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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Parent Teachers Meeting - Shah Alam ~ Pakatan Style..

Public Announcement

For the next Parents-Teachers Meeting, we will be holding such meeting in the local stadium. Participants are to be prepared to be whacked by chairs, insulted and assaulted as the situation warrants. No special treatment will be accorded to Members of Parliament either. Be warned that anything goes in the State of Selangor Darul Pasir Berlobang.....hehehehe..

Ayoyo Dr Xavier Jayakumar... apa sudah jadi YB?

Yang Bengang....Yang Bengong...Yang Blur?

Which one?


drafunt said...

Alahai. sekolah manalah nie. Macam MIC je. Biasalah tu.....bila ramai semua jadi hero tapi kalau sorang-sorang semua kecut. Lebih kurang macam mesyuarat UMNO kat Sg. Petani hari tuuu.

ziarah76 said...

amende la kecoh tak habis-habis...

zulkifli said...

MIC meetings =Tamil schools PTA meetings, because the attendees are the same. Eg, PTA President of SJKT is also Chairman of the local MIC branch, Chairman of Estate temple, Chairman of local Hindu Sangam, Chairman of local newspaper vendor association, owner of local money lending business. in short, he is the local taiko (for want of a better word. in short, their behaviour is similar, irrespective of which party rules the state or country. So, really, there was no need to implicate any political parties in the equation.