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Friday, July 02, 2010

Be aware of how opinions are formed against Muslims in the West?

What's in a word? Plenty, I say.

It is with words that we convey what we feel? Words if put together in a proper way backed with the truth can bring light to a darkened world. Hope to a hopeless mind. Courage to one that has been humbled and fortitude to one whose spirits have long been lost.

Yet it is with the following devious words, that minds are being shaped in the west to nurture and instill a hatred against our fellow Muslims just because they choose not to take things lying down or be submissive to the ones invading and occupying their lands?

What words you ask? Well, here are some words I have come across in an article published by the

To quote this devious columnist who puts words such as below into his opinion forming article "It trivializes the war between jihadi barbarism and Western decency, and diminishes the memory of those (including thousands of brave Muslims -- Iraqi, Pakistani, Afghan and Western) who have died fighting it."

Part of an article titled ' Terror -- and candor in describing the Islamist ideology behind it' written by Charles Krauthammer, its Op-Ed Columnist.

Our said to be Muslim writers, journalists, editors and bloggers here are practically obsessed with cutting down one another and digging each others backsides literally for shit to be smeared upon their chosen targets.

Not a day goes by without one new media practitioner claiming to have hit the bullseye as far as his or her intended victim is sprawled on the internet sidewalk, all bloodied and eviscerated for all to see and they gloat like murderous assholes grinning from ear to ear at what they have achieved in their blogs or online portals?

None of them realize the way, the general image of the Muslims and the Islamic world is practically torn to shreds and skewered by each published word, each shared article by the connoisseurs of the literary fiends of the West such as the above mentioned acidic article meant to paint a ghastly picture of 'barbaric jihadis' foaming at the mouth crazies and frenzied 'Muslims' waging a war against 'decent' westerners?

See how subtly they play their roles, inseminating the unwary minds reading their poisonous articles and deviously plant their seeds of hatred against Islam and Muslims in general by cleverly weaving their web of deceit and inculcate a propaganda against the ummah subversively without the Muslim world realizing what's going to smash into them between the eyes, metaphorically speaking!

Alas! My alerting you here might just be too late. The damage has probably been done and we can't do nothing much to avert it. Yet, let it not be said that Mahaguru58 didn't warn you his reader so as to be wary and not to simply keep on swallowing hook, line and sinker as to all that is being dished out to us as the truth that the Western periodicals and online news portals keep publishing as the reality for the world to accept and accede to?

Ya Ikhwanul Muslimin na wal Muslimat. Be knowledgeable in all that you do. Study and equip yourselves with the 'Ilm of rational reasoning and learn to read between the lines and not just keep nodding your head in agreement with whatever is being said or published against our fellow Muslims must be true because so and so said it?

Wallahi. The Yahud and the Nasara will not be done with us till they get their way. We must prevail against the Kuffar and uphold the Deenul Islam if it is the last thing we ever do!

La haula wala quwwata illa billah hil aliyyil adzhim bil sultanik!

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