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Saturday, August 28, 2010

9-11 2001. Truth exposed! Watch a missile hit WTC Tower 1 first!

9-11 2001. > 9-11 2010.

It's gonna be another annual witch hunt of Muslims around the globe accused of belonging to the faith of 19 Saudis who allegedly orchestrated the devastation of America's twin World Trade Center towers on that fateful day on September the 11th, 2001.

Watch this video and think for yourself if any planes actually hit the towers?
With the high technology available in the USA, we can never know as to what else they are capable of?

Since 9-11, there has been numerous research and studies to determine the exact causes which led to the destruction of those WTC twin towers?

If anyone out there really cares for the truth, then please do your own studies and investigate the circumstances leading to the death of 3000 over people who can be best described as victims of a major conspiracy that leads many top American experts and even security enforcement and military officials to come forward and declare that 9-11 is nothing but an inside job!

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