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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nazrey Johani ~ Malaysia's Ex Raihan Nasyeed Group Supremo

It was by chance that I came across Malaysia's famous Nasyeed Supremo, Nazrey Johani who was once the lead vocal of one of the country's pioneer blockbuster record breaking Nasyeed group ~ Raihan at the Seri Pacific Hotel in KL this afternoon.
Nazrey X Raihan Lead Vocal.jpg

He had put on some weight and looked a bit more fleshy since the last time I met him in person at the Raihan's office in Bandar Sri Damansara about 8 years back. I had gone to see the group and present to them a Canadian landbanking opportunity but the fellas told me that they didn't have enough moola to invest in such a project. :)

Nazrey Johani Mahaguru58_1.jpg
There was one other accidental meet up with Nazrey at the 1 Utama Shopping Complex where he was way much more slimmer than today. He had a mop of bristly looking hair and looked quite different than the kopiah wearing crooner I always saw him be.

It so happened that one of my long time blogger buddy Zaharin Hj Yasin @ the notorious Sang Kelembai who was a royal pain in the ass for the former sleepy PM saw me and came over to speak and catch up with the latest news.

I introduced him to Nazrey and an Achehnese student who wanted to take a photo with our Ex Raihan singing superstar nasyeed crooner.
He was scheduled to perform later tonight at the interval in this year's International Quran Recitation competition being held at Merdeka Hall, PWTC. Tonight is the 3rd nite running.

I will be updating several videos that I shot of Nazrey and myself later in this article once I have finished processing them and uploaded to my You Tube account. Insya Allah.

Nazrey Johani quit Raihan to go solo and to focus his attention and efforts in running a Quran Training Institute @
Al-Tahfiz Bayu Syahadah (SA-0138055-D),
Blok B, Suite 3-2-4, Megan Salak Park,
Taman Desa Petaling, 57100, Kuala Lumpur.

Those of you who are interested to contribute to Nazrey's noble efforts are welcome to send in your donations / zakat fisabilillah to his (Al Tahfiz Bayu Syahadah Resources Bank Islam account : 12038010098575

You are also most welcome to contact Hj Nazrey Johani via
his mobile : 012-913 1566
016-660 7105

Personally, I think Nazrey should not have left Raihan and gone solo because Raihan is naturally not the same without him being its lead vocal. He is an integral part of Raihan and will always be its face.

Just like Allahyarham Ustaz Mohd Asri Ibrahim of the other top Malaysian all time nasyeed lead group Rabbani.

Its just not quite the same without my other favorite quivering chinned lead nasyeed singer who has left us last year to be with Ar Rahman, serenading Jannahtul Firdaus perhaps with his articulate renditions of the blessed Quranic verses and salutations upon the Blessed Final Messenger of Allahu Ta'ala.

Nazrey Johani is a force to be reckoned with and he still packs quite a punch with his smooth crooning voice that has touched multi million hearts of Muslims and Non Muslims all around the world.

He has sang before kings, queens and commoners and mesmerized all with his fabulous voice, bringing the message of Islam to everyone who has been fortunate to hear him and Raihan sing live to them or through their prize winning hit cd's , vcd's and dvd's.

Here are some videoclips of nasyeeds that Nazrey sang with other members of the original line up of Malaysia's Kings of Nasyeed, RAIHAN :

If you can understand Malay, contemplate upon the meanings of the following nasyeed's lyrics. It will cause you to reflect upon all that you have done in your life so far? Best nasyeed for those who wish to repent.

Which other nasyeed group of the world has performed in the Royal Albert Hall in London?
None but Raihan of which Nazrey was the main lead singer!

Here is a clip showing Raihan singing the Asmaul Husna in England's foremost concert hall :

Siti Nurhaliza went to the same hall just to perform her pop songs. No big deal as far as I am concerned. Just another pop singer of the hedonistic world. Not like Raihan!!!

Raihan went on to capture the hearts and minds of the British people with their outstanding nasyeeds which brought many closer to understanding Islam for what it truly is instead of falling victim of the media demonization of our deen.

See for yourselves how Raihan and Nazrey had Russians singing along with them praising Allahu Ta'ala and our Greatest Prophet of Allahu Rabbi, Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam:

Has any other nasyeed group ever achieved what Raihan have done to bring the people of many other countries to appreciate our Islamic nasyeeds, praising and glorifying Allah and His Messenger?

Here they are performing in France and getting the French to join them in glorifying Allah :

Raihan reached out to many in this world. Here is a nasyeed that they sang in Urdu :

Raihan also sang in Mandarin :

Let's wish Nazrey well and pray that Allahu Rabbi bestows upon him and his beloved family (6 children now) the best of this life and in the Yaum al Akhirat!


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