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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Fall of the Republic ~ Full HD Feature Video


For those of us who are concerned about the way President Barack Hussein Obama Jr of the United States of America seems to be not too interested in addressing the Israeli raid and assault of the MV Mavi Marmara day before yesterday, I invite you to watch this full feature reality video which exposes the real agenda of the power brokers and New World Order key figures who are calling the shots and deciding the future of the world's countries to suit their purpose in global rule!

President Barack Obama just seems to be pretty much occupied with the numerous crisis's at home brewing almost in every American state and the BP oil leak polluting the Gulf of Mexico posing an unprecedented ecological crisis threatening to destroy the environment of the areas there and at the same time having to juggle the Middle East problems popping up like unstoppable exploding political volcanoes one after the other wreaking havoc all around with the repercussion lava burning up every peace plan conjured up between the Zionist regime and the Palestinian Authority added on by the fumbling Arab League!

This video explains the who's, how's and why's that many people just speak about but had no hard evidence to back up their claims or stories?

Kudos to the producers of this well researched political expose!

Global less! That's what this expose reveals?

Watch this video carefully and try to digest each revelation in this documentary and counter check the facts being disclosed here.

Makes sense doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Askm Tn Hj,
Penerbit filem ini,Alex Jones,terkenal di US dgn filem2 dokumentarinya.Ada beberapa lagi filem yg 'eye opening'.Selamat menonton dan 'free your mind'.Saya cadangkan Tn Hj tonton juga series 'The Arrivals'.Penerbit filem ini membongkar dan mengajak kita berfikir mengenai kedatangan Dajjal,Yakjuj Makjuj, Khalifah Islam terakhir dan juga Isa a.s.
Semoga kita diberi kekuatan utk melihat apa yg berlaku dlm dunia hari ini.

daceman said...

Sesudah menonton habis video ni, The Arrivals dan juga ceramah Maulana Imran Hosein mengenai kedatangan dajjal (, sememangnya sudah masanya title World superpower berpindah dari Amerika ke Israel.