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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Acheh Syariah Study Tour ~ Mahaguru58's 3D 2N Trip with the PPMM

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

The President of the Malaysian Muslim Lawyers Association, Tuan Haji Zainul Rijal Abu Bakar called me up last Monday ~ 21st June 2010 and asked me whether I'd be interested to join him and his Exco members on a 3D 2N Study Tour of the Implementation of Islamic Syaria in the autonomous Special Province of Nanggroe Acheh Darussalam?
The mainly Muslim majority province of northernmost Sumatera is the very first region in the history of South East Asia to embrace Islam and is well known as one of the 3 Islamic Corridors of the region. The other two being Pattani in Southern Thailand and the State of Kelantan in the Malay Peninsular.

Nanggroe Acheh Darussalam is located at the northernmost tip of Sumatera, Republic of Indonesia and was devastated by the world's worst tsunami that hit the province on Dec 26, 2004 following a massive offshore earthquake that measured 9.4 on the Richter scale!

The tragedy took the lives of more than 280,000 people in Acheh alone and many other hundreds of thousands of lives were lost in the coastal areas of Sri Lanka, holiday spots in Thailand, coastal areas of Kuala Muda in Kedah and quite a number of lives at the northern beaches of Penang, my home island here in Malaysia.

The allowance for the total implementation of Islamic Syaria in autonomous Nanggroe Acheh Darussalam is one of the conditions for the peace accords signed between the Acheh Liberation Movement @ Gerakan Acheh Merdeka or GAM with the Federal Government of the Republic of Indonesia based in Jakarta.

The implementation of the Syaria Penal Code in Acheh has begun since 2001 and the caning of Syaria offenders as shown by the photo below has been widely been misreported by the world's media as to its true situations.

This invitation to me to join the Malaysian Muslim Lawyers Association in their study tour was God sent and I grabbed the opportunity to go see for my own self as to how the Syaria is being upheld and put to practice in the land once known as the Sultanate of Nanggroe Acheh Darussalam?

My job function during this study tour was to record all the meetings and briefings between PPMM and the Nanggroe Acheh Darussalam autonomous provincial government authorities, Syariah Departments and Ministries.

The trip was scheduled to be on Thursday the 24th of June, 2010 ending with our returning home to Malaysia on Saturday, the 26th of June, 2010.

I asked him to give me time to consider and discuss with my missus? Zainul Rijal agreed and asked me to confirm my willingness to accompany his team overnight for him to book my flight tickets and make other arrangements.

I'd never actually left the country except for travelling up north to Padang Besar near the Malaysia-Thai border and down south of the Malaysian Peninsular, to the Republic of Singapore where I once lived and worked from 1980 till 1986.

Since I had no prior appointments or schedules on the said dates, I agreed to go and sms'd Zainul my details for him to book the Air Asia tickets.

Zainul Rijal emailed me the flight e-tickets and I had them printed out. I then booked myself the ERL train ticket from Bandar Tasek Selatan, near my home to the LCCT.

Early Thursday morning, I boarded the first ERL train to Salak Tinggi and once I reached there transferred to the transit coach to the airport. I prayed my Subuh at the LCCT Surau and then went to have my breakfast at the restaurant nearby.

I then had my luggage screened by the airport police, checked in my suitcase at the Air Asia counter and received my flight boarding pass. Flight AK 9632.

I then went through the Immigration and the airport security scanner. After all was cleared, made my way to the departure area.
Mahaguru58 at LCCT.jpg
Zainul Rijal and his lawyer friends eventually turned up before departure. The flight was delayed by a few precious minutes but eventually we were informed that the plane was ready and we could now board it.
Hj Abd Rahim and Hj Zainul Rijal.jpg
Hj Zainul Rijal, Mahaguru58 and Lawyer Firdaus.jpg
Abdul Halim and Hj Rahim.JPG
To be continued.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bloggers Religious, Social and Moral Responsibilities. Are we aware of them?

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

I pray that each and everyone of you are in the best of Iman, Amal and Healthy both in body and soul. Insya Allah.

The topic above is referred to.

Lately, I notice that there are just so many local Malaysian blogs which dwell on matters that border upon or are entirely engaged in the spreading of fitnah or gnanimah which is haram in Islam.

Most of these writers who call themselves as sopo bloggers seem oblivious to the harm that they are doing not only to our Malaysian society including the Ummah but also to themselves and their families.

I wonder why they fail to realize that each word they type and publish that concerns anyone person or group will be taken into account by Allahu Ta'ala when they do pass away from this earthly existence into the Realm of Al Barzakh?

Surely, being bloggers they warrant at least to be in possession of the powers to consider the various implications of publishing content onto the public online platform of information that is the worldwide web?

Being a blogger does not mean one can simply write as one pleases and go attack someone willfully without rhyme or reason and then act as if one's infallible.

It doesn't make sense for one who can put words into order to fail to understand the religious, social and moral responsibilities that goes with the position that one chooses to be as a blogger who publishes his or her material into the internet's archives.

Yes. Whether one is conscious or not, each and every article or comment is archived immediately into the internet's archives and burned into the hard disks of the internet service servers one is subscribed to. That's hard evidence which can be traced all the way back to one's internet access account here on earth and in reality, one's personal Book of Deeds in the spiritual realm of one's being.

The Book of Deeds that keeps a record of each and every deed that we do is incorruptible and untamperable by us unless we totally and truly repent in the very sense of the act.

The so called SOPO bloggers here in Malaysia seem to be having a field day in thrashing the reputation and characters of their intended targets with no sense of fear of the repercussions that awaits them in the Yaum al Akhirat if not the Yaum al Barzakh that each and everyone of us will definitely enter one of these days?

Are we not Muslims who are aware of the implications of reckless blogging?

Those who spew lies and untruths in each and every publishing of theirs without fail seem to be clueless and totally ignorant of all of Allahu Ta'ala's grave warnings to us?

Astaghfirullah hal adzhim!

Why is this so?

Are we still in the Yaum al Jahilliyyah claiming ignorance of this and that?

Truly we aren't!

But why do these bloggers blatantly dare to abuse the trust that Allahu Ta'ala placed upon them to uphold the truth and enjoin others to goodness and join forces to combat the evil of this temporal earthly life?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

1. Waylun likulli humazatin lumazatin
1.Woe to every (kind of) scandal-monger and backbiter,

Tafsir al-Jalalayn
Woe (waylun: an expression implying chastisement) to every backbiter, [who is a] slanderer, frequently engaging in backbiting and slander, that is to say, defamation — this was revealed regarding those who slandered the Prophet (s) and the believers, the likes of Umayya b. Khalaf, al-Walīd b. al-Mughīra and others

Truly, Malaysian Muslim bloggers can be better than the cartoon characters depicted here?

May Allah guide us all.



Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Syarat sah Solat Jumaat dan Soalan tentang Ruqyah

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh wahai tuan...

nama saya Malek dan saya mempunyai 2 permasalahan...persoalan pertama tidaklah besar cuma sekadar mengganggu pikiran setiap kali tibanya waktu Solat Jumaat...begini persoalan sy...apakah yg dikatakan sebagai syarat sah solat jumaat kerana ada masanya, saya hadir solat jumaat tepat pada waktu imam membacakan doa khutbahnya dan saya tidak sempat mendengar khutbah sehingga habis...adakah sah solat jumaat sy?

persoalan yg kedua melibatkan satu penyataan iaitu “Tiada ruqyah melainkan untuk penyakit Ain dan sengatan binatang bisa”. Bukhari (no: 5378) dan Muslim (no: 220). (dipetik dari blog
..jadi, apakah sebenarnya yang dikatakan sebagai RUQYAH itu?

segala kerjasama dari pihak tuan amatlah sy hargai...


Wa'alaikumsalam Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Saudara Malek,

Menurut hadis sahih yang diriwayatkan oleh Abu Hurairah Radhiallahu Anhu bahawa Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam telah bersabda :

" Barangsiapa yang membersihkan dirinya dengan mandi junub atau mandi sunat Jumaat, kemudian memakai pakaian nya yang terbaik, berwangi wangian dengan haruman yang sah dipakai, bersisir dan mengemaskan diri sebaik mungkin kemudian melangkah menuju ke masjid pada awal awal waktu ~ anggaran sejam sebelum azan , maka para malaikat yang menunggu di pintu pintu masjid akan menulis didalam buku amalan nya ganjaran pahala baginya seumpama ia telah berkorban se ekor unta kerana Allahu Ta'ala.

Barangsiapa yang tiba kemudian dari awal waktu (~ 45minit sebelum azan) maka para malaikat akan menulis pahala baginya seumpama ia telah berkorban dengan se ekor lembu di jalan Allahu Ta'ala.

Barangsiapa yang tiba kemudian dari waktu itu ( ~ 30 minit sebelum azan) maka pahala baginya ditulis seolah ia telah berkorban dengan se ekor kibash @ kambing dijalan Allah.

Sekiranya seseorang itu sampai kemudian dari waktu itu (~ 15 minit sebelum azan), maka para malaikat Allah akan menulis ganjaran pahala bagi jemaah itu pahala seperti ia telah berkorban dengan se ekor ayam demi Allahu Ta'ala.

Sekiranya seseorang itu tiba semasa azan sedang berkumandang, maka pahala baginya hanya seperti ia telah bersedekah dengan sebiji telor ayam di jalan Allah.

Apabila khatib mulai berkhutbah, maka para malaikat Allah berkenaan akan menutup buku catatan mereka dan beralih menghadap tuan khatib tersebut dan mendengar serta menghayati intipati khutbah yang disampaikan."

Hadith # 494, Bab 11. Mukasurat 263 Kitab Jumaat, Sahih Al-Bukhari.

Pengajaran dari hadith ini adalah sekiranya kita tiba ke masjid semasa Khatib sudah mula berkhutbah, maka segala tahap tahap ganjaran pahala yang disabda oleh Nabi Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam tidak akan kita perolehi.

Solat Jumaat kita sah tetapi tak ada bonus pahala pahala istimewa tersebut yang akan dicatatkan oleh para malaikat Allah yang bertugas merekodkan kedatangan atau kehadiran kita ke masjid pada waktu Jumaat tersebut.

Kira seperti catatan 'hadir sahaja' tetapi tak dapat 'claim bonus points' pada waktu waktu yang disebutkan tadi. Tak ada 'early birds special'.

Apatah lagi kalau kita sampai, jamaah dah siap bagi salam.

'Khalas!' No more points for us. Malaikat dah tutup register. Hadir tetapi tak masuk senarai jamaah Jumaat.

Jawapan kepada soalan kedua tuan:

Ruqyah itu adalah usaha mengubat penyakit bawaan hasad dari pandangan dengki dan kebencian manusia yang bermusuhan atau berdendam kesumat dengan kita.

Ruqyah itu adalah perkataan didalam Bahasa Arab yang membawa maksud berikhtiar membaca ayat ayat penyembuh dari Kitab Suci Al Quranul Karim yang juga dikenali sebagai Ayatus Syifa'.

Ayat ayat Syifa' ini jika dibaca oleh Mukmin yang faham akan erti dan intipati maksud ayat ayat Suci Kalamullah ini dan meletakkan harapan ikhlas dan suci akan zat penyembuhan dari Qalam Allahu Ta'ala ini, Insya Allah akan menyembuhkan barangsiapa yang diserang secara halus oleh musuh musuh ia dengan cara ilmu hitam ~ sihir yang ditujukan kepadanya atau sesiapa sahaja yang berkenaan dengan perantaraan jin, syaitan dan iblis Laknatullah untuk menyakitkan atau memudaratkan simangsa tersebut dengan cara rasukan atau memusnahkan ketahanan ruh mangsa itu.

Contoh contoh Ayatus As Syifa adalah :
  1. Surah Al Fatihah
  2. Surah Al Ikhlas
  3. Surah Al Falaq
  4. Surah An Nas
  5. Ayatul Kursi
  6. Ayat 1 hingga 9 dari Surah Yasin
Saya sarankan tuan mencari buku karangan Tuan Guru Prof Dato Dr Harun Din ' IKHTIAR PENYEMBUHAN PENYAKIT dengan Ayat Ayat dan Doa Doa Mustajab.

Terbitan Darus Syifa. RM15 senaskhah.

Sesuai dijadikan panduan penyembuhan secara Ruqyah Islami.

Insya Allah.

Sila layari laman ini juga :

Sila rujuk juga kepada video video dibawah:
Insya Allah, jika tuan amalkan sekelian pembacaan ayat ayat Syifa' tersebut dan membaca ayat ayat tersebut samada dihembuskan kepada kedua telapak tangan tuan didalam keadaan tuan masih suci dan berwudhu' , sapukan ke atas ubun ubun tuan atau hembuskan kepada sipesakit dan yakin seyakin yakinnya kepada kuasa penyembuhan dengan izin Allahu Rabbi, maka Insya Allah orang yang ingin disembuhkan itu samada tuan sendiri atau sesiapa yang lain akan sembuh dari gangguan makhluk makhluk halus yang memudaratkan secara batin.

Saya sendiri pernah membaca Ayatus Syifa' berkenaan kepada kaum keluarga saya dan orang yang diganggu secara halus ini dan berjaya menghalau jin dan syaitan yang merasuk atau mengganggu mereka!


Saya doakan tuan berjaya.

Insya Allah.

La haula wala quwwata illa billah hil aliyyil adzhim!

Wabillahi Taufik Wal Hidayah.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.


Monday, June 21, 2010

'Respect Non Muslim Rights' destroy themselves?

Sun Respect Non Muslim Rights.jpg

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

I am referring to the front-page headline of today's theSun e-paper where it screams out the 'infallible' Minister in the Prime Minister's Office's opinion that the rights of those who aren't Muslims in this country to gamble away as they please must not be barred just to please the Muslims of Malaysia.

If we are to think along the lines of the said minister and others like him, such a stand might seem acceptable to those who advocate a mind our own business standpoint in life?

On the other hand, if we are to look at the reasons why Allahu Ta'ala forbids gambling, taking of alcohol, involving oneself in all the other sinful acts in this life from the perspectives of caring considerate Muslims and advocates of goodwill, care and compassion for all mankind as fellow Children of Adam Alaihis Salam, would we just let those who have yet to realize the consequences of such evil doings to destroy their lives and those of their dependents just because they are Disbelievers?

Have we as Muslims ever spared a thought as to the state of affairs of those who are yet to be Believers in Allahu Ta'ala?

Do we just let them go on with their lives to continue drowning themselves in the misery caused by all such social ills as is being advocated by the current Malaysian government and powers that be on the excuse that its okay with the Kaffirs to engage in alcoholism, gambling, prostitution, etc because its in their 'culture'?

I beg to disagree.

Ever since I became involved with calling my fellow mankind to Islam or started sharing whatever info I myself have learned about Al Islam, I realize that we are all interconnected with one another in this nation and that of the whole wide world.

We are all equally responsible to take care of each other and to help those closest to us, like our families, our neighbors and our fellow citizens, no matter that they be different from us, be it in race or religious beliefs?

We can't afford to ignore all those who may not be of the same ilk or creed as us in the name of letting others go to hell or whatever just because they do not believe in Islam as we do.

As I understand, Islam is the only Way of Life that Allah the Almighty God of us all has revealed to us through the Ages starting with the advent of our Father, Sayyidina Adam Alaihis Salam and our Mother Sayyidatuna Hawwa Radhiallahu Anha, then with the consequential 124,000 prophets and messengers of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala finalizing with our Blessed Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam, Muhammad Al Mustafa, Sayyidul Mursalin's Prophethood to all Creation.

Am I correct?

If you agree, then how can we who regard ourselves as Muslims simply resign ourselves to letting our fellow brothers and sisters amongst Mankind, continue to live a life ignorant of all that has been entrusted to us, which is the faith of Al Islam which is the birthright of every human being?

To live a life free from the dangers of all that Allahu Ta'ala has deemed it to be Haram and to live upon those that are beneficial and good for all of us?

The said minister and those who think like him might mean well and believe that they are being righteous towards the Non Muslims but they forget their general responsibility as being those who have been put in charge of the populace in their respective portfolios or ministries to help guide others who are yet to be Muslims to live a life safe from the harm and dangers of all such social ills like gambling, alcoholism, etc.

Do these people in power fail to consider the safety and well being of Non Muslim families here in Malaysia?

The difference of belief is one thing but the general need for us as fellow Malaysians to look out for and take mutual care of our fellow citizens as brothers and sisters here in this multi racial, multi religious nation can't simply be overlooked just because a few members of such Disbelievers tend to indulge in such immoral activities!

Aren't we as Muslims expected to carry out Dakwah efforts and engage in goodwill to those who are yet to be Believers in Allahu Rabbul Alamin?

How can the so called leaders of this claiming to be a Muslim government advocate the allowing of social ills to flourish amongst the Non Muslim members of our community in the pretext of giving them their so called rights to 'destroy' themselves and the livelihoods of their families?

I have first hand experience of seeing my immediate neighbor who is a Chinese Non Muslim suffer the consequences of alcoholism and eventual womanizing which almost destroyed his family!

His wife left him taking his children away and he became even worse, getting drunk every night and many other things happened to him which I am not going to elaborate further here.

All of us, his neighbors who happen to be Muslims suffered as well emotionally looking at the way things were going wrong for the Non Muslim neighbor so close to us.

Yes, we could just have minded our own business and let him and his family go to hell ~ metaphorically speaking ~ but deep down in our hearts, we couldn't.

Unlike others who didn't have the guts to go speak to him about the wrongs he was doing to himself and his family, I am not one who shies away from such a confrontation because I mean well as a neighbor and as a Muslim.

I know that our Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam asks us to take care of ourselves, our families, our immediate neighbors and our community if not the rest of the world. He didn't ask us to differentiate between Muslims and Kaffirs! No sirree!

Islam asks us to be fair and good to all. No matter that some Non Muslims are offensive to us within our nation but in fairness, it is not right to regard all of them as our enemies.

Some of them are even better than our own families in dealing with us. So, I have my own views not to go with the general flow of thoughts that it is best to let those who are Non Muslims to carry on with activities that are forbidden in Islam.

If it is bad for us who are Muslims, surely it is equally bad for those who are our neighbors and fellow members of our community and a danger to their beloved family members as well?

Where's the so called care and compassion that we crow about as 1Malaysia, bla bla bla so very often?

Double standards?

Discriminating against those who have yet to receive Allah's Blessings and Guidance?

Back to the story of my immediate Non Muslim Chinese neighbor.

I advised him to ease off such social ills and Alhamdulillah, he listened to my advice and gradually put his life back in order.

He has stopped being an alcoholic and his wife and children have now returned to live with him. Alhamdulillah!

Yes, they are still Non Muslims. It's their right to be so as they wish. Yet, it is also important that their life is now back to be as it was before the head of the house's bout with alcohol and its subsequent other social ills.

I am not asking us who are Muslims to be busybodies and interfere in the lives of our fellow Malaysians who happen to be Kaffirs ~ Non Muslims.

I'm just voicing out my concern for the way those who are in power today in this country seem to be advocating legalization of social ills for the so called rights of some Non Muslims who ignorantly wish to gamble their lives and the future of their loved ones away in the name of this and that ill perceived freedom!

Consider you not the prohibition of Allahu Ta'ala against the drinking of wine ~ alcoholism and gambling as revealed in the Surah Al Baqarah Chapter 2 Verse 219 as shown here?

219. Yas-aloonaka AAani alkhamri waalmaysiri qul feehima ithmun kabeerun wamanafiAAu lilnnasi wa-ithmuhuma akbaru min nafAAihima wayas-aloonaka matha yunfiqoona quli alAAafwa kathalika yubayyinu Allahu lakumu al-ayati laAAallakum tatafakkaroona
They ask you about wine and gambling. Say, "In them is great sin and [yet, some] benefit for people. But their sin is greater than their benefit." And they ask you what they should spend. Say, "The excess [beyond needs]." Thus Allah makes clear to you the verses [of revelation] that you might give thought.

Tafsir al-Jalalayn
They ask you about wine, and divination arrows, gambling, and what the ruling is regarding them. Say, to them: ‘In both, that is, in the partaking of both, is great sin (a variant reading [for kabīr, ‘great’] has kathīr, ‘much’) because of the fighting, cursing and swearing that ensue from it; and profit for men, by way of delight and enjoyment in wine, and acquiring money effortlessly from gambling; but the sin in them, that is, the degenerate behavior in which they result, is greater, graver, than the usefulness’.

Dear brothers and sisters, fellow Malaysians, Muslims and otherwise.

We can't afford to let our friends and neighbors go to rot. Any true Muslim worth his or her namesake can't just close an eye to the social dangers currently being put into place here by the powers that be in this nation!

If we do not stop the current powers that be from legitimizing this spate of social ills being pro offered to the ones amongst the Malaysian Non Muslims to engage in, its repercussions will come home to roost very, very close to us as I experienced it myself in the reference to my immediate Non Muslim neighbor above.

I leave it to you my respected reader to decide.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Balqis of Sg Geliga Besar, Kemaman, Terengganu

I met Balqis quite unintentionally when we went holidaying to the East Coast recently. I was taking photos of this roadside traditional East Coast delicacies selling store along the Sg Geliga Besar road in Kemaman, Terengganu when there came this cute little lass with her charming demeanor and bright beautiful smile.

When I trained my Nikon D5000 lens at her, she stopped right there and then and posed for me quite naturally. She was just a very willing sporting model and here are the results :

Just look at the way she came? Like a miniature adult, so confident and sure of herself. That's what made me turn and snap her photos.

Her charming smile captivated me and made me just go on shooting these images of her.
Her natural smile can defeat many of the professional models out there.
May Allah bless her with a productive life and turn her into a good Muslimah.

Balqis n MG58a.jpg

Balqis n MG58b.jpg

Balqis n MG58c.jpg

Balqis n MG58d.jpg

Balqis n MG58e.jpg

Balqis n MG58f.jpg

Balqis n MG58g.jpg

Bahulu Balqis.jpg

Friday, June 11, 2010

Staying sane through Solat by Zainol Abideen


In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.
May peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you!

I wish and hope that you are in the best of Iman, Health and Wealth, Insya Allah.
The last wish is of general human need but the first and second are just so important to us that we'd really feel so miserable if we are to be without either one of them.

That is from my perspective of course but I gather that this is what most of us who as Muslims value so much?


Iman @ Faith is what keeps most of us going when the odds are against us. It is the only thing that keeps many of us remain positive in our lives although the prevailing circumstances and situations would be so challenging to us that if we were to be of those without faith, the easy way out would be to terminate our presence here on Earth as a desperate measure to escape those who hound others to such a tragic end.

Yes, I'm talking about those who without Iman @ Faith chose to just kill themselves for they had lost hope in their miserable lives.

People who despite having wealth and good health chose to end their life because they found their existence to be meaningless or frustrated with whatever had taken place in their life to hurt or frustrate them to such an extent that they just could not cope with the mental anguish that beset them driving them nuts so to speak?

As Muslims, suicide is forbidden to us. It's Haram. You commit suicide? You get a one way express ticket to Narr al Jahannam! No dilly dallying about it.

Allahu Ta'ala forbids us to despair of His Benevolence.

In Surah An Nisa Chapter 4 Verses 29 to 30, Allahu Ta'ala decrees :

29. Ya ayyuha allatheena amanoo la ta/kuloo amwalakum baynakum bialbatili illa an takoona tijaratan AAan taradin minkum wala taqtuloo anfusakum inna Allaha kana bikum raheeman

O you who believe! Eat not up your property among yourselves unjustly except it be a trade amongst you, by mutual consent. And do not kill yourselves (nor kill one another). Surely, Allah is Most Merciful to you.
30. Waman yafAAal thalika AAudwanan wathulman fasawfa nusleehi naran wakana thalika AAala Allahi yaseeran

30. And whoever commits that through aggression and injustice, We shall cast him into the Fire, and that is easy for Allah.

Sadaqallah hal adzhim.
Truthful indeed is Allah the Most Majestic.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Allahu Ta'ala forbids us from destroying ourselves and warns us that whoever commits injustice and aggression towards others unjustly then he or she will be thrown into the Hellfire in the hereafter.

This is Almighty Allah Himself warning us! You don't mess with the Creator. His Promise is not negotiable.

If He Says that those who commit injustice and undue aggression here on Earth against others like those who kill themselves or others in the process like the case of the suicide bombers, etc., then their end will not be Paradise but Hellfire.

Who's saying this? Not Zainol Abideen on his own but Allah Azza Wa Jalla!

So, be warned. Live life as it unfolds before you and remember to seek salvation in our remaining moments of our life by performing our daily Solat's @ prayers.

The Solat is the easiest act of prayer that any rational human being can carry out without fail.Today, is Friday.

Allahu Ta'ala commands us to gather at the congregational prayer :

62:9 Sahih International
9. Ya ayyuha allatheena amanoo itha noodiya lilssalati min yawmi aljumuAAati faisAAaw ila thikri Allahi watharoo albayAAa thalikum khayrun lakum in kuntum taAAlamoona

O you who believe (Muslims)! When the call is proclaimed for the Salat (prayer) on the day of Friday (Jumu'ah prayer), come to the remembrance of Allah [Jumu'ah religious talk (Khutbah) and Salat (prayer)] and leave off business (and every other thing), that is better for you if you did but know!

Tafsir al-Jalalayn
O you who believe, when the call for prayer is made on Friday, hasten, set off, to the remembrance of God, to the prayer, and leave aside [all] commerce, suspend [all] such contracts. That is better for you, should you know, that it is better for you, then do it.

Yet there are many who fail to observe this commandment of Allahu Rabbul Alamin and while away their time at the shopping malls, hypermarts, bistro's , cafe's , restaurants etcetera without a morsel of remorse of feelings of guilt or sense of loss.

At my local masjids, I have seen many who waste their times by sitting at the Friday temporary stalls set up along the roadside at Masjid Saidina Othman bin Affan at Bandar Tun Razak.

Ever since the Masjid Al Najihin was officially opened at Bandar Sri Permaisuri, I have been frequenting it and so, have not had the chance to advise and call the food traders to hurry up to join the jamaah on my way to the masjid there at Bandar Tun Razak.

I just don't understand the mentality of those traders who set up their stalls besides the masjid to do business selling food to the jamaah but fail to do their duty which is to perform their solat's together with the congregation and only then carry on with their trade after the prayers?

What's so hard about doing business before or after the congregational solat? Don't these numbskulls learn about the basics of our faith? Obviously they don't from the looks of it!

Allah Azza Wa Jalla So Knows us only too well! He revealed these verses in Surah Wal Asr way before the current M.I.N.O's were even born yet here they are fulfilling the predicts of those verses to the very letters!

Surat Al-`Aşr (The Declining Day) -

1. Waal `Aasri
1. By (the Token of) Time (through the Ages),

2. Innall-insana lafee khusrin
2. Verily Man is in loss,

3. Illaall latheena amanoo waAAamilooss salihati watawasaw bill haqqi watawa saww biss ssabri
3. Except such as have Faith, and do righteous deeds, and (join together) in the mutual teaching of Truth, and of Patience and Constancy.

Surah Al Asr, Chapter 103 Verses 1 to 3, Holy Quran Al Kareem.

Let's face it! People nowadays especially the majority of the ignorant ones amongst the so called Muslims of this country are just not so bothered about what the Holy Book tells us to do or refrain from.

There are only a very small minority amongst those who can be called as practicing Muslims in this nation that puts up a pretext of being a Muslim nation when in actuality it isn't.

There is just no basis for a country that ridicules the true Syariah of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala to claim that it is one when in reality even the so called scholars of this nation know for sure that we are so far away from coming close to Darul Islam that this hedonistic nation claimed to be by the declaration of the 4th former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed several years ago.

For true Muslims who understand the real situation within this pretentious nation, the only solace they can find to survive the treachery of its hypocritical leaders is through their solat.

Only by surrendering their self's to the Mercy and Forgiveness of Allah the Almighty can their souls be at peace within themselves.

The Muslim Solat is so much more effective than any other human method of therapy for it is based upon the true commandments of Allahu Ta'ala and the Sunnah @ Example of the Noble Blessed Final Messenger of Ar Rahman, the Seal of the Prophets, Muhammad al Mustafa, the Chosen One.

Have you come across those Muslims who are often in prayer? Their peaceful demeanor, their ever smiling faces, genuine care and concern for others often are the usual traits that you'd find in them, the Allah worshiping good Muslims, both male and female Mukmins of the world.

I often come across scenes depicting frustrated, depressed individuals of the Western world having to go to their personal or government referred psychiatrists in order to be able to cope with whatever mental anxieties or psychological disturbances they are going through as a result of certain tragedies or calamities that they face in their lives?

Manic depression and criminal tendencies as a result of being unable to handle whatever personal emotional and mental conditions arising from a tragedy, betrayal, trauma and many other personal situations give rise to the need for these people to have to undergo psychiatric treatment or therapy in order to at least maintain a level of sanity without going crazy and endanger themselves or others.

The absence of a spiritual balance in the lives of these often agnostic or atheistic people is often the reason why they can go stir crazy at any given time for being unable to turn to God and seek their peace either spiritually or be in the physical realm of tranquil surrender to the Almighty and seek His Blessings and Grace?

For the average Muslim, we are always in contact with our Rabb, Allahu Ta'ala through our daily and constant prayers and dhikr.

We surrender ourselves to His Mercy and we seek His Maghfirah @ His Forgiveness. The knowledge that He is willing to forgive all our sins through our repentance acts as a constant fountain of hope and salvation that leaves us refreshed and recharged, full of hope and peace within ourselves.

In Surah Al `Araf, Chapter 7 Verse 205 Allahu Rabbi commands us to worship Him:

205. Waothkur rabbaka fee nafsika tadarruAAan wakheefatan wadoona aljahri mina alqawli bialghuduwwi waal-asali wala takun mina alghafileena

205. And do thou (O reader!)
Bring thy Lord to remembrance
In thy (very) soul,
With humility and in reverence,
Without loudness in words,
In the mornings and evenings;
And be not thou
Of those who are unheedful.

Sadaqallah hal adhzim.
Truthful indeed is Allah the Most Majestic.

Solat is the key to Muslims sanity. We are at peace with ourselves and the world we live in no matter what challenges comes our way. Even if we are killed by those who mean us harm, our Ruuh @ Soul is at peace in the realm of Al Sakinah.

The Sakinah promised by Allahu Ta'ala to those who carry out their solats without fail and keep their part of the oath of faith towards Him, the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

All you have to do to attain this peace is to purify yourself by performing the solat. The solat is our platform to attaining this much needed peace and tranquility within ourselves and is the key to our survival.

Surah Al `A'raf Chapter 7 Verse 170, Holy Al `Qur'an Al Karim :
7:170 Waallatheena yumassikoona bialkitabi waaqamoo alssalata inna la nudeeAAu ajra almusliheena
7:170 And as to those who hold fast to the Book (i.e. act on its teachings) and perform As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat), certainly, We shall never waste the reward of those who do righteous deeds.

So decrees Allahu Rabbul Alamin that He promises to reward the Mukmins @ Firm Believers who live their life's according to the Commandments of His Guidance in the Last and Final Testament that He revealed to mankind @ The Blessed Qur'an and keep up with the Solat @ prayers.

This is Allah the Almighty God promising us Mukmins of a rewarding future in the hereafter if we hold firm to the teachings and commandments in our Holy Quran and keep up with our solats.

Be among the righteous and invite one and all to His Benevolence! Insya Allah.

I will share more with you as to how to perform the Solat in the following articles.

Insya Allah.

Wabillahi Taufik Wal Hidayah.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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The Israeli Blockade and Gaza's Offshore Gas Fields ~ Robbing Palestinians Blind!

by Michel Chossudovsky

The military invasion of the Gaza Strip by Israeli Forces bears a direct relation to the control and ownership of strategic offshore gas reserves. 
This is a war of conquest. Discovered in 2000, there are extensive gas reserves off the Gaza coastline. 
British Gas (BG Group) and its partner, the Athens based Consolidated Contractors International Company (CCC) owned by Lebanon's Sabbagh and Koury families, were granted oil and gas exploration rights in a 25 year agreement signed in November 1999 with the Palestinian Authority. 
The rights to the offshore gas field are respectively British Gas (60 percent); Consolidated Contractors (CCC) (30 percent); and the Investment Fund of the Palestinian Authority (10 percent). (Haaretz, October 21,  2007).

The PA-BG-CCC agreement includes field development and the construction of a gas pipeline.(Middle East Economic Digest, Jan 5, 2001). 
The BG licence covers the entire Gazan offshore marine area, which is contiguous to several Israeli offshore gas facilities. (See Map below). It should be noted that 60 percent of the gas reserves along the Gaza-Israel coastline belong to Palestine.  
The BG Group drilled two wells in 2000: Gaza Marine-1 and Gaza Marine-2. Reserves are estimated by British Gas to be of the order of 1.4 trillion cubic feet, valued at approximately 4 billion dollars. These are the figures made public by British Gas. The size of Palestine's gas reserves could be much larger. 

Map 1
Map 2
Who Owns the Gas Fields
The issue of sovereignty over Gaza's gas fields is crucial. From a legal standpoint, the gas reserves belong to Palestine. 
The death of Yasser Arafat, the election of the Hamas government and the ruin of the Palestinian Authority have enabled Israel to establish de facto control over Gaza's offshore gas reserves. 
British Gas (BG Group) has been dealing with the Tel Aviv government. In turn, the Hamas government has been bypassed in regards to exploration and development rights over the gas fields. 
The election of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in 2001 was a major turning point. Palestine's sovereignty over the offshore gas fields was challenged in the Israeli Supreme Court. Sharon stated unequivocally that "Israel would never buy gas from Palestine" intimating that Gaza's offshore gas reserves belong to Israel. 
In 2003, Ariel Sharon, vetoed an initial deal, which would allow British Gas to supply Israel with natural gas from Gaza's offshore wells. (The Independent, August 19, 2003) 
The election victory of Hamas in 2006 was conducive to the demise of the Palestinian Authority, which became confined to the West Bank, under the proxy regime of Mahmoud Abbas.  
In 2006, British Gas "was close to signing a deal to pump the gas to Egypt." (Times, May, 23, 2007). According to reports, British Prime Minister Tony Blair intervened on behalf of Israel with a view to shunting the agreement with Egypt. 
The following year, in May 2007, the Israeli Cabinet approved a proposal by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert  "to buy gas from the Palestinian Authority." The proposed contract was for $4 billion, with profits of the order of $2 billion of which one billion was to go the Palestinians. 
Tel Aviv, however, had no intention on sharing the revenues with Palestine. An Israeli team of negotiators was set up by the Israeli Cabinet to thrash out a deal with the BG Group, bypassing both the Hamas government and the Palestinian Authority:   
"Israeli defence authorities want the Palestinians to be paid in goods and services and insist that no money go to the Hamas-controlled Government." (Ibid, emphasis added)
The objective was essentially to nullify the contract signed in 1999 between the BG Group and the Palestinian Authority under Yasser Arafat. 
Under the proposed 2007 agreement with BG, Palestinian gas from Gaza's offshore wells was to be channeled by an undersea pipeline to the Israeli seaport of Ashkelon, thereby transferring control over the sale of the natural gas to Israel. 
The deal fell through. The negotiations were suspended:
 "Mossad Chief Meir Dagan opposed the transaction on security grounds, that the proceeds would fund terror". (Member of Knesset Gilad Erdan, Address to the Knesset on "The Intention of Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to Purchase Gas from the Palestinians When Payment Will Serve Hamas," March 1, 2006, quoted in Lt. Gen. (ret.) Moshe Yaalon, Does the Prospective Purchase of British Gas from Gaza's Coastal Waters Threaten Israel's National Security?  Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, October 2007)
Israel's intent was to foreclose the possibility that royalties be paid to the Palestinians. In December 2007, The BG Group withdrew from the negotiations with Israel and in January 2008 they closed their office in Israel.(BG website). 
Invasion Plan on The Drawing Board
The invasion plan of the Gaza Strip under "Operation Cast Lead" was set in motion in June 2008, according to Israeli military sources: 
"Sources in the defense establishment said Defense Minister Ehud Barak instructed the Israel Defense Forces to prepare for the operation over six months ago [June or before June] , even as Israel was beginning to negotiate a ceasefire agreement with Hamas."(Barak Ravid, Operation "Cast Lead": Israeli Air Force strike followed months of planning, Haaretz, December 27, 2008)
That very same month, the Israeli authorities contacted British Gas, with a view to resuming crucial negotiations pertaining to the purchase of Gaza's natural gas:  
"Both Ministry of Finance director general Yarom Ariav and Ministry of National Infrastructures director general Hezi Kugler agreed to inform BG of Israel's wish to renew the talks.
The sources added that BG has not yet officially responded to Israel's request, but that company executives would probably come to Israel in a few weeks to hold talks with government officials." (Globes online- Israel's Business Arena, June 23, 2008)
The decision to speed up negotiations with British Gas (BG Group) coincided, chronologically, with the planning of the invasion of Gaza initiated in June. It would appear that Israel was anxious to reach an agreement with the BG Group prior to the invasion, which was already in an advanced planning stage.  
Moreover, these negotiations with British Gas were conducted by the Ehud Olmert government with the knowledge that a military invasion was on the drawing board. In all likelihood, a new "post war" political-territorial arrangement for the Gaza strip was also being contemplated by the Israeli government.     
In fact, negotiations between British Gas and Israeli officials were ongoing in October 2008, 2-3 months prior to the commencement of the bombings on December 27th.  
In November 2008, the Israeli Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of National Infrastructures instructed Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) to enter into negotiations with British Gas, on the purchase of natural gas from the BG's offshore concession in Gaza. (Globes, November 13, 2008) 
"Ministry of Finance director general Yarom Ariav and Ministry of National Infrastructures director general Hezi Kugler wrote to IEC CEO Amos Lasker recently, informing him of the government's decision to allow negotiations to go forward, in line with the framework proposal it approved earlier this year.
The IEC board, headed by chairman Moti Friedman, approved the principles of the framework proposal a few weeks ago. The talks with BG Group will begin once the board approves the exemption from a tender." (Globes Nov. 13, 2008) 
Gaza and Energy Geopolitics 
The military occupation of Gaza is intent upon transferring the sovereignty of the gas fields to Israel in violation of international law.
What can we expect in the wake of the invasion?

What is the intent of Israel with regard to Palestine's Natural Gas reserves? 
A new territorial arrangement, with the stationing of Israeli and/or "peacekeeping" troops?  
The militarization of the entire Gaza coastline, which is strategic for Israel? 
The outright confiscation of Palestinian gas fields and the unilateral declaration of Israeli sovereignty over Gaza's maritime areas?  
If this were to occur, the Gaza gas fields would be integrated into Israel's offshore installations, which are contiguous to those of the Gaza Strip. (See Map 1 above). 
These various offshore installations are also linked up to Israel's energy transport corridor, extending from the port of Eilat, which is an oil pipeline terminal, on the Red Sea to the seaport - pipeline terminal at Ashkelon, and northwards to Haifa, and eventually linking up through a proposed Israeli-Turkish pipeline with the Turkish port of Ceyhan. 
Ceyhan is the terminal of the Baku, Tblisi Ceyhan Trans Caspian pipeline. "What is envisaged is to link the BTC pipeline to the Trans-Israel Eilat-Ashkelon pipeline, also known as Israel's Tipline." (See Michel Chossudovsky, The War on Lebanon and the Battle for Oil, Global Research, July 23, 2006)

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Traditional Malay Wedding of Nor Rosliza Manaf & Nor Hazlin

Nor Rosliza n Nor Hazlin.jpg


Alhamdulillah! Heartiest congratulations to one of our friends, Nor Rosliza Manaf who got married on the 6th of June, 2010 to Nor Hazlin at her traditional Malay village of Kg.Temau, up north of Raub, in about Central Pahang.
It was a very lively affair with family and friends gathering to celebrate with the obviously very much in love happy couple. I absolutely loved being in a traditional Malay kampong @ village once again and I captured many memorable photographs of the joyous occasion showcasing the invited guests, family members, work colleagues and friends of Liza.
The entrance road to the village was a very narrow tarred road and we had to actually squeeze through and park our car at a distance from the wedding feast area.
Jalan kampong.jpg
There was a very loud and boisterous karaoke set up belting out the latest songs intermittently with an obviously out of pitch impassioned deejay trying to either impress the wedding guests with his repertoire or making it really uncomfortable for us to remain much longer than we needed to....hehehehe...

There were however a few enthusiastic local talents who were just so sporting in singing their hearts out...pitch way out or whatever! They were just being supportive of the wedding couple and entertained all those who were present!

At the end of the day, we can all be grateful to Allahu Ta'ala that another Muslim couple have been saved from the temptations of this going hedonistic world and entered into blissful marriage.


To Liza and her husband Hazlin, Mahaguru58 & wife wish you both all the best in this life and in the hereafter, Insya Allah!

Selamat Pengantin Baru! Semoga kekal bahagia selamanya!

Amin. :)

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Was the Obama Administration party to the Israeli assaults on the Gaza Aid Flotilla massacres?

The Israeli Navy Commando had prior knowledge of who was on the Turkish ship including where passengers were residing in terms of cabin layout. According to Swedish author Henning Mankell, who was on board the Marmara , "the Israeli forces attacked sleeping civilians."

These were targeted assassinations. Specific individuals were targeted. Journalists were targeted with a view to confiscating their audio and video recording equipment and tapes.

"We were witnesses to premeditated murders," said historian Mattias Gardell who was on the Mavi Marmara.

"...Asked about why activists on the Turkish ship had attacked the Israeli soldiers, Gardell stressed "it is not as if Israel is a police officer whom no human being has the legitimate right to defend him or herself against":

"If you are attacked by commando troops you of course must have the right to defend yourself ... Many people on this ship thought they were going to kill everyone. They were very frightened ... It's strange if people think one should not defend oneself. Should you just sit there and say: 'Kill me'?" he said." (See Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, Detailed Compiled Eyewitness Accounts Confirm Cold-Blooded Murder and Executions by Israeli Military, Global Research, June 1, 2010)

“They even shot those who surrendered. Many of our friends saw this. They told me that there were handcuffed people who were shot,” (quoted by Press TV)

The Israeli Commando had an explicit order to kill.

What was the role of the United States?

The raids on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, bear the mark of previous Israeli operations directed against unarmed civilians. It is a well established modus operandi of Israeli military-intelligence operations, which is tacitly supported by the US administration.

The killing of civilians is intended to trigger a response by Palestinian resistance forces, which in turn justifies Israeli retaliation (on "humanitarian" grounds) as well as a process of military escalation. The logic of this process was contained in Ariel Sharon`s "Operation Justified Vengeance" initiated at the outset the Sharon government in 2001. This Operation was intent upon destroying the Palestinian Authority and transforming Gaza into an urban prison. (See Michel Chossudovsky, "Operation Justified Vengeance": Israeli Strike on Freedom Flotilla to Gaza is Part of a Broader Military Agenda, Global Research, June 1, 2010).

The Israeli attack of the Flotilla bears the fingerprints of a military intelligence operation coordinated by the IDF and Mossad, which is headed by Meir Dagan. It is worth recalling that as a young Coronel, Dagan worked closely with then defense minister Ariel Sharon in the raids on the Palestinian settlements of Sabra and Shatilla in Beirut in 1982.

There are indications that the US was consulted at the highest levels regarding the nature of this military operation. Moreover, in the wake of the attacks, both the US and the UK have unequivocally reaffirmed their support to Israel.

There are longstanding and ongoing military and intelligence relations between the US and Israel including close working ties between various agencies of government: Pentagon, National Intelligence Council, State Department, Homeland Security and their respective Israeli counterparts.

These various agencies of government are involved in routine liaison and consultations, usually directly as well as through the US Embassy in Israel, involving frequent shuttles of officials between Washington and Tel Aviv as well as exchange of personnel. Moreover, the US as well as Canada have public security cooperation agreements with Israel pertaining to the policing of international borders, including maritime borders. (See Israel-USA Homeland Security Cooperation, See also Michel Chossudovsky, The Canada-Israel "Public Security" Agreement, Global Research, 2 April 2008)

The Role of Rahm Emmanuel

Several high level US-Israel meetings were held in the months prior to the May 31st attacks.

Rahm Emmanuel, Obama's White House chief of Staff was in Tel Aviv a week prior to the attacks. Confirmed by press reports, he had meetings behind closed doors with Prime Minister Netanyahu (May 26) as well as a private visit with President Shimon Peres on May 27.

May 26 meeting between Rahm Emmanuel and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu

Official statements do not indicate whether other officials including cabinet ministers or IDF and Mossad officials were present at the Rahm Emmanuel-Netanyahu meeting. The Israeli press confirmed that Rahm Emmanuel had a meeting with Defense Minister Ehud Barak, whose Ministry was responsible for overseeing the Commando attack on the Flotilla. (Rahm Emanuel visits Israel to celebrate son's bar mitzvah - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News, 23 May 2010). The White House also confirmed that Rahm Emmanuel was to meet other high-ranking Israeli officials, without providing further details. (Rahm Emanuel in Israel for Son's Bar Mitzvah, May Meet With Officials)

"Our Man in the White House"

While born in the US, Rahm Emmanuel also holds Israeli citizenship and has served in the Israeli military during the First Gulf War (1991).

Rahm is also known for his connections to the pro-Israeli lobby in the US. The Israeli newspaper Maariv calls him "Our Man in the White House" (quoted in Irish Times, March 13, 2010). Rahm Emmanuel gave his support to Obama in the November 2008 presidential elections following Obama`s address to the pro-Israeli lobby AIPAC.

At the time of Rahm Emmanuel's confirmation as White House chief of staff, there were reports in the Middle East media of Rahm Emanuel's connections to Israeli intelligence.

The exact nature of Rahm Emmanuel's ties to the Israeli military and intelligence apparatus, however, is not the main issue. What we are dealing with is a broad process of bilateral coordination and decision-making between the two governments in the areas of foreign policy, intelligence and military planning, which has been ongoing for more than 50 years. In this regard, Israel, although exercising a certain degree of autonomy in military and strategic decisions, will not act unilaterally, without receiving the "green light" from Washington. Rahm Emmanuel`s meetings with the prime minister and Israeli officials are part of this ongoing process.

Rahm Emmanuel's meetings in Tel Aviv on May 26 were a routine follow-up to visits to Washington by Prime Minister Netanyahu in March and by Minister of Defense Ehud Barak in late April. In these various bilateral US-Israel encounters at the White House, the state Department and the Pentagon, Rahm Emmanuel invariably plays a key role.

While the pro-Israeli lobby in the US influences party politics in America, Washington also influences the direction of Israeli politics. There have been reports to the effect that Rahm Emmanuel would "lead a team of high octane Democratic party pro-Israel political operatives to run the campaign for the Defense Minister Ehud Barak" against Netanyahu in the next Israeli election. (Ira Glunts, Could Rahm Emanuel Help Barak Unseat Netanyahu? Palestine Chronicle, June 2, 2010)

The April 27 meeting between US Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Defense Minister Barak pertained to "a range of important defense issues" directly or indirectly related to the status of the Palestinian territories under Israeli occupation:

"As President Obama has affirmed, the United States commitment to Israel's security is unshakable, and our defense relationship is stronger than ever, to the mutual benefit of both nations. The United States and our ally Israel share many of the same security challenges, from combating terrorism to confronting the threat posed by Iran's nuclear-weapons program.

For years, the United States and Israel have worked together to prepare our armed forces to meet these and other challenges, a recent major example being the Juniper Cobra joint exercise held last October. Our work together on missile-defense technology is ongoing, and the United States will continue to ensure that Israel maintains its qualitative military edge." (Press Conference with Secretary Gates and Israeli Defense Minister Barak, April 2010 - Council on Foreign Relations April 27, 2010)

These consultations pertained to ongoing military preparations regarding Iran. Both Israel and the US have recently announced that a pre-emptive attack against Iran has been contemplated.

Washington views Israel as being "'integrated into America’s military architecture,' especially in the missile defense sphere." (quoted in Emanuel to rabbis: US 'screwed up' Jerusalem Post, statement of Dennis Ross, who is in charge of the US administration’s Iran policy in the White House, May 16, 2010).

Targeting Iran

The attack on the Freedom Flotilla, might appear as a separate and distinct humanitiarian issue, unrelated to US-Israeli war plans. But from the standpoint of both Tel Aviv and Washington, it is part of the broader military agenda. It is intended to create conditions favoring an atmosphere of confrontation and escalation in the Middle East war theater;

"All the signs are that Israel has been stepping up its provocations to engineer a casus belli for a war against Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Tel Aviv sees as unfinished business its inconclusive wars: the first in Lebanon in 2006, and the second in Gaza in 2008-09." (Jean Shaoul Washington Comes to the Aid of Israel over Gaza Convoy Massacre, Global Research, June 4, 2010)

Following Israel's illegal assault in international waters, Netanyahu stated emphatically "Israel will continue to exercise its right to self defence. We will not allow the establishment of an Iranian port in Gaza," suggesting that the Gaza blockade was part of the pre-emptive war agenda directed against Iran, Syria and Lebanon. (Israeli forces board Gaza aid ship the Rachel Corrie - Telegraph, June 5, 2010, emphasis added) .

Moreover, the raid on the Flotilla coincided with NATO-Israel war games directed against Iran. According to the Sunday Times, "three German-built Israeli submarines equipped with nuclear cruise missiles are to be deployed in the Gulf near the Iranian coastline." (Israel Deploys Three Nuclear Cruise Missile-Armed Subs Along Iranian Coastline).

While Israeli naval deployments were underway in the Persian Gulf, Israel was also involved in war games in the Mediterranean. The war game codenamed "MINOAS 2010" was carried out at a Greek air base in Souda Bay, on the island of Crete. Earlier in February, The Israeli air force "practiced simulated strikes at Iran's nuclear facilities using airspace of two Arab countries in the Persian Gulf, which are close territorially with the Islamic republic and cooperate with Israel on this issue." Ria Novosti,War Games: Israel gets ready to Strike at Iran's Nuclear Sites,, March 29, 2010)

Also, in the wake of the final resolution of the 2010 Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation directed against Israel's nuclear weapons program, the White House has reaffirmed its endorsement of Israel's nuclear weapons capabilities. Washington's statement issued one day before the raid on the flotilla points to unbending US support to "Israel's strategic and deterrence capabilities", which also include the launching of a pre-emptive nuclear attack on Iran:

"a senior political source in Jerusalem said Sunday that Israel received guarantees from U.S. President Barack Obama that the U.S. would maintain and improve Israel's strategic and deterrence capabilities.

According to the source, "Obama gave [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu unequivocal guarantees that include a substantial upgrade in Israel-U.S. relations."

Obama promised that no decision taken during the recent 189-nation conference to review and strengthen the 40-year-old Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty "would be allowed to harm Israel's vital interests," the sources said. Obama promised to bolster Israel's strategic capabilities, Jerusalem officials say - Haaretz Daily Newspaper)

Robert Gates and Israel's Minister of Defense Ehud Barak, Press Conference, April 27, 2010

The Turkey-Israel Relationship in Jeopardy?

The actions of Israel against the Freedom Flotilla have important ramifications. Israel's criminal actions in international waters has contributed to weakening the US-NATO-Israel military alliance.

The bilateral Israel-Turkey alliance in military, intelligence, joint military production is potentially in jeopardy. Ankara has already announced that three planned military exercises with Israel have been cancelled. "The government announced it was considering reducing its relations with Israel to a minimum."

It should be understood that Israel and Turkey are partners and major actors in the US-NATO planned aerial attacks on Iran, which have been in the pipeline since mid-2005. The rift between Turkey and Israel has a direct bearing on NATO as a military alliance. Turkey is one of the more powerful NATO member states with regard to its conventional forces. The rift with Israel breaks a consensus within the Atlantic Alliance. It also undermines ongoing US-NATO-Israel pre-emptive war plans directed against Iran, which until recently were endorsed by the Turkish military.

From the outset in 1992, the Israeli-Turkish military alliance was directed against Syria, as well as Iran and Iraq. (For details see See Michel Chossudovsky, "Triple Alliance": The US, Turkey, Israel and the War on Lebanon, Global Research, 2006)

In 1997, Israel and Turkey launched "A Strategic Dialogue" involving a bi-annual process of high level military consultations by the respective deputy chiefs of staff. (Milliyet, Istanbul, in Turkish 14 July 2006).

During the Clinton Administration, a triangular military alliance between the US, Israel and Turkey had unfolded. This "triple alliance", which in practice is dominated by the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, integrates and coordinates military command decisions between the three countries pertaining to the broader Middle East. It is based on the close military ties respectively of Israel and Turkey with the US, coupled with a strong bilateral military relationship between Tel Aviv and Ankara.

Starting in 2005, Israel has become a de facto member of NATO. The triple alliance was coupled with a 2005 NATO-Israeli military cooperation agreement which included "many areas of common interest, such as the fight against terrorism and joint military exercises. These military cooperation ties with NATO are viewed by the Israeli military as a means to "enhance Israel's deterrence capability regarding potential enemies threatening it, mainly Iran and Syria." ("Triple Alliance": The US, Turkey, Israel and the War on Lebanon).

The Issue of Territorial Waters

Israel's blockade of Gaza is in large part motivated by the broader issue of control of Gaza's territorial waters, which contain significant reserves of natural gas. What is at stake is the confiscation of Palestinian gas fields and the unilateral de facto declaration of Israeli sovereignty over Gaza's maritime areas. If the blockade were to be broken, Israel's de facto control over Gaza's offshore gas reserves would be jeopardy. (See Michel Chossudovsky,War and Natural Gas: The Israeli Invasion and Gaza's Offshore Gas Fields, Global Research, January 8, 2009. See also Michel Chossudovsky, The War on Lebanon and the Battle for Oil, Global Research, July 23, 2006)

Global Research Articles by Michel Chossudovsky

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