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Monday, August 16, 2010

Obama backs Cordoba House Islamic Community Center and gets flak!

American President Barack Hussein Obama's non objection to the proposed building of the Cordoba Center has drawn flak from those who claim that the development of such an Islamic center is going to be a monument to the victory of the terrorists who are said to have been responsible for the September 11th, 2001 plane attack on the World Trade Center's twin towers which saw the tragic death of more than 3000 people trapped in those buildings!

I can only extend my sympathy for those blinkered ones who fail to see that such an Islamic center has nothing to do with the attackers of the WTC which even to this day we have suspicions that 9-11 was an inside job!

Orchestrated by forces still unknown despite the said evidence pointing to 19 Saudi Arabians who were accused of commandeering those planes into the twin towers. has been pointing out facts that question such a claim and showed the world that former US President George Walker Bush Jr.'s claims that Al Qaeda was behind those attacks are very questionable?

So questionable that I can only put up a link to all such questions which the site has drawn up here for you to go and read them. There are just too many unanswered questions and will take up a whole lot of space here in this article if I am to republish them for you one by one here.

That's the gist of the anti-Cordoba House protesting numbskulls! That the 9-11 attack was carried out by Muslims so there should be no mosque or Islamic Center anywhere near Ground Zero or anywhere else for the matter in the USA?

If we are to use such logic, hell then there should be no American Embassies worldwide, right?

America has devastated so many cities and countries around the world in the name of liberating them.

If we are to use these stupid blinkered people's arguments to warrant protesting against the Cordoba House, then it would be fair to go their way and demand all American interests be removed from all those countries which have borne the brunt of American bullets and bombs, right?


We are much more open minded than those placard carrying, hate filled Islamophobes out there on the streets of New York or anywhere else for the matter.

We know that those who are planning to build the Cordoba House, an Islamic Community Center had nothing to do with 9-11.

We know that good Muslims like Imam Feisal featured in the video below have nothing to do with the WTC plane attack!

In fact he and other American Muslim New Yorkers had lent a hand to all those victims and firefighters who did their civic duty on that tragic day!

Here's a video of the Imam sharing information with Tim Brown, a New York firefighter who was on duty on 9-11 during a debate over the proposal to build the Islamic Center on Fox News.

Its good to learn that not all Americans are blinkered in their views over the matter.

Read here and here to learn about those who have no problems over the proposed development of Cordoba House.

To those who object without knowing the difference between ordinary peace loving Muslims and those who go extreme in their ways, I ask that they open up their hearts and minds to knowing that there are the good, bad and ugly in every community or people.

If we are to zoom in on the sickos in every faith or community, we sure would find adequate numbers of them in every nation or country and we would just be exhausting ourselves throughout the rest of our lives in picking a fight with all those weirdos and waste our precious time and resources driving ourselves nuts?

Instead of doing harm to our own selves and our society, lets work together for peace and harmony.

The Cordona House is just an Islamic Community Center.

Nothing more ; nothing less.


green man said...

I wonder who would your neighbourhood feel with a new Jewish Center across the road.

It's just a Jewish center. Nothing more, nothing less.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Well green man, sorry to disappoint you. There are no Jews in Malaysia.

Not anymore anyway. There used to be some back in the pre Independence days here.

I know that there still is a Jewish Cemetery back in my home state of Penang.

The road used to be called Jalan Yahudi. They renamed it to Jalan Zainal Abidin.

We are talking about New York City. Not my country. Lets stick to the subject, shall we?

Its Cordoba House we are talking about, in case you forgot?