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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Anti Malaysia Protesters in Jakarta are Ingrates and Enemies of the Ummah!

What else can we categorize the bunch of lunatics who burn our Malaysian flags and desecrate our Embassy in Jakarta with their faeces as?

These scum of humankind obviously are made up of those who are ungrateful that Malaysia as a nation provides employment and trading opportunities for millions of Indonesians who enter our country mostly illegally and only a small portion of them do so legally.

As one who frequents the Chow Kit Wet Market frequently both to buy our groceries and to take photographs of the mostly Indonesian stall helpers and petty traders there, I know how they will suffer like hell if the condescending Government of Malaysia is to unexpectedly take offense and decide that they have had enough of the rudeness of the uncouth masses of Indonesian riff raff who have for countless times gone over the limit in insulting our nation and its flag!

Really! Other countries would have taken action and seen to it that the illegal immigrants who make up more than 3 million in number who have come and settled down in this country get packing back to wherever they came from but not Malaysia!

The Malaysian Government may have their faults and not be the best that there is in terms of economic achievements but if you want to compare us with other no nonsense accepting nations such as the island Republic of Singapore or Australia, then Malaysia truly stands out as a country which is just so forbearing in terms of humanitarian considerations as a government.

The odd cases of some Malaysian employers who abuse their domestic maids are usually made up of Chinese and Indian Malaysians who do not in turn truly represent their race in terms of a few of them turning out to be sadistic heartless torturers of foreign domestic help.

These animals in human form are to be found in all races or ethnicities. We all know that. Even today, there was a case of a Sri Lankan maid who had nails and needles driven into her body by her sadistic Saudi employers. Does that mean each and every Saudi employer is a demonic entity who is merciless and vile? Surely not!

There are even quite a large number of sickos amongst the Westerners out there who commit all kinds of vile crimes against their own kind or abuse whomsoever they can in countries such as the United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and other European countries.

But this constant Anti Malaysia demonstrations by a bunch of useless scum amongst the masses of Indonesians is just too much for even myself to condone or deal with!

They have times and times again behaved so ruthlessly and outrightly are so bloody rude that frankly sometimes I wonder if Allahu Ta'ala is punishing Indonesia every now and then through the natural disasters because of the misdeeds of these sick weirdos who are so ungrateful to the uncountable accounts of good deeds and help that Malaysia as a neighboring nation has forked out to the Peoples Republic of Indonesia all these years?

Have these lowlifes demonstrating in front of our Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta forgotten who were amongst the first to help the 26th December 2004 Tsunami victims in Acheh, Indonesia?

Which country has been frequently helping their fellow compatriots every time an earthquake destroys and kills hundreds of thousands of their fellow Indonesians?

Have they forgotten how Malaysians just come to the rescue of the earthquake victims in Padang, Sumatera?

Hmmm...sometimes the actions of these group of rude, uncouth mass of idiots embarrassing the rest of Indonesia reminds me of the Malay parable 'Bagaikan melepaskan anjing tersepit!' or ' Kita memberi madu dibalas tuba!'

Maybe Malaysia needs to be a bit more cruel to be kind in the future by just minding our own business the next time disaster strikes others around us?

Perhaps then, those clamoring to 'Sweep Malaysians' out of Jakarta and its suburbs would then wake up to the reality that they ought to really thank Allahu Ta'ala that they have us as their neighbors and be eternally grateful to this nation that those idiots out there in Jakarta wish to annihilate and destroy?

Wishful thinking!

Just see how our Royal Malaysian Police are so quick to stop the burning of the Indonesian flag by our enraged members of the Malaysian citizenry!!

Our police force do not simply standby and watch the national flag of the lowlifes in Jakarta burn and get desecrated.

The world is watching and knows who is more cultured and patient in dealing with scum who deserve no mercy the next time they get whupped by The Almighty?

I just hope that the Government of Indonesia is much more proactive in seeing to it that our Malaysian Embassy, our flag and our citizens currently there in their country are given more protection from the ingrates protesting against us for flimsy reasons and excuses!

If they still allow those rascals to desecrate and threaten our citizens out there, then maybe its time to rethink our diplomacy towards people who do not know how to appreciate our nation's help and assistance to them all these while?

Meanwhile, to those of you my fellow Malaysians who feel like burning a flag, here is a site that allows you to vent your feelings as you please!'s not the real thing but just like Counter Strike, it gives you room and space to release that raging anger in your heart, the cyber way! :P

Not like those wackos in the streets before our Embassy in Jakarta!

1 comment:

raj raman said...

Blogger raj raman said...after left a comment about this topic in a wrong section.Came to make correction.As usual read to many and sometimes hay wires.(well most the times once upon a time ago.)

One topic interest me.
The immigrant.
It's the fault of Mahathir to get more Malay support and freely issue kad katepi (sound like that) for ic.

When he fails - he bring in Indonesian and make them Bumiputera but this bred of bumiputera always love their country of origin.(Indonesia)

rajraman666.I love my country Malaysia but they say i am pendatang.I never know i am pendatang because i am 4th generation Malaysian not like this peoples who burns my country FLAGS.

We can be racial but can't be racists - Like Mahathir who is Indian origin but declared himself Melayu.Race is race and religion is religion.We can change religion but can't change our race.It's in our DNA.

Thank you.