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Monday, June 07, 2010

How the media manipulates the truth? Watch this!

Dear brothers and sisters,

The media of the world are the kingmakers and assassins of the truth for they practically shape and mold the mindsets of those who are watching the television channels of their home countries.

Just watch this video that shows how American media channels practically highlighted some personalities amongst the prevailing politicians and simply blacked out anyone whom they didn't favor?

Take the case of the top guns of American talk shows like Oprah Winfrey, Larry King, David Letterman, Ellen DeGeneres, etc.

The top league politicians and major public figures of the USA practically would waste no efforts in appearing in those talk shows! It would be a terrific boost to their ratings and popularity.

They'd be reaping in the rewards of such media exposure later on in the elections and whatever business promotions they were involved in and such top talk show appearances have always enriched them further by way of getting new opportunities in whatever fields they were involved in?

Its practically a 'you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours' arrangement. Its purely business they say but the rewards are quite evident by way that the media channels get exclusive coverage of all major events especially those that involve the corridors of power right up to the White House.

See how candidly the leading political figures converse with the talk show hosts and how in turn such friendship and candor leads to the ones involved molding the nation's mindsets and outlooks on all things political that at times overrides the public opinions?

The media manipulates the truth and presents to us what they want us to watch, listen to and swallow hook, line and sinker as to the agendas of the mighty and powerful no matter how much you protest against the ones wielding power?

The advent of the Blogosphere has in some way offset the humongous power and influence that these media giants once had but they are still very much in control over what the average citizen of the world watches and comes to conclude as to be the truth as fashioned and directed by the media moguls?

Television is beamed and broadcasted to the entire world and most households do have at least a tv in their homes unless one is living a solitary life devoid of all such communication gadgets in some remote jungle or cave on one's own volition!

The internet is accessible only to those who have a computer connected to the worldwide network. This article can only be accessed and read by those who are wired or wifi'd.

Please alert all those in your own network to be aware of what the media has done and continues to do?

Even the treacherous ones amongst the Israeli Zionists wasted no opportunity to showcase their side of the story behind the killings of the Gaza Aid Flotilla activists of the ill fated MV Mavi Marmara?

The media especially the global tv channels are very powerful indeed in deciding how any piece of news is broadcasted to its audience? They can really turn a saint into a sinner and otherwise.


norzah said...

I was waiting to see your readers' reaction to this important issue on how we can be misled by the western and US media in particular, about the Mavi Marmara assault and other matters affecting the Jews.
But they don't seem to respond, reflecting a couldn't-care-less attitude about the fact that they are being fed with the wrong info. That's why even our own media is having a good time saying what they want and keeping away what is not so savory.No protest from the crowd. They can also turn a saint into a sinner and vice versa.

MAHAGURU58 said...

You hit the nail on its head sir! Malaysians have been infected with a severe case of tidak apathy!

Incurable ailment.