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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fake Muslim Convert to Christianity Exposed!

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.
May peace, mercy and blessings be upon you.

That's the best form of greeting that anyone can give you regardless of you who are? Even if you are not a Muslim yet, you still deserve to be addressed as such providing you have it in you to want to at least reflect and contemplate or study upon the Truth of Al Islam.

Let me now bring you to the topic of phony Muslims who are now turning up here and there claiming to have left Islam and entered another faith, belief or creed.

Someone as phony as this guy @ a Dr Ergun Caner whom one of my readers has emailed me about and asked whether I have blogged about him yet?

I googled him and found the following series of exposes about this obviously proven to be a sorry ass fraudulent impostor who posed as a Muslim in the United States of America and clearly is not what he claims to be by the very manner by which he mumbles and grumbles his words which he attempts to pass off as Islamic terms and phrases which only the ignorant ones amongst the Non Muslim masses will be gullible enough to swallow hook, line and sinker!

The maker of the video below ought to be congratulated for successfully exposing this charlatan who attempts to besmear our Islamic faith and our blessed Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

Brothers and sisters, fellow Children of Prophet Adam Alaihis Salam.

Usually, I wouldn't give a rats ass to cases like these for there are just about hundreds of thousands of such cases featured online and are really not worth the time and effort one would be wasting in trying to understand the gibberish that these bozos post and upload to You Tube!

Yet because I have devoted the rest of my life to sharing the truth about Islam and engage with those who truly and sincerely want to know about their birthright to be Muslims, I gather that once in a while, its important for me to come out and share more with you my respected readers about our faith of Islam.

Yes, our faith of Islam. You have the right to be a Muslim. None can stop you except your own self.

You decide whether you want to live the rest of your life as a Muslim or as a Kaffir.

The term 'Kaffir' is not a derogatory word. Simply means 'Disbeliever'.

Disbeliever in what?

Disbelieving that Almighty Allahu Ta'ala is our Supreme Creator.

Quite ridiculous actually if one claims to be a rational, learned and knowledgeable person to go on and believe in something else rather than Allah, God Almighty!

No sane person worth his intellect would want to believe that God so chose to reincarnate himself as His own creation and go on into becoming a foetus in one of His creations and then be borne as any other living being of His!

Utter stupidity or sheer case of the convoluted mind trying to delude oneself to belief in the preposterous!

Simple fact.

There are just whole oceans of knowledge available online and in the print publications worldwide pertaining to the Supremacy of Allahu Rabbi over all Creation that it would be akin to attempting to reinvent the wheel for me to start all over again in explaining about how wrong many members of the humankind are today in wanting to have faith in something other than God Almighty!

I have come to the stage where I really would not want to bother wasting time on recalcitrants like the chap featured below for in comparison to the blinkered few, there are billions more out there who are seeking for the Truth!

Nevertheless, if you think that you have a few minutes to spend in learning about the fake Muslim convert to Christianity being discussed here, then you are most welcome to study the video below and after going through the other related videos in the series, go on and make up your minds as to whether this fellow had ever been a true Muslim as he claims to have been?

Good luck!

Frankly speaking dear Brothers and Sisters, there are 16 more of the follow up expose videos on this fraudster in the series and I really do not wish to clog up my blog here with such videos.

You are at liberty to go on and watch them on You Tube to learn more about this shyster.

"The truth must be told no matter what so that justice can live!"

I don't say the above just for fun.

This fake former so called Muslim is alive out there in the USA poisoning the hearts and minds of ignorants who don't really know about what Islam truly is and what it is not.

Please do the necessary.

Study about Islam if you wish to know the truth about it from authentic sources. Not from guys like this 'con'vert to Christianity!

There are priests, pastors and rabbis out there embracing Islam after spending so many years studying about it despite they having been leaders in their former faiths.

This joker is out there milking the Christian churches out of their precious funds and resources in his charade of being a former Muslim?

He claims to have been a 'devout' Muslim, hehehehe!

Yeah right!

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