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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Facebook ~ Exposing kids to stalkers and sex predators

Practically every kid or young child who has access to a computer connected to the internet today has a Facebook account. Signed up of course using false age input. I am sure that each and everyone of us know of our family's youngsters who have Facebook accounts. Even young babies whose parents sign up these Facebook accounts in their kids names.

There are stalkers and sexual predators out there who have access to these youngsters accounts and there have been cases where such naive kids have been lured to meet these fiends ending up in tragedy and assault.

I am not raising an alarm without due cause. There are numerous cases worldwide. Click the following links where innocent children with access to these Facebook accounts and other social networking websites have become victims of notorious pedophiles and sexual predators out there.
That is just a few reports out of hundreds of thousands of instances where vile pedophiles have been taking advantage of the current rage amongst youngsters worldwide to join the crowd so to speak and jump onto the Facebook, Friendster, Hi5 or MySpace social networking bandwagon eagerly only to have some of them suffer at the hands of these demons in human form.

I am sure that many of us still remember the dangers of allowing young children get exposed to the maniacs out there as proven in the tragic abduction, rape, mutilation and murder of young girls such as Nurin Jazlin Jazimin and other unfortunate victims of parental neglect and society's apathy.

The onus is now on the parents who allow their children to be exposed on Facebook, My Space, Friendster, Hi5 and other social networking platforms.

Don't slap your forehead later when something tragic happens to your beloved children because some sicko out there took advantage of your letting your daughter or young son expose themselves online!

Here's another reminder:

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