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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Answering Fakhri ~ With regard to Anwar's session at the Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars

I don't know why but my approving of this comment seems not to appear in the related article's comment space so I have no choice but to answer him here in the form of a whole new article?

Here is the comment and questions of Encik Fakhri, a declared Friends of Pakatan member.
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Fakhri has left a new comment on your post "Anwar's answers to questions in Washington about h...":

Salam Sir,

1) Thanks for the video BUT I think you ought to listen again. I think you misunderstood what Anwar said regarding The Islamic State. I think you missed on Anwar’s questioning the type of Islamic State. What do you think after listening it to the second time?
2) What is your opinion that Malaysia is an Islamic State as declared by Mahathir some years ago?

“In the video too, you can see how Anwar ridicules the proposal to implement the Islamic Syaria caning of those who flout Islamic laws against the drinking of alcohol? … Where the hell was his conscience then when he himself came from the very top leadership of the Malaysian Muslim Youth Brigade?”

I think this is regarding leadership concern and the leader was Mahathir. I think (my opinion of course), Anwar was during the time made no difference between me and you as far as positions were concern. Where were you? Where was I? So why should we condone the rich and famous? Anyway, I respect the lady herself who asked to be punished as how she should be punished. Still, why do we condone the rich and the famous?

Posted by Fakhri to MAHAGURU58 at Tuesday, 06 July, 2010


Brother Fakhri,
I understand very well where you are coming from and that your perspective as a Pakatan Friend might very well not be the same as mine. Its obvious and crystal clear from the response you have given here based on my perspectives of the whole Anwar Ibrahim going to Washington and explain himself after his stunt before the American Embassy anti-Israel protest.

To me sir, it makes no difference as to how much Anwar himself or yourself try and present your side of the story so to say with regard that he chose to vilify Al Islam and the Daulah al Islamiyyah which any true Muslim would strive to establish within our homeland no matter what obstacles and barriers, objections that some of the Kaffir Harbis, Musyriks or Munafiqeens would raise against it in the name of what the hell ever?

The question as to who is actually in charge of the country back then also does not arise since the man whom you have chosen to champion here was not just another ordinary rural coffeeshop orator but the Deputy Prime Minister of this country back then and hailing from the topmost leadership of the nation's Muslim Youth Brigade!

This is the very same fella whom I rooted for back then thinking that he will be the best candidate to be our Prime Minister once and when Dr Mahathir stepped down? I thought wrong!

Well, after seeing him belittle and ridicule the country's ulamaks per se and state his opposition to the very notion of setting up an 'Islamic State' per se as shown below in the video here, I state frankly that I will oppose this man's plans to run our country to the best of my capabilities within my circle of influence or reach!

You need to go read up about what I think of the sort of 'Islamic State' that Mahathir spoke of and do your own research and study about it. I can't really be expected to keep explaining my stand over and over again just because someone like you sir failed to look it up in the first place?

Try using the search engine at the top left most corner of this page and type your questions in.

You assume too much in thinking that I as a Muslim Blogger and Caller to Islam 'condone' the Syaria offenders amongst the 'rich and famous' here?

Wake up bro and repent from insinuating any such thing and assuming this and that about me.

Surely, you realize that the sin of committing fitnah is worse than the act of murdering innocents?

I welcome informed and well thought out statements or comments based upon the facts not a figment of your self adduced imagination that I said this or that or have inferred any such thing as you claim here in your comments above.

The truth of the matter here stands clear that your chosen leader is nothing but an enemy to the Ummah despite his constant chameleon like changing of colors to suit his chosen audience.

You might be enthralled by his oratory skills but this blogger surely isn't. His stand now is the same as that of the accursed Karpal Singh who challenged us to cross his dead body if we ever intend to set up Darul Islam here in Malaysia.

I challenged Karpal Singh about his anti-Islamic State stand at the Forum Keadilan and got the DAP Chairman to withdraw his statements and apologize to us Malaysian Muslims back then.

He apologized and withdrew his statements back then but to date remains totally against any formation of the Islamic State here in Malaysia as witnessed by his taking Nik Aziz to task over the latter's claim that the DAP has accepted the so called PAS's struggle to establish just such an Islamic State in Kelantan all these 20 over years that PAS has ruled the land of Siti Wan Kembang?

The Holy Prophet Muhammad, Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam said that whoever takes the stand of the Kaffirs against Islam, is the same as them. Anwar's stand similar to Karpal Singh here warrants an equal opposition from us Muslims!

We can't simply allow these enemies of Allah to have it their way!!! Whether the declared ones such as Karpal and Company or the ones masquerading as this or that?

True Muslims must not ever support or assist such traitors to the Deenullah and the Muslim Ummah. Period!

You are at liberty though to support whom you will. As in the case here of the said anti-Darul Islam so called Pakatan leader.

I support only the authentic true `Ulul `Amri of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.