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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dialogue between Ben Eder, a New York Pastor and Mahaguru58

Ben Eder September 29 at 7:31pm Report
Dear Zainol,

I have been reading with interest your posts about a Christian convert from Islam who has been insulting Islam. I guess I should find the "You Tube" clip, as I do not know what he said.

While your being upset is understandable, what I and many in the West have difficulty understanding is the Muslim need for revenge (especially in cases like this). Is this man threatened by death because he was a former Muslim and is therefore considered a betrayer of the faith?

Also, in Christianity the Bible says "Vengeance is mine, says the Lord." If this man has insulted God, isn't God able to judge him and take care of him in God's own time? Why must human beings take it upon themselves to exact this vengeance?

Having said that, I think we who are Christians need to spend more time proclaiming Christ rather than insulting or denigrating other religions. My desire is to be like Jesus to you and all Muslims.

Your Brother,

Zainol Abideen September 29 at 8:11pm
Dear Ben,

The Blessed Final Messenger of Allah is not someone whom we take to be as any other being.

For those of us Muslims who dedicate our lives to the Cause of Islam, the Blessed Final and Greatest Messenger of Almighty Allah can't be taken in vain.

Please refer to :

None is a true and proper Muslim if he or she fails to love the Blessed Messenger more than even their own selfs or over their parents?

Thus, for us to stand idly by and watch this blasphemer mock, ridicule and insult the Greatest Messenger of God would be tantamount to be an accomplice to that accursed one.

We do differ in our perspectives concerning our faith, dear Ben and I do not expect you to really understand as to why Muslims get so worked up whenever the person of the Final Prophet of Allah is put to such ridicule by those who have no true knowledge of who he was and what he stands for in our Islamic faith?

Yet deep in my heart, I have a feeling that given the right information and presented with the actual facts of who Muhammad the Unlettered Prophet really is, you too would come to understand why Muslims revere him, the Chosen One whom God Almighty Himself honors with the best of salutations and felicitations over the entire Creation?

If you have been reading my work over the years, you'll realize that I never touch on the faiths of others except having responded to a cheeky reposte by a guy who calls himself as Sean-the man- blogspot who recommended Non Muslims here in Malaysia to carry a 'Hell No! I'm not a Muslim card' to sort of prevent being declared to be a Muslim by what he claims to be overzealous religious officials here in Malaysia?

I joked with another friend of mine that such cards can get lost or misplaced. Why not have a tattoo proclaiming the same thing? Tattoos aren't forbidden in Non Muslim beliefs.

That jibe by myself was blown out of proportions by those whose agenda in blogosphere is to make a mountain out of a molehill and they branded me and my friend as Muslim extremists! :P

Those who know me truly can testify that I'm nothing of the sort. I just love my faith with the deepest of conviction and will never allow anyone to demean it.


We are brothers in this worship of Almighty God.

It is only a thin fine line that divides us.

My love and respect for you sir.

Surat Al-'Ahzab [verse 56] - Indeed, Allah confers blessing upon the Prophet, and His angels [ask Him to do so]. O you who have believed, ask [ Allah to confer] blessing upon him and ask [ Allah to grant him] peace.
Ben Eder September 29 at 8:26pm Report
In Christianity, neither are we to defame the name of God. "You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain" (the Second Commandment).

It's interesting how Christians and Muslims view judgment and retribution. When Jesus was on the cross, he was scorned, mocked, and ridiculed. Rather than condemning them, he prayed, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." Furthermore, Jesus commands us to "Love your enemies" and "Do good to those who harm you."

It should be the goal of every Christian to follow the teachings of Christ. Sometimes we fail in this regard. But I do know that Muslims and Christians can be friends, dialog together, and work together in God's name.

I truly respect the Muslims for many things, especially your desire to uphold God's name. Many in the West are secular, hedonistic, and atheistic. They do not give God the honor and respect he deserves. Therefore, I pray that I give others a good witness and bring the love of Jesus to them.
Zainol Abideen September 29 at 8:33pm
We who are Muslims love all prophets and messengers of God. None is a true Muslim if he or she insults any of God's prophets or messengers. That is why despite such insults by those who abuse your faith by misrepresenting it, we Muslims do not reciprocate likewise!
Ben Eder September 29 at 8:38pm Report
Thank you, Zainol; wise words to begin my day! God's peace be upon you!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Benjamin Stephen ~ Mahaguru58 has lodged a police report against this apostate turned blasphemous Christian preacher

I lodged a police report against this blasphemous apostate turned Christian preacher Benjamin Stephen today at the Dang Wangi District Police Headquarters at 12:52 PM today.

This case is now being investigated by the Royal Malaysian Police and I will be following up with the report tomorrow at Bukit Aman.

Utusan Malaysia reported about my article here and published this in their edition today.

Don't think that you can get away with blaspheming against our beloved Prophet, Islam and the Muslims!

Be ready to face the consequences of your blasphemy.

I have fulfilled what I promised!

Wallahi! Wabillahi! Wattalahi!

L to R : Wan (Wira Perkasa Treasurer, Arman Azha ( Ketua Wira Perkasa, Mahaguru58, Hj Taufik (Rtd Police Officer)

I went to the Dang Wangi District Police Headquarters this afternoon and was met by Tuan Haji Taufik, a retired police officer and friend of ACP (Rtd) Osman Bakar, who was with me during the lodging of the police report.

Also present as a show of his support was Arman Azha, Ketua Wira Perkasa and his exco members. Arman's Wira Perkasa associate had lodged a police report against Benjamin Stephen a month earlier but according to Arman, no police action had been taken. So upon learning that I was going to lodge a report against Benjamin, he and his Wira Perkasa friends had turned up to show their support.

I appreciate the effort by Arman and his Wira Perkasa members for being there and call upon all concerned Muslims of Malaysia to take affirmative action according to the law to deal with irresponsible people like this blaspheming apostate turned Christian so called preacher who dares to insult the Greatest Messenger of Almighty Allah and spread his lies and venom within his church.

We who are Muslims do not bother them who are Kaffirs in the matters of their beliefs but it is now getting to be quite unbecoming for halfbaked so called preachers like this Benjamin Stephens to badmouth the Holy Messenger of Allahu Ta'ala.

He is lucky to be living in Malaysia. If he was in the 'Land of the Free and Home of the Brave', chances are that he wouldn't live to see the next day for such an uncouth blasphemer like him would have been taken out promptly.

As a Malaysian Muslim Blogger, I have done my duty and lodged a police report against the apostate turned 'Christian' preacher.

It is now up to the Royal Malaysian Police and the Malaysian Home Ministry to follow up with affirmative action against this @#$%^&*!.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tak Rasa Bersalah Ke Buang Sampah Dari Kenderaan Anda? Syabas JKR!

Pepatah Inggeris ada yang berbunyi ' A picture is worth a thousand words!'. 

Baru baru ini semasa saya dan isteri pulang ke Kuantan, saya terpandang papantanda 'sindir pesan' dari JKR Pahang yang sangat tepat sekali cara memperingatkan para pengguna jalanraya supaya tidak sesuka hati membuang sampah keluar dari kenderaan masing masing, mengotor dan mencemarkan bukan sahaja alam sekitar tetapi juga pandangan kita!

Alangkah moleknya cara Jabatan Kerja Raya menyampaikan nasihat ini walaupun ianya berupa satu sindiran yang amat bagus sekali untuk melempang secara perkataan segelintir dari masyarakat kita ini yang memang sudah acapkali saya lihat dengan perasaan marah bersulam geram kerana semberono sahaja membuang puntung rokok, sampah sarap dan sebagainya keluar dari kenderaan mereka!!!

Jika dah tahu benda benda buangan itu akan membusukkan kenderaan masing masing, apakah alasan bagi maarof sintok yakpur salamus otak wal samdol untuk buang sampah mereka ke atas jalanraya yang sudah tentu bukan hakmilik peribadi mereka atau harta mak bapak atau datok nenek biarpun moyang mereka sekalipun???

Memang buruk benar perangai manusia manusia seperti ini yang dengan tidak berperasaan prihatin bahawa jalanraya itu milik awam dan mereka perlu menjaga kebersihannya bersama sama agar selamat dan bersih setiap masa untuk diguna semua?

Saya sering melihat cara pemandu yang merokok membuang puntung rokok mereka ke atas jalan raya atau di tepian jalan. Jika diturutkan hati, mahu saya hon kereta didepan saya itu tetapi nanti percuma sahaja ada yang mungkin bermalam dilokap atau dibilik mayat!

Apa punya pengotor lah masyarakat kita yang berperangai jelek seperti ini?

Nak kita kata tak berpelajaran, masing masing ada yang akan mendabik dada mengaku belajar di universiti sana dan sini dengan ijazah bergulung gulung tak cukup dinding rumah nak dipamerkan kejayaan akademik mereka tetapi otak macam lembu yang berak merata rata!

Cumanya mangkok hayon sebegini suka benar buang puntung rokok mengikut suka!

Ini kalau bangsa Melayu atau yang faham bahasa Melayu sahaja yang mungkin terasa dan mungkin mahu menjaga kebersihan alam sekitar seperti disindir pesan JKR Pahang itu?

Macamana pulak dengan mereka yang jenis tak reti bahasa ni?

Saya rasa JKR kena buat papantanda sindir pesan ini didalam Bahasa Mandarin, Tamil dan Inggeris sama.

Baru adil bro!

Malaysia Boleh...maju kalau semua faham Bahasa Melayu di atas....:)

Ong Chew Tee might just be getting a new roof soon thanks to YB Kamalanathan

Do you remember Ong Chew Tee, the Kg Gurney, Ulu Yam Baru, Mukim Batang Kali, P94 Hulu Selangor Parliamentary poor villager who is living in a leaking house because he can't afford to replace the zinc sheet roofing?

Well, today, I received a direct message from YB Kamalanathan, the Hulu Selangor BN Member of Parliament who responded to my tweet message asking when is the MP going to assist Ong?

I called YB P.Kamalanathan's mobile number which he gave me in the direct tweet message and we spoke about this case.

YB P.Kamalanathan promised to help Mr.Ong Chew Tee with his leaking roof problem soon. 

I asked YB P.Kamalanathan to let me know when the zinc sheet roof replacement will take place for me to go and cover such work in action?

Alhamdulillah! At last, I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Mr Ong Chew Tee is finally going to get to live in safety and get his home dry once more.

Thanks to the promise and commitment of the BN Hulu Selangor Member of Parliament YB P.Kamalanathan that he will look into this matter and do what he can to make sure Ong Chew Tee finally gets to sleep with peace of mind and a dry home very soon.

If only there are more hardworking MP's like YB P.Kamalanathan, our country will surely be the best place to live in the world.

Problem is that there are way too many 'makan gaji buta' so called YB's wasting time there in Parliament talking cock and pontificating as if they are the God sent champions of the long suffering people?

I don't give a rat's ass whether any MP has been there in Parliament for umpteenth years? What the hell have these hot air spewing politicians done for the poor Malaysians like Ong Chew Tee and millions other suffering Malaysians all over the nation and in their respective constituencies?

What has Nazri, Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, Anwar Ibrahim and all other media attention loving politicians done for their constituents all these years? N.A.T.O.? No Action ; Talk Only?

Come the 13th General Elections, I hope that the national voters of Malaysia will only vote for people like YB Kamalanathan who practice what they preach and promise?

Failing which, we know how to teach all these rhetoric spewing narcissistic airheads?

Don't we?

US Architects and Engineers prove that 9-11 was an inside job!!! Video proof.

Well, looks like President Obama owes Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad an apology for stating point blank what even American Architects and Engineers are saying about 9-11 being an American Bush Jr Government orchestrated inside job!

I mean, those of us rational thinking people of the world have long suspected that the destruction of the World Trade Center twin towers in New York must surely have been a controlled demolition due to the way those towers came down onto their own foundation.

So, in this case, it is clear that for all the advancements that there is in the USA, such a brutal massacre of its own citizens planned meticulously in absolute detail and carried out mercilessly by those who still remain at large and conveniently scapegoat 19 Saudi Arabians and go on a rampage carpet bombing Afghanis and Iraqis on deception of them having anything to do with this massacre surely is going to go down in human history as one of the vilest things that America, the so called land of the free and home of the brave is gonna get plastered with very soon!

These are American experts in the field of engineering and architecture who are exposing the obvious glaring evidences of an inside job, not Iranians, Iraqis or Afghanis!

What does that show us, the people of the world as to the audacity of America's former President who conveniently devastated Iraq and Afghanistan under pretext of exacting vengeance upon those countries whom he scapegoated as those responsible for the massacre of 3000 over lives in the 9-11 self inflicted tragedy?

If it is true that those 19 Saudi Arabians were responsible for the attack, how come America is still so chummy with Riyadh and not laid a finger on the Saudis?

Not that I wish such harm to come upon my fellow Muslim brethren but the evidences of a CIA covert operation as far as carrying out this vicious brutal massacre and annihilation of their own citizens as collateral damage in advancing their global domination agenda screams out so loud despite all the media propaganda painting out Afghanistan's involvement in such a to the minute detail of the largest grand scale of scapegoating blameless foreign nations for the Americans benefit has yet to be seen in this world's history?

Let me ask you?

What the hell has Afghanistan, a country so poor and suffering from the after effects of the prolonged war with Soviet Union got to gain by carrying out an attack so grand in design and effectiveness if we are to believe and swallow such American hogwash that those mountain terrain dwelling Taliban fighters have it in them to go strike the world's strongest military power tens of thousands of miles away from their dusty mountain hideouts?


Even the cheapest B-flicks of Hollywood pales in comparison to the audaciousness of such accusations lodged against Afghanistan being responsible for what took place over there in New York on September the 11th, 2001!

I salute the fine gentlemen in the video above for having the strength of purpose in them to uphold the truth and see to it that justice is not only seen to be served but with this exposure bring about the world to realize that it is the Americans themselves who are to be rightfully blamed for what took place over there in New York City which even to this day continues to unfairly point the accusing fingers at Muslims and Islam for what is now proven to be nothing more than America's own worst crime against its own people!!!

Shame to those racist Islamophobic morons protesting day and night over there at Ground Zero against my faith of Islam and brothers and sisters of the Muslim world!

Go scream your insults at your own ex President and lay off the Muslims for God's sake!!!

That is if you really are people worth your worth in name and standings?

I know many fine Americans who are good, well mannered, outstanding human beings and it is a shame to see the ignorant blinkered racist and atheistic ones out there in New York making a fool of themselves before the whole world as far as blaming Islam and Muslims for a vicious crime that now is fast being proven to be the handiwork of none other but their own government officials of the past George Bush Jr.'s mis-administration!

Obama needs to do the right thing here and see to it that justice is done to the memories of all those 3000 over lives which were lost on that fateful day.

Be the change that you said you will bring to this world.

Yes! You can...if you really practice what you tend to preach?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Insulting the Prophet and Islam! Why is this blasphemous @#$%^&! left free?

Why is this Benjamin Stephen left free to insult Islam and the Prophet? 

What is the PDRM or Home Ministry waiting for? 

To see the ummah lose their patience and take the matter into their own hands?

Does the Police or Home Ministry need to wait for someone to lodge a report before you arrest this fella and charge him for blasphemy against the Islamic faith or have you no powers of preemptive arrest to prevent social unrest as a result of such derogatory attacks and insults against Islam???

What's your excuse? 

The rights of the Prophet and the devotion, respect, esteem and honour that are owed to him are made clear in the Book and the Sunna and the consensus of the community. In His Book, Allah has made it haram to harm him. The community agrees that anyone among the Muslims who disparages him or curses him is to be killed.

Allah says, "Those who harm Allah and His Messenger, Allah has cursed them in this world and the Next World. He has prepared a humiliating punishment for them," (33:57) and "Those who harm the Messenger of Allah have a painful punishment," (9:61) and "It is not for you to hurt the Messenger of Allah and you should not ever marry his wives after him. That is something terrible with Allah." (33:53)

Inna allatheena yu/thoona Allahawarasoolahu laAAanahumu Allahu fee addunyawal-akhirati waaAAadda lahum AAathabanmuheena
Muhsin Khan
Verily, those who annoy Allah and His Messenger (SAW) Allah has cursed them in this world, and in the Hereafter, and has prepared for them a humiliating torment.

Ya ayyuha allatheena amanoola tadkhuloo buyoota annabiyyi illa an yu/thanalakum ila taAAamin ghayra nathireenainahu walakin itha duAAeetum fadkhuloofa-itha taAAimtum fantashiroo walamusta/niseena lihadeethin inna thalikum kanayu/thee annabiyya fayastahyee minkum wallahula yastahyee mina alhaqqi wa-ithasaaltumoohunna mataAAan fas-aloohunna min wara-ihijabin thalikum atharu liquloobikumwaquloobihinna wama kana lakum an tu/thoorasoola Allahi wala an tankihoo azwajahumin baAAdihi abadan inna thalikum kana AAinda AllahiAAatheema
Muhsin Khan
O you who believe! Enter not the Prophet's houses, except when leave is given to you for a meal, (and then) not (so early as) to wait for its preparation. But when you are invited, enter, and when you have taken your meal, disperse, without sitting for a talk. Verily, such (behaviour) annoys the Prophet, and he is shy of (asking) you (to go), but Allah is not shy of (telling you) the truth. And when you ask (his wives) for anything you want, ask them from behind a screen, that is purer for your hearts and for their hearts. And it is not (right) for you that you should annoy Allah's Messenger, nor that you should ever marry his wives after him (his death). Verily! With Allah that shall be an enormity.

Each and every Muslim who is capable must take action against this Benjamin Stephen. Go lodge a police report against him. Let's see what the PDRM and Home Minister are going to do about him?

Friday, September 24, 2010

PAS Kelantan's Issue of Dealing with I'da World Group ~ Open Apology to Nik Aziz

Yesterday, I published an article about the controversial I'DA WORLD GROUP SDN BHD's dealing with PAS KELANTAN where I misconcluded Dato Nik Aziz Nik Mat's denial of meeting with the disputed group related to their giving of the RM4billion donation to PAS Kelantan to actually mean that he had stated never having met them at all.

An anonymous blogger / reader has alerted me to my mistake in such a conclusion and upon rechecking the info contained in the said You Tube video, I realize my mistake and have immediately removed the said article from my blog here.

I hereby tender my open apology to Dato Nik Aziz Nik Mat and state my utmost regret for this oversight on my part. 

In the spirit of Aidilfitri, I ask for his forgiveness.

Maaf Zahir Batin.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Proverbial 'Chicken' or the 'Egg' first question ~ Race or Nationality Issue?

It is amusing to see our politicians waste precious time and energy debating and arguing ala the proverbial question of which came first? The chicken or the egg?

Give it to hot air spewing parliamentarians such as Nazri Aziz or Lim Kit Siang to waste our time arguing DPM Muhyiddin Hj Yassin's answer that he is a Malay first and then a Malaysian.

What's bloody wrong with that?

Each and every one of us is a human being identified by his race first and then by our nationality.

When one goes abroad, automatically the way we are identified is nationality first and then our ethnicity.

No big deal.

When we are in our own country, the authorities don't bother asking you about your nationality because by our looks they can already tell as to whether we are a Malaysian or a foreigner?

We can easily tell whether one is a Malaysian or an Indonesian, Bangladeshi, Burmese or whatever?

Why the hell do these politicians waste our time with petty issues like these and not focus on the job that they are being paid handsomely to do in the first place which is to take care of their own constituencies or parliamentary areas?

I get so fed up of watching these loudmouths not do their jobs there in Parliament which is to discuss or debate on proposals to improve the lot of their respective constituents but these clowns just go on year after year in raising petty issues and create a whole bloody ruckus there in this nation's Parliament just to feed their ever bloating narcissistic egos!!!

Buat kerja lah!!! 

As for Nazri, well go take a look at what this blogger has to say?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bollywood ~ Its open agenda against Islam. When will Muslims realize this?

A straight to the Muslim face video!

Everyday, billions of Muslims all over the so called Islamic nations stretching from masyrik to maghrib waste precious time and money on watching what Bollywood churns out incessantly.

Even in the Arabian peninsular, hundreds of millions of so called Muslims are engrossed in watching what the Kuffars churn out as movies and even in the said to be under Taliban ruled Afghanistan, Bollywood movies are traded clandestinely by those who hate the strict Islamic Syariah which safeguards against the eventual breakdown of social structures and protection against the fahsya and mungkar that the creeping Bollywoodism brings to the average individual suffering financially, spiritually and morally in trying to escape into the world of make believe?

I know that in the video here are exhortations to break your video or DVD player by the singer but that is only a certain part of his message that needs to be taken generally.

It is we who decide what we watch and what we take to be the truth or plain fiction?

Yet we must wake up to the reality that the Bollywood film industry really has an open agenda in distracting the Muslims who are now apparently ones who have swallowed their proverbial hook, line and sinker as far as being addicted to the world of fallacy and mirage of glamor and fantasy that Bollywood icons such as Shah Rukh Khan, Ameer Khan, Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan and their lot prance about on the silver screen mesmerizing the legions of agaped Muslims!

Those brainwashed Muslims who despite being mostly poor and suffering from such states of poverty yet do scrounge and strive to make enough just to go and watch such distracting movies in cinemas and theatres all over the Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi nations spreading over to Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and other countries in the Arabian peninsular.

If you happened to notice, the underlying message in movies of Shah Rukh Khan, this so called Muslim attempts to show his millions of awe struck fans that its okay for a Muslim to be married to a Hindu and have children who are caught in the proverbial 'pendulum' of being either a Muslim or a Hindu? 

Maybe its accepted in India to live such a life where anything goes but for those of us who value the purity of our creed and strive our best to live within the Syariah of Allah, that kind of a mixed marriage between the Halal and the Haram is obviously forbidden and we need to stop it right here in our mindsets before we subconsciously allow our kith and kin to think that its okay in Islam???

That's what this video is about?

Although the singer may come off as being rigidly extreme in wanting us to go smash our vcd or dvd players and shut ourselves off from such harami influences, I ask that each of us who are Muslims to think about the warnings being given here in this advisory video as to the state of affairs concerning the Bollywood open agenda in deviating the Muslim ummah from our true bedrock of Islamic Aqeedah.

You who are learned in Islam ought to take heed of such destructive elements of the day to day life we are living and the negative effects of being exposed to such mind bending subtle anti Islam propaganda that such Bollywood movies contain from being viewed in our homes before our beloved families.

I'm not saying that each and every Bollywood movie is like that. No!

There are those which are universal in their storylines and can be watched but those which mix and match religious values as what Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and all other Bollywood actor Khans out there have been dishing out to the world ought to be not supported for these fellas have long traded off their aqeedah for a clutch of rupees in the truest sense of the word.

You are what you watch, read or eat?

If you start to think that its okay to let your religion be sidelined in favor of your nafs, then just be ready to suffer the consequences?

This is the reality of our lives here in these Akhirul Zaman and by Allah, we will each be hauled up to face Him and answer Allahu Ta'ala when He questions us as to why we let those under our watch go astray?

See then if you can wisecrack your way out before The Malikul Mulk, Dzul Jalali Wal Ikram?

His name is Khan...and he is obviously a 'Good Golly Mister Bollywood' Muslim.

You really sure you wanna be like him?

PDRM ~ Kenapa Kalimah Allah & Muhammad dihapuskan dari logo pasukan?

Saya telah menerima emel dan mesej Facebook sejak seminggu sudah dari seorang rakan di Miri, Sarawak yang mempersoalkan kenapa kalimah suci Allah dan Muhammad dihapuskan dari logo rasmi Polis Di Raja Malaysia?

Oleh kerana saya didalam tempoh berkabung diatas kematian saudara saya tempohari, saya meminta rakan saya itu memberi tempoh pada saya sebelum memberi tindakbalas terhadap aduannya itu.

Saya meminta beliau mengambil gambar bukti akan usaha penghapusan kalimah suci Allah dan Muhammad di balai polis yang beliau maksudkan dan emelkan pada saya.

Baru sebentar tadi emel yang berlampirkan bukti usaha menghapuskan kalimah Allah dan Muhammad telah saya terima.

Ini dia buktinya :

Sila klik pada gambarfoto diatas untuk paparan lebih besar dan jelas.

Tuan tuan dan puan puan warga Malaysia yang saya hormati,

Ini ada lah satu usaha keji menghilangkan mercutanda logo pasukan Polis Di Raja Malaysia sebagai sebuah pasukan keselamatan negara yang menjunjung Syariah Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala dan Sunnah Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam sekian lama ini.

Pasukan Polis Di Raja Malaysia adalah pasukan paling terkemuka didalam sistem pertahanan negara dan kalimah suci Allah dan Muhammad itu bukan sekadar hiasan semata mata!

Setiap anggota polis wajib sedar bahawasanya dirinya bertugas menjaga keselamatan negara dan ia tertakluk dibawah Syariah Allahu Ta'ala dan Sunnah
Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam.

Kalimah kalimah suci tersebut adalah lambang bahawa pasukan polis bertugas menurut suruhan Allah dan anjuran Rasul.

Dengan usaha jahat menghilangkan kedua kalimah tersebut adalah merupakan satu cubaan menghapuskan kesedaran taat kepada Allah Tuhan Rabbul Alamin dan PesuruhNya Nabi Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam!!!

Ini logo asal PDRM :

Apa alasan PDRM berkenaan perkara ini???

Kenapakah kalimah suci 'Allah' dan 'Muhammad' dihapuskan dari lambang logo Balai Polis Trafik Miri seperti dipaparkan gambar bukti di atas???

Apakah pasukan PDRM di Balai Polis Trafik Miri terkecuali dari menjunjung perintah Allah dan Sunnah Rasul?

Ada dua sistem ke didalam PDRM?

Sila jawab!

When compassion is missing in our courts ~ there is simply no justice.

How many of us know of this case?

A poor 64 year old diabetic sickly man hungry and penniless, resorted to stealing canned food and drink packets amounting to RM99.62 from The Store at Plaza Pudu.

Caught by the security guard, he confessed to not having any money to pay for such goods. Arrested and brought to court where Magistrate Mohd Azali Ibrahim sentenced the poor old man to 10 days in jail!

If the magistrate had any compassion in his heart or any realization of the true system of justice in Islam no matter that he was there presiding in a secular civil magistrate's court, he would not have sentenced the poor sickly hungry old man to spend 10 days in prison?

Instead, he ought to have ordered the old man to be given aid by the Social Welfare Department and advised the 64 year old poor diabetic not to resort to stealing in the future and instead seen to it that the old man is given assistance by the relevant authorities.

Looks like compassion is simply not present in our not so civil courts.

No wonder crime is on the rise and people are getting more brutal by the day.

If not for the Malay Mail, this case would have simply disappeared into the growing world of ignorance and apathy that is fast taking place in this nation if not the whole wide world.

Guess, they don't instill that ever important sense and aspect of showing mercy and compassion in law school, eh?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Conflict Kitchen in Pittsburgh ~ Reaching out to the Americans conscience

Well, the Conflict Kitchen in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA have done it again! 

They have successfully introduced to Americans in this city, wholesome food that originates from countries that the American Government is in conflict with.

Instead of swallowing hook, line and sinker what the American media passes off as news, propaganda which brainwashes the unsuspecting blinkered ones amongst the American public or general population into hating foreign countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, Venezuela, North Korea, etc needlessly, this enterprising restaurant does the unconventional form of peacekeeping ~ serving traditional original food starting from the countries named above from their start up base in Pittsburgh.

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Their introduction of the Iranian 'Kubideh' takeout meal to the American public at Pittsburgh has been a roaring success and as promised, they are now changing the menu to the Afghanistan 'Bolani Pazi' takeout special.

The US Government would do well to emulate the brilliant steps taken by Conflict Kitchen's owners who are doing so much more good for the people of the world by introducing the palatable peace measures between countries which the US has sought to be in conflict with militarily instead of opting for the diplomatic way.

After all, what have these countries done to the US in the first place?

Has any of these countries branded by the former US President George Walker Bush Jr. as the 'Axis of Evil' really or truly endangered America in the first place?

Have they launched military strikes against America to warrant such an offensive stand or campaign by the US Government?

Isn't it apparent that much needed precious resources and finances amounting to trillions of taxpayers dollars are being wasted by Washington on military expenditure and unnecessary warmongering politicians over there on Capitol Hill on unfounded alarming battle calls against countries that have not harmed the US in reality?

Those trillions of US dollars and the massive military manpower could be better utilized to provide for the poor and homeless or downtrodden within America's own shores.

Conflict Kitchen of Pittsburgh have successfully introduced awareness about these victimized foreign countries who have fallen prey to the American media's propaganda war machines.

Talk show hosts such as NBC's Jay Leno screw it up further by mislabeling Conflict Kitchen's brilliant peacekeeping through food initiative by stating ignorantly that the Pittsburgh takeout food enterprise is introducing food from countries which 'do not like America'!

How's that for highlighting a yak yakkety yak yakking airhead who has no other measurable contribution to the American television viewers except blatant false propaganda meant to brainwash them into needless hatred for foreign countries based upon his own blinkered conclusions about what Conflict Kitchen has scored with this brilliant enterprise?

Jay Leno even attempts to ridicule his own American President Barack Obama Jr by scoffing at President Obama's measures with regard to the Gulf oil spill by wisecracks in his misleading show here.

No wonder that those amongst the Americans watching NBC get the wrong message in their heads and obviously leading to the blinkered perception that many amongst the American public suffer from?

Its crackpots such as pointy chinned Jay Leno who are messing with their brains with falsehoods and untruths! Maybe its true that too much television will screw you up as they say? Watching Jay Leno's crackpot show should come with a health warning. Mental Health, that is!

I applaud Conflict Kitchen for showing the people of America that they have a choice and a splendid chance to savor wholesome affordable good healthy food that originates from countries that have been scapegoated by the American government and its misleading broadcasting media channels.

We all live just a temporal life here on Earth.

Instead of waging unnecessary destructive wasteful wars against each other here on Earth, we would do better by following the leadership of Conflict Kitchen and learn to appreciate each other's plus points especially in the delicious palatable world of good, wholesome affordable food that everyone can enjoy.

They did well with their Iranian Kubideh Kitchen.

Please support and help them make their intended Afghani Bolani Pazi takeout a similar roaring success!

Conflict Kitchen is a project by artists Dawn Weleski, John Peña and Jon Rubin.
Dawn Weleski is an interdisciplinary artist who activates and broadcasts the stories of individuals and groups in experimental public performances, where conversation is her process and people are her medium.
Jon Rubin's projects include creating a game show for ideas, starting a restaurant that secretly runs via take-out from its double across the street, and broadcasting an office's telephone conversations through a talking piano.
John Peña grew up in Washington State, where he first began sending daily letters to the ocean.