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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Phang Oo Lang ~ My quarterly journey to my Herbalist

I visited my Herbalist, Sinseh Phang Oo Lang on Monday, the 19th of July, 2010.

My journey started with my wife dropping me off near the walkway to the Salak Selatan LRT station early in the morning.

I was hoping to be able to get to the Bukit Jalil Temporary Express Bus Terminal before 9am and maybe get to catch an early bus to Butterworth and from there take the U601 Rapid Penang bus to Kepala Batas where my herbalist lives.

I reached the Salak Selatan station and paid just a ringgit LRT fare to reach the Bukit Jalil Station. Once I reached the station, I had to walk quite a distance and cross the road to the temporary Express Bus Terminal.

As expected, I was accosted by various ticket touts aggressively asking me about my intended destination but I just kept smiling at each of the pests and doggedly made my way past the obnoxious gauntlet and searched for the MARAliner counter.

I paid RM31.20 for the fare to Butterworth scheduled to depart at 10.30am. I had no choice but to wait at the haphazardly set up temporal food court which had a foul stinking smelly sewer as its neighbor!

For all the hype about Bukit Jalil being our nation's premier sporting complex and whomsoever decided to set up the temporary express bus terminal here, they surely didn't see to it that the standards of top class sporting facilities should also be applied to the temporary bus terminal to balance the infrastructural make up of the area.

From '1st world' Bukit Jalil Stadium standards, we had the temporary bus terminal set up with 3rd world mayhem set ups.

The whole area was looking rough shod and I so wished that my bus will arrive on time and whisk me away from the mess and the din of the bus ticket touts loudly making their voices heard above the din and roar of the noisy express buses arriving and departing from the station.

We can be excused if we thought of ourselves being in Jakarta or Chow Kit for almost each and every stall holder or the workers were Indonesian.

Where are all the locals? Place too smelly and foul for them, huh? Maybe. Can't blame them altogether if they shied away from doing business there on that account?
Makeshift Foodcourt Bukit Jalil.jpg
When I myself had to practically hold my breath because there were just so many smokers huffing and puffing away as they pleased contaminating and polluting the already stinked up atmosphere there!

If only the smokers could have a look at what they are doing or have done to their lungs from all the needless habit? From a pinkish fresh lively hue, their lungs would now have been corroded and blackened with all the nicotine tar and all other pollutants present in every stick of cigarette that they have and are still smoking? Their choice of committing suicide the slow way.

I didn't like the looks of the roti canai seller. One of those 'mamak' wannabes. So, I opted to play safe and bought myself a packet of nasi lemak and ordered a glass of hot water.

Yes, you read me right. Hot boiled water. Just had to have my Ali Cafe Tongkat Ali Ginseng 5 in 1 perk me up coffee mix!

So, I had my nasi lemak and sipped my coffee as I watched the human drama enfold right before me. There were just so many characters going about here and there as I sat at one of the many round tables set up before each temporary food stall.

There were a few very distinct looking chaps. Wearing sunglasses and quite colorful uniform of the various express bus companies, one of the chaps sat near my table. I asked him if it was okay for me to snap his photo?

He said no problem so yours truly happily grabbed my camera and snapped the following shots :

Didn't wait around much longer than necessary over there at the makeshift foodcourt for obvious reasons. Stinking foul smell emanating from the surroundings.

I wondered what the tourists who had no choice but to take the express buses there thought of our nation after suffering the same like me?

I am sure that their appraisals would be just as bad if not worse from mine over the state of affairs concerning the slipshod setting up of the express buses terminal at the fringe of the Bukit Jalil Sports Complex!

To be continued.


norzah said...

This is the reality.

Its up to you to decide as to how you go about living your life and striving to achieve your personal needs, in all areas and avenues.
Published by MAHAGURU58

This is a most fitting conclusion to the account of life at the Temporary Express Bus Terminal in Bukit Jalil and the Marriage of Convenience between PAS and DAP which you gave in your last two entries, ya Akhi Mahaguru58. I read them all with a smile comparing the facts with the ideals of life as a Muslim which you expound in your more didactico-
religious entries.

The reality of life is so contrary to the ideals that one not directed and guided by the al-Quran and Hadiths can easily loose his way. Even those people
who are supposed to become the guiding lights in Islam such as those we have in PAS and even UMNO, cannot become role models for our young.
Who are they to emulate then but the stars in the films and on TV. Look at the young man whose photograph you took at the EBT, Bukit Jalil with his white-rimmed glasses. Doesn't he represent the image of the young man of today?

I'm most happy that your goodself is moving around and expounding these realities of life and then evaluating them through the lenses of Islamic teachings. I pray that you can bring more sense to this confusing times. Assalamualaikum.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum my dearest brother in Islam.

There are just so many things going wrong today in our nation that I am practically at times be so overwhelmed with deciding which issue am I to choose as my topic for the day?

At times I feel so sad and miserable, get choked up with emotion or I just shed silent tears thinking about all the misery and mayhem taking place all around myself.

I cringe whenever I have to face the situation where our nation's youngsters live a life that borders on the preposterous when their parents are not known to be of loose morals!

So, I have no choice left but to gently advice my readers here about what we need to do to rectify the rot taking place in our ummah.

Do pray for me to be able to carry on with my mujahadah.

May my efforts be a kafarah for my mistakes.


Thanks for your support, advice and encouragement.

May Allah bless us all.