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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Traitors, Treasonous, Lese Majeste ~ Why let them be?

When I read the news of our Minister of Defense blasting the MP for Lembah Pantai Nurul Izzah binti Anwar Ibrahim for her statements with regard to the newly acquired national submarines, it made me think of so many other instances where irresponsible citizens of this country, had no qualms in carrying out similar attacks against their motherland in the so called pursuits of what they deem to be their democratic rights?

Here is the report by BERNAMA :

August 19, 2010 14:19 PM

Don't Politicise National Defence Issue - Ahmad Zahid

BAGAN DATOH, Aug 19 (Bernama) -- Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has called on politicians to stop politicising national defence issue.

"Although we may have differences in opinion, we should stick to the truth and not go to the extent of damaging the country's image, especially in matters concerning national defence," he told reporters here.

He was commenting on the police report lodged by the Royal Malaysian Navy at the Hulu Kelang police station two days ago against Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar and Malay Mail reporter Marhalim Abas over the claims that the country's first submarine, KD Tunku Abdul Rahman, was unable to dive.

Speaking to reporters after attending the breaking of fast at the Sungai Keli Mosque here yesterday, Ahmad Zahid said Nurul Izzah's statement, published by Indonesia's Kompas newspaper on Aug 4, had undermined the country's image.

Describing the act as that of a "penderhaka" (traitor), Ahmad Zahid said the statement had damaged the country's image in the eyes of the world.

"As a member of parliament, she should have been more ethical. But the manner in which she disparages the Malaysian Armed Forces is utterly disgraceful," he said.

On the Malay Mail article, Ahmad Zahid said he had given his answer in parliament explaining that the submarine could dive, otherwise "how was it possible for the submarine to voyage all the way from France to Sepanggar Bay in Sabah?"

The newspaper reported on July 7 that the submarine suffered a technical defect that prevented it from diving.


Nurul Izzah is Anwar Ibrahim's daughter, so there is no real shock or surprise to read of her lambasting her own country's military defenses problems and giving such interviews to foreign media such as those from neighboring Indonesia who lap it up with relish knowing their anti-Malaysian stand all these years despite official theatrics showing otherwise.

Yes, one of the subs had technical glitches at one point. They have now been rectified and those vessels are now in good working order. End of issue. One does not go lambasting one's own country's defense capabilities at the expense of national honor.

Not a smart thing to do when one is a member of the Malaysian Parliament. Its not Malaysian culture or norm to be treacherous to one's own country when such statements issued before foreign media tend to boomerang on us and harm our national image. More tact should have been observed by Nurul. She might have not realized the consequences of her words when she spoke to Kompas? Whatever it is, let this be a lesson for her not to rock the boat that she's on next time.

There are those however who love to do more than that. In fact these people carry out acts that might just sink the ship they are sailing on ~ metaphorically speaking!

Nurul Izzah retaliates against this labeling of her being a traitor to the nation by speaking up for herself here.

All such politicking goes on despite of us being in Ramadan. Sheeesh...Malaysian politicians and their endless squabbles....

It reminds me of another Malaysian politician ~ Hindraf's P.Uthayakumar who wrote a letter to the former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown asking the UK to take action against this country where he was born and bred just because he wasn't happy with the state of the Malaysian Indians here and claimed that they were being discriminated against by the Federal Government?

You can read of all his rants and raves here if you have the stomach to digest all such negativity festering in his site? Its not very pleasant to face all such hatred and venom pooled up in one place, I tell you. In short, a Bad News Brown site. Can't guarantee that you'll still remain serene after all such hate posted in the site. Leaves a very bad aftertaste. Eeeee.....

Then there were those UMNO Malay idiots in Terengganu who unfurled a banner cursing the Sultan of Terengganu (the current Yang Di Pertuan Agong of Malaysia) with a derogatory term 'Natang' which means 'animal' an insult so gross that its a clear case of 'Lese Majeste'!

We also read recently of a Malaysiakini report which advocated 'autonomy' for the State of Penang, currently under Opposition rule! Isn't this a clear case of treason, planned no doubt by those who seem oblivious to the fact that the island of Penang and its Province Wellesley still remains the property and territory of the Sultanate of Kedah Darul Aman as its legitimate owner!

Why is the Malaysian Government so lethargic in taking action against all these persons whose crimes can account to be deemed treacherous, treason, lese majesty, etc. all punishable with severe measures?

Our current Home Minister is infamous for making warnings after warnings which renders him to be likened like just a toothless tiger making all sorts of noises which can't pass for roars but just whimpers and whining that nobody takes serious anymore. All bark and no bite!

No wonder that our Defense Minister is angry! He is right to be so!

Surely we don't expect him to just grin and smile from ear to ear when an Opposition MP is lambasting the nation's armed forces for what she claims to be squandering of the country's funds in the purchase of those French subs?

Zahid Hamidi's being the Defense Minister has seen him cleaning up the Armed Forces of whatever wrongdoings there have been in the past and he pulls no punches as he tries his level best to put the Malaysian Defense Ministry on a class above the rest by taking to tasks all who had been irresponsible in running one of the country's major institutions which is our armed forces.

Those who cause our nation to be seen as inferior ought to be dealt with to the best of the country's legal provisions.

Thou shall reapeth what thou soweth!

Thing is, does our Home Ministry have it in them to do whats right?

At least Zahid Hamidi's man enough to speak his mind!

Not keep quivering like an expired eunuch playing safe cocooned by ministerial protection and just end up issuing all those empty warnings or threats!!!

Walk the talk man!

Sock it to them so that they know if they try to be funny, the law's gonna come down hard upon them!

Only then will this nation be rid of its enemies from within!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


A very good article, sir!

It's the truth that we are just too forgiving towards these traitors.

Maybe we need another leader like Tun M who gave warning and actually took actions against over-the-limit citizens. But then, people would then say "Oh, we have a dictator as a prime minister who is against free media and freedom of speech. yadda yadda yadda."

I think the only way to make sure the citizens and the politicians are more courteous with each other and mind their mouth while commenting on issues of national interest is to cancel their citizenship once their action is proven to be traitorous and dangerous to the country.

Since ISA is unjust and very unIslamic to be implemented, we could just deny them their citizenship as a punishment.That way, we don't affect their basic human rights but at the same time we are able to deprive them of any sense of belonging. We are loudly and clearly telling them, "If you don't like this country that much, we are not holding you here againts you will. Maintaining you in ISA would be a waste of money too. So why don't you just be the world citizen, not belonging to any country. See whether that is a more palatable fate than being a Malaysian citizen."

Hopefully, by doing that, people will become more appreciative of being the citizen of Malaysia.

Keep up the good work. I am a fan of your blog.