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Thursday, August 26, 2010

New York Muslim Taxi Driver slashed by American Anti Islam College Student

It seems that the situation for Muslims in New York, USA is getting from bad to worse with the latest incident where a hate crime has taken place!

43 year old New York City cab driver Ahmed H.Shariff was brutally slashed by a 21 year old American college student on Tuesday night ~ 24th August 2010 just for being a Muslim!
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Michael Enright, the culprit is apparently a fame seeking documentary maker who had recently sought publicity for his movie that featured American soldiers in Afghanistan. The crazy obviously nerdy faced monster was an honors student at the School of Visual Arts and lives with his parents at Brewster, New York.

Its sad to see this take place when there are many Non Muslim Americans out there in New York who are fighting for the rights of their fellow New Yorkers who happen to be Muslims be allowed to establish their own community center which they plan to build using their own money!

The unnecessary alarming build up of anti Cordoba House sentiments by obviously racists and Islamophobic hate mongers led by losers such as Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin and her likes has given way to this attack and from the looks of it will trigger more similar assaults against our Muslim ummah there in the States.

But one thing for sure, these vermin won't dare cross our Muslim brothers who are there in the Bronx or members of the Nation of Islam fraternity for I hear that those brothers are armed to the teeth!  

Days of lynching that took place back in the 60s are all just in the pages of history. I am pretty sure that if this Michael Enright tried to pull the same thing onto any of those American Muslims, he'd end up dead in the aftermath!

He is surely one of those who only dare to attack unarmed persons like Ahmed H Shariff who is only trying to earn a living driving a cab. The New York Taxi Workers Alliance ought to now protect their own by either installing those plexiglass partitions in their cabs to safeguard their members or arm them with handguns in view of the latest hate wave going on against New York's Muslims!

I hope that when this bastard is thrown into prison, he'll get whacked by those inside to teach him a lesson he'll never forget!

When you play with fire, chances are that you'll get burnt. Its retribution time!

Muslims of New York, remember that these are the Akhirul Zaman and that we have to be on alert to face our common enemies. Protect yourselves and your loved ones from the onslaught of the haters of Islam and be prepared to bite the bullet if you have no other option! 

I am not saying that everyone out there is out to get you but just to safeguard your lives from the devils in human form. We have the right to defend ourselves and if we are forced to, we have the right to kill or risk being killed! 

Ask your local police for protection and learn about your personal rights and get help if you feel you are in danger of being attacked by the Islamophobes out there.

May justice be served in the case of this vicious harami! He's not going to be able to live in peace when he goes into prison. He deserves whatever is coming his way! Let him learn that he will reapeth what he has soweth!

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kingnek said...

Histeria anti-Islam ini dipelopori pihak Evangelist Christian yang pro-Zionist bersama dengan saudara mereka pihak Zionist