantan deserves to be treated with decorum as a ruler who has done his best for his state and now ought to be retired and taken care of for the rest of his life by the state. It is in the best interests of both the state and the people of Kelantan that their state be now ruled by a royal heir such as His Royal Highness Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra Sultan Ismail Petra.

The Malay Rulers Council ought to call for a special meeting and solve this Sultan of Kelantan royal tug of war between the Acting Sultan and his younger brother Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Petra Sultan Ismail Petra who has been embroiled in several court cases involving his estranged wife, the Indonesian model Manohara Odelia Pinot who continues to defy the court ruling ordering her to return to him.

From what I have come to learn from reliable sources, the troubles at the Istana seem to be interconnected with the dictates of Her Royal Highness Tengku Anis, the Sultanah of Kelantan who is said to interfere with the treatment procedures for the ailing Sultan Ismail Petra, who seems to be caught between the devil and the deep blue sea in this ongoing royal power struggle between the two princes?

There is only one way to solve this debacle.

Acting Sultan of Kelantan HRH Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra deserves to be installed as the new Sultan of Kelantan soon.

Insya Allah!


pB said...



Moga segala kekalutan akan berakhir dengan baik ....

Tukang Dok Peghati said...


Tuan Mahaguru,

As a Kelantanese, I'm agreed with the appointment of Tengku Faris as the descendant of Kelantan Sultan.

However, what me and other Kelantanese are concerned is that we don't want the REGENT being controlled by people who have their own personal interest -> Especially those from PAS who want to continue their POLITICAL ruling in Kelantan eventhough they are TOTALLY failed as a state government.

At this stage, there are somebody who playing the hocus-pocus GAME among the members of the royal family. Their pretending to show their support BUT to hidden their own personal / POLITICAL interest.

As a Kelantanese, I would like my future Sultan is able to show that he is 'ABOVE THE POLITICS' as what Raja Nazrin of Perak said when Ngeh and Nizar showed their 'SEMBAH DERHAKA' towards the Sultan of Perak..

We would like to see Tengku Faris questioning the Kelantan MB on why he failed to visit the hospitalised Sultan when he received medical treatment in Singapore? Until today, no action on this matter.


Tukang Dok Peghati

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Tukang Dok Peghati.

Totally support your views sir!

Let's see what happens next?

SysOp said...

Dear Tukang Dok Peghati,

I may not agree as what you've said.

First, I'm a Perakian myself and what I see is that Tengku Faris is up and capable as a leader without any string attached.

I'm sure if you're Kelantanese, you shall know what really happen in Kelantan royal rumble. I wonder if you're a real Kelantanese.

By the way, let give an opportunities among Kelantanese regent to consult each other regarding this matter.


FathiMZ said...

i totally consent your opinion.....insyallah HRH Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra will be new sultan of kelantan

CikGu Naim said...

Dear Tukang Dok Peghati,
I'm kelantanese,I am sure you are not kelantanese or neither you stay in kelantan.If you do,i am very sure you know what going on here.

kita anak melayu said...

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Tukang Dok Peghati said...


I'm agree with Mahaguru to see what is next in this Drama..

For me, this is the SAD episode of a royal family..

There might be some people blaming the Mother but she is the Mother and no matter what, "Syurga di bawah telapak kaki ibu".. Not "Syurga di bawah tapak kaki Tok Guru"..

The crisis is getting worse because some people like to pretend that they are on behalf of Tengku Faris and actually they are just a POLITICIAN and their 'CLOWNS' who want to still remain in POWER in Kelantan..

Then, perhaps The Prince himself should make his own public statement about the family crisis rather than let any 3rd party people speak on his behalf..

Only a POLITICIAN that will benefit from this family problem by PRETENDING showing their support but in the other way, keep MANIPULATING the crisis - afraid to lose in this state.

And we KNOW who are the behind POLITICAL POWER in Kelantan..


_ said...

Ya Syeikh Tukang Dok Peghati

On TGNA failure to visit the Sultan, maybe you should read the press statements made by the Sultan sisters first before jumping into such half cooked conclusion. Who knows that it might as well Tengku Faris who beforehand agreed to Tok Guru decision not to be there in Singapore after realising the REAL situation there. The press statements by the two Sultan sisters already explained all.

You can read the whole press statement here ==>

On the ' derhaka kepada ibu ' thing, say if your mother ask you to do maksiat, shows you the many ways to derhaka / over-rule your own father or even shows you how to wrongly interfered into others matters, badly treated others and mismanaged others amanah, does the " the syurga di bawah telapak kaki ibu " rule applies ??

But again, why the mother should be involved in this all along ?? Who is she in the Perlembagaan Negeri !? Nada.

Who the Pemangku Raja is " menderhaka " when the Mother has no executive rights in the government. The Pemangku is " menderhaka " to no one really !

Again, the " syurga di bawah telapak kaki ibu " does not apply here in this matter ! In fact, never !

Tepuk dada dan tanyalah IMAN YANG SEJATI !

Dan fikir fikirkan lah in both religious and legal perspectives ...

I am 100% with the Pemangku Raja for I know and truly understand every single thing that happened in the state and in the royal household from the very beginning till now ..

Just put politics aside as it got nothing to do in this matter unless if you are already a member of a particular organisation who wished to see things as your organisation wish ..

God speed.

InMine said...

Tukang Dok Peghati;

Tengku Mahkota has conducted his dealing with State Government in accordance with the constitution. Is it not PAS the rightfully elected government by the rakyat of Kelantan? Therefore, it is right for Tengku Mahkota to deal with PAS instead of UMNO in terms of administration of the state.

Tengku Mahkota will do the same if UMNO is to be the rightfully elected government. Tengku Mahkota is a learnt heir to the throne especially in the issue of state administration.

Tengku Mahkota has shown that he is above politics, and has acted with dignity by not being sucked into media play.

_ said...

InMine, o wise man !

Well said !

Exactly like most Kelantanese see it but failed to be understood by many non-Kelantanese and pseudo-Kelantanese as well !

Honestly, Tukang Dok Peghati really needs to throw out the "political hijab" and see this matter in terms of legal perspectives in respect to the Perlembagaan Negeri Kelantan in which the roles of the Sultan, the Pemangku Raja, the Menteri Besar and the Ahli Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan (EXCO) are clearly stated, minus the Raja Perempuan and the Tengku Temenggong of course ..

Return to the Perlembagaan Negeri and everything will be perfectly fine in Kelantan no matter who rules the state be it PAS, BN or even DAP! You may hate or despise TGNA but like InMine had stated, isnt PAS the rightfully elected govt of Kelantan ?

That's what Tengku Faris trying to achieve at the moment. Fixing and straightening things up all over again in accordance to the Perlembagaan Negeri, the most supreme law of the state.

Indeed, by electing Tengku Faris to be the Sultan, the sky will clear up in Kelantan like never before !

Esperalzi said...

I ain't no PAS supporter, fact is I cuss them pretty much in other blogs, PAS does PISS me off,but I see no problem with Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra dealing with the PAS government...

PAS is the government of the day, democratically elected by the people, so it is with this government that Tengku Muhammad Faris must deal, so I'm saying this with all due respect to Tukang Dok Peghati..

However, I do feel that both PAS and UMNO converge on the issue of Kelantan royal conflict which is a very rare phenomenon. Have you guys not noticed that PAS and UMNO are not picking and pecking on each other over this issue? Is not this abnormal considering that both parties are always after each other's throat over practically any issue?

And the police action in the crisis..PAS would normally brush it off as UMNO's puppet stringing..but not this time, PAS is deafeningly quiet about the cops digging in the crisis which is pretty funny to, I'd say both PAS and UMNO sort of prefer Tengku Muhammad Faris to be where he is, instead of the Manohara-plagued Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Petra. Great! For once PAS and UMNO come together on something!!

Me...I think Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra rocks! I prefer him a lot both as the Acting Sultan as well as the future Sultan of Kelantan!

As for ailing Sultan of Kelantan, Tuanku Ismail Petra, I wish he gets well soon...but from the looks of it, I think the ailing Sultan has seen better days as a Sultan. May Allah bless Kelantan..

zulkifli said...

Tukang Dok Peghati should be called TUKANG KAGHUT for his nonsensical writings. He sees political interference where there's none. Don't waste our and your time sir, Tukang Kaghut. Get a proper life, please.

Abdullah said...


Nampaknya dok ghok dah sultan ni, nak pege pen nok sign pon dok leh.

jimizul said...

Salam Tuan,

I'm not a Kelantanese nor do I know much about what's going on in the Kelantanese royal courtyard.

To those true-blooded Kelantanese here who happen to 'know much about the istana kelantan issue', pls stop picking up on Tukang Dok Peghati.. just enlighten us with what you know. We're waiting!!!!!

Thank you very much.


InMine said...


We are not picking on Tukang Dok Peghati, but we are correcting his colored opinion and his notion that Tengku Mahkota is a weak heir to the throne who can be manipulated by politicians.

Majority of Kelantanese want Tengku Mahkota and not anybody else to succeed his father.

Anonymous said...

This truly has nothing to do with politics...but the desire of the people of Kelantan, and what's best for Kelantan. People of Kelantan have witnessed the 'games' of Tengku Anis and Tengku Fakhry.

Kelantan has had enough.

(now)HRH Sultan Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra is the best pick for his high religious awareness who wants the best for the People of kelantan.


Long live His Roral Highness Sultan Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra!