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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hijabophobia ~ Even Disneyland has it! Sheesh...

And we thought Disneyland would be a place where everyone ....and I mean everyone would be treated fair and square?

Why the hell are they so discriminatory?

Its a woman's right to cover her modesty. That's what the hijab is meant for?

To cover a believing women's modesty. Looks like Disneyland is just like any other biased organization. For all the make believe world that they create and lure millions of awe struck naive children and still kids at heart adults seeking an escape into their make believe fantasy land, deep down its just another anti Islam establishment.

Scared of a piece of cloth that symbolizes the observance of modesty for believing women!

Seems like Disney's true colors have started to appear!

Imane Boudlal would do best to go get another Muslims friendly job.

After this episode, I don't think the Disneyland administration are gonna be 'Goofy' anymore with her....