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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

When the political buzzards start circling..something really stinks!

In the first place, these teenagers broke the law! How many laws? Let's count them.
  1. Taking a car out without permission from it's owner.
  2. Driving without a license!
  3. Grazing another car and speeding away!
  4. Hit and run after being involved in a collision with a motorcyclist!
  5. Failing to stop after being chased by a police patrol car!
  6. Driving on after being warned by the police through their patrol car loudhailer!
  7. Driving on after the car's tyres were shot!
  8. Escaping from the law~ the culprit above.

And here we have the usual opposition lawyers ever ready to take advantage of a political coup de grace milling about the teenage offender like buzzards circling above homing in for a kill!

A media kill that is.

The law and order situation in this land has surely gone bonkers!

Traffic offenders and all other bloody lawbreakers are being toasted and serenaded as celebrities whilst the law enforcement officials and upholders are lampooned and lambasted by these political parasites!

Remember Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarnor? Instead of shaming the syariah offender, the media turned her and her dad into media luminaries! They ended up embarrassing the Syariah Court instead!

Would any of these bloody buzzards be willing to go protect our nation from the crooks and criminals at large out there?

You can bet that these attention seeking vermin won't dare do so even for one single night!

The PDRM were just doing their job ~ apprehending lawbreakers!

The entire episode just took place as what any committed law enforcement officials would have done anywhere in the whole wide world?

You see the same old 'championing' faces out there at the press conferences every time there is an offender crying out as if he or she is bloody innocent in the first place?

The whole scenario just stinks!

Only in Malaysia will we see such a thing! Law breakers being championed whilst the law enforcement authorities ridiculed, cursed and lampooned by every Ahmad, Ah Seng and Samy out there as if they are so bloody perfect and infallible?

What a rotten stinking scenario this case has turned out to be!

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Alizul said...

Salam Bro,

Good post which, compared to others, encapsulates what is really going on.

I seek your permission to post it in my blog.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Alizul.

Just stating what I see happening?

The public ought to see the reality of justice being traversed by those who have a psyche war going against the PDRM who have been effectively curtailing their agenda so far.

The breaches of law committed by the traffic offenders has been sidelined by the legal brouhaha being raised by the buzzards here.

We need to be clear about the facts leading to the tragedy and not be hoodwinked into singing in tune with those who always are seen being in the forefront to tar and feather our police.

You and all others are free to republish this article.

Thank you.

Sang Kelana said...


it was true the boy commited crime(s) first. and the way police handle it might be in their SOP. but I fear in the way the police want to reveal the truth of the case, the went instead telling the lies; i.e. the parang, the reversed-rammed.thus the family was dealt in unjust way.that's 'zalim' indeed, true?

Maarof said...


I think the people who brought this witness to the 'limelight' should be ashamed. I am embarassed when this boy repeatedly mentions 'saya' as 'siya' and 'lah' as 'ah'. I think Lim Guan Eng speaks much better Malay than him.

Esperalzi said...

You take the words out of my mouth Mahaguru! How true everything you say! Excellent analyses!

Sad isn't it? What the hell were 15-year old boys doing driving a car without license at 2:00 pm? Shouldn't kids this age be home by Maghrib time?

What were their parents doing letting kids this age driving without license at 2:00 in the morning? Where was that parental supervision? Even an ikan haruan mother supervises its young, haven't they seen it? Awww! They've got plenty of "valid" reasons for that! Don't blame them, huh?

Police were "unlucky" to be chosen by Allah as the life terminator for that boy: it could have been robbers, illegal aliens, mat rempits, etc. And the story would not have survived another day if it were others instead of the cops...

Esperalzi said...

If only this Azamuddin boy had been a responsible buddy by telling his once-alive friend not to break the laws, he wouldn't have to be together with the buzzards at this news conference having to recollect events on that fateful day..

Whatever, I thank Allah that Azamuddin survived to tell the story, though my heart goes out for the one that didn' least now we have one less weeping mother..

Blacken said...

Asskum Mahaguru

Saya turut bersimpati atas apa yang menimpa kepada adik Aminurasyid. Tapi saya kecewa dengan apa yang berlaku sekarang. Saya setuju dgn pendapat Mahaguru bahawa dilangit Shah Alam berterbangan burung-burung Hering togel sedang menanguk diatas kesusahan dan kesedihan orang lain yang akan menguntungkan siHering. Macam dalam cerita P.Ramlee "Baik....baik, ada makna".Teruskan usaha mu Mahaguru,insyaallah dirimu akan dirahmati oleh Pencipta kita Allah Yang Maha Berkuasa . Wassallam.

Blacken said...

Asskum Mahaguru

Tahniah atas usaha Mahaguru menyiarkan kisah Kpl Khalid walaupun tanpa sidang akhbar dengan microfon yang bersepah macam video diatas. Inilah segelintir masyarakat kita sekarang yang hanya pandai menuding jari kepada pasukan keselamatan. Persoalan saya sekarang:

1) Takkan tak ada saksi yg melihat kejadian langgar lari yg melibatkan Kpl Khalid? Jln Jelatek bukanlah laluan sunyi. Sebab dia anggota polis? Padan dgn muka polis tu?

2) Setahun dia merana, kenapa tiada sesiapa nak membela nasibnya? Polis bukan rakyat? Polis tak bayar cukai? Polis tak perlu dibela seperti siHering membela adik Aminurasyid?

3) Mungkin si Hering lupa, dia tidor nyenyak pada jam 4 pagi tadi kerana kawasan tempat tinggalnya diawasi oleh rakan-rakan Kpl Khalid.

4) Si Hering juga mungkin lupa dia datang kepejabatnya pagi tadi tanpa sebarang gangguan kemungkinan di bom, dirompak atau mungkin juga dibunuh seperti di Thailand, Iraq atau Somalia kerana kawasan persekitarannya dikawal oleh rakan-rakan Kpl Khalid!!!!

5) Biarlah siasatan adik Aminurasyid dijalankan tanpa gangguan atau tekanan dari mana-mana pihak terutama dari BURUNG PEMAKAN BANGKAI bagi kedua-dua pihak mendapat peluang yang seadil-adilnya.

Akhir sekali kita tunggu dan lihat siapa yang akan tampil membela Kpl POLIS ini sebagaimana yang dilakukan oleh Mahaguru. Wassalam.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Blacken.

Bersama sama lah kita berusaha menegakkan yang makruf dan memerangi yang mungkar.

Sokongan saudara amat saya hargai.

Seperkara lagi tuan,

Bilamana kita memberikan salam terhadap sesama Islam dihalaman maya ini, lebih afdhal kita menaip lafaz Salam itu dengan sempurna.

'Asskum' tidak memberi apa apa erti. Asamekom pula seperti yang sering dilafazkan oleh para pelawak 'sensasi' tanahair pula membawa maksud yang sama dengan 'Assamualaikum' iaitu ' Celaka lah ke atas kamu!' yang sememangnya dilarang didalam peradaban kita.

Saya tahu Blacken tidak bermaksud seperti itu cuma sebagai seorang yang sedar akan natijah membiarkan saudara terus menggunakan 'Asskum' didalam penulisan saudara, ianya akan membawa kepada penambahan 'dosa tanpa sedar'.

Mudah2an nasihat saya ini dapat tuan terima seadanya.

Insya Allah.

Selamat menunaikan fardhu Jumaat!

Wabillahi Taufik Walhidayah.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.