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Thursday, July 08, 2010

UAE Ambassador to the USA wishes America to attack the Islamic Republic of Iran! WTH?

UAE Al Yusuf Otaiba.jpg

Look closely at the face of one who is calling upon the United States of America to launch a military strike against the Islamic Republic of Iran!

This is the United Arab Emirates Ambassador to the USA, a bastard called Yousef al Otaiba.

This Laknatullah prefers the annihilation of our fellow Muslims there in the Islamic Republic of Iran rather than have his sorry ass country suffer the inconveniences later of hardships that will affect his nation when the Americans will go on to attack and devastate the Persians!

That's what he feared will happen in the course of the Americans plans to cut down Teheran to size!

That's what the USA has done when they destroyed the People's Republic of Iraq before on the pretext of fighting Saddam Hussein's regime whom they accused of having the so called 'weapons of mass destruction' which has now been proven to be totally false!!!

America is already laying the groundwork for its preemptive war on Iran and already waging a propaganda cyberwar against the Islamic republic by spreading lies against Iran and its fearless President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Read here about it.

America and its allies under the crazy and bloody stupid retard that they had as their 43rd President of the USA, went on to carpet bomb the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan blaming the Afghans for the Sept 11, 2001 attack on the WTC in New York which to this date is being exposed to be none but an inside job by the Americans to warrant their waging war on the poor Afghans who have nothing to do with that tragedy.

Read here to learn what even the Americans themselves are saying or asking about the 9-11 devastation of the twin towers?

With treacherous fiends such as this Yousef al-Otaiba ready to connive with the Kaffir Harbis in massacring hundreds of thousands if not millions of our fellow Muslims there in Iran, I seriously doubt that the Ummah can trust these type of traitors amongst the Arabs who are the main cause of the disunity over there in the Middle East?

Surely, the blood of this bastard is now deemed halal by this expose by The Washington Times?

I for one will definitely not shed a tear for this imbecile if I hear any news of his being taken out by any capable parties out there!

Insya Allah!

Ya Ikhwanul Muslimin of the World!

If America takes up this bastard's request to go massacre our fellow Muslims in the Islamic Republic of Iran on the pretext of taking out Iran's nuclear developments whilst conveniently closing an eye of the Zionist regime's nuclear arsenal in the harami State of Israel, then do not forget this face who is willing to allow such a bloodshed of our Muslims in Iran!
Yousef al Otaiba.JPG
I'd rather hear of his demise than that of our beloved ummah!!!

Live as true virtuous honorable valiant Allah loving Muslims or go die as spineless cowards worthless of remembrance!

La haula wala quwwata illa billah hal aliyyil adzhim bil sultanik!



norzah said...

Akhi Mahaguru58,
I'm sure there're many more Muslim diplomats and leaders who visit the White House and urge the US President to attack countries that they consider harmful to their well-being or innimical to their interest. Yousef al-Otaiba is only one of them. Iran has perhaps made many Muslim countries ashamed of themselves and their subservient attitude towards the US.
Whatever we say, whatever the UN Security Council says, whatever the world as a whole says, the US will do what it wants to do and Israel has a strong grip on those responsible for the decision. You can say that their bloqd has become 'halal' but a drop of that blood might cause a small river of Muslim's blood to flow, somewhere else in the world.
No, let's not talk about protesting, cursing and condemning them to hellfire. Don't talk about making war for the Muslim's weaponry is insufficient to quell even a local uprising. We've to pray harder to Allah for help certainly, but we have to do something ourselves. Let the Muslim nations and people talk about that, not just hold seminars and forums, discussions and conferences to talk about the injustices and brutalities of the kafirs.
What has the al-Quran and Hadith to offer us to fight such injustices and brutalities. Let all the ulamas dig their noses deeper into the al-Quran and Hadith to seek an answer, unless we're happy that Allah will punish them in the hereafter, in which case we should be "redha" with what is befalling us Muslims now.
Salamu alaikum.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam brother Norzah.

The probability of Iran having made other so called Muslim nations embarrassed of themselves does not warrant the leaders of any of those kowtowing countries to turn traitor and betray the ummah as a whole.

Whomsoever has not led his nation according to what Allahu Rabbi has commanded and Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam enjoined towards the living of Muslims as per what the Blessed Al Quranul Karim asks of us and as per the Sunnah of the Greatest Messenger of Allahu Ta'ala is guilty of committing grievous criminal breach of trusts of the beleaguered Muslim ummah worldwide.

The Islamic Republic of Iran have not poked their nose into the affairs of any country in the Middle East nor do they stand guilty of harming the United States of America and its occupied territories, do they?

All the political rethoric spewed forth by either the former President of the USA against Iran or by the current Iranian President Ahmad Mahmoudinejad against the USA are just that. Rethoric. Just hot air blown out by men who have to put up with the dictates if the media, both local and international in each other's respective countries to be seen as being the 'Commanders in Chief', each bristling about like a vain peacock, strutting around, displaying its feathers for all to see, forgetting for a moment as to the state of each others feet smeared in filth and the local disarray of its populace suffering in silence.

MAHAGURU58 said...

That is part and parcel of today's political theatrics. The way this present world expects its so called political leaders to put up a grand show of so called leadership when in actuality, each nation is not so different from the other, where they spend and splurge so much in needless weaponry of war and mass destruction instead of channeling those precious resources to nationbuilding and improving the lives and lots of their suffering citizens.

You sound so dismissive of the Muslims need to arm and fortify themselves. Have you overlooked what Allahu Ta'ala commands of us?

At Tauba Chapter 9 Verse 20 :

20. Allatheena amanoo wahajaroo wajahadoo fee sabeeli Allahi bi-amwalihim waanfusihim aAAthamu darajatan AAinda Allahi waola-ika humu alfa-izoona

20. Those who believe, and suffer Exile and strive with might And main, in God's cause,
With their goods and their persons, Have the highest rank
In the sight of God: They are the people Who will achieve (salvation).

There are many other verses in the Quran where Allahu Ta'ala commands us to strengthen our armies and fight against those who come do us harm such as what America has done in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is now planning to destroy Iran. Do you expect the Iranians to sit in the masjids with their prayer beads and expect a miraculous saving of themselves from their inherent enemies such as th Americans and Zionist Israelis?

You sound like a member of the Jamaat Tabligh, brother. Hmmm......

In these times, acting like a cuckolded ostrich, keeping its head hidden in the sand with its butt stuck up in the air warrants getting barbecued needlessly.

Yes, its true as you say that the Muslims are now weak. Yet if you are a true Muslim who believes in the Promise of Allahu Ta'ala that in these Akhirul Zaman, the Ummah will be triumphant with the coming of the Imam al Mahdi and consequent success of the Mukmins before the Yaum al Qiyamah, then surely you ought to have a bit more hope in the strengthening of those who submit to none but Allahu Rabbul Alamin!

I call upon each and every Muslim to rally for the upholding of the Islamic Syaria in his or her own life and circle of influence. Stop being weak and dismissing oneself to be as the froth upon the ocean waves that Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam prophesied before!

With willpower and determination to improve our lot, we can effect change.

If Obama can be the President of what was formerly White America, why can't the Ummah forge themselves into a strong Khilafah again, fulfilling the prophecy of Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam?

I don't expect too much of the current batch of eunuchs amongst the `Ulul `Amri' of this nation and the entire Ummah to lead us to victory.

We need to look for the youngbloods and the ones with fire in their hearts to lead us anew to face our enemies in all fields, both in real time and in the cyberspace.

I beg to differ with your seeming to be helplessness of viewing the current situation.

Perhaps I need to remind you of the Malay adage, ' Biar mati bergalang tanah ; dari hidup berputih mata!!!?


norzah said...

Ya Akhi mahaguru58. I'll be the last person to give up hope on the future of Islam or the ummah. No matter what humiliations and insults we suffer today, the will of Allah will surely prevail and He has said to Prophet Muhammad SAW (pbuh): Ma waddaka rabbuka wama qala. Walalakhiratu khairullaka minalula. Walasaufa yuktika rabbuka fathardhaa. (Add-Dhuha 3-5).
What I am tired of hearing is the vociferous platitude of the Muslim leaders in condemning the actions of the US, Israel and some other western countries against the Muslim countries and the Muslims, and yet doing nothing to consolidate their
resources to defend their interests. More disheartening is the fact that some Muslim leaders like Yousef al Otaiba and others are pandering to the the will of the Western leaders. Hence the Muslims need to do more than just hold conferences and forums to condemn the West. We need more positive action and the al-Quran and Hadiths might perhaps give us a lead on how this can be done in line with the will of Allah and the ulamas can perhaps help to point out to us the relevant nas to follow. Salamu alaikum.