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Monday, September 20, 2010

Conflict Kitchen in Pittsburgh ~ Reaching out to the Americans conscience

Well, the Conflict Kitchen in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA have done it again! 

They have successfully introduced to Americans in this city, wholesome food that originates from countries that the American Government is in conflict with.

Instead of swallowing hook, line and sinker what the American media passes off as news, propaganda which brainwashes the unsuspecting blinkered ones amongst the American public or general population into hating foreign countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, Venezuela, North Korea, etc needlessly, this enterprising restaurant does the unconventional form of peacekeeping ~ serving traditional original food starting from the countries named above from their start up base in Pittsburgh.

Click here to learn more about this good food project.

Their introduction of the Iranian 'Kubideh' takeout meal to the American public at Pittsburgh has been a roaring success and as promised, they are now changing the menu to the Afghanistan 'Bolani Pazi' takeout special.

The US Government would do well to emulate the brilliant steps taken by Conflict Kitchen's owners who are doing so much more good for the people of the world by introducing the palatable peace measures between countries which the US has sought to be in conflict with militarily instead of opting for the diplomatic way.

After all, what have these countries done to the US in the first place?

Has any of these countries branded by the former US President George Walker Bush Jr. as the 'Axis of Evil' really or truly endangered America in the first place?

Have they launched military strikes against America to warrant such an offensive stand or campaign by the US Government?

Isn't it apparent that much needed precious resources and finances amounting to trillions of taxpayers dollars are being wasted by Washington on military expenditure and unnecessary warmongering politicians over there on Capitol Hill on unfounded alarming battle calls against countries that have not harmed the US in reality?

Those trillions of US dollars and the massive military manpower could be better utilized to provide for the poor and homeless or downtrodden within America's own shores.

Conflict Kitchen of Pittsburgh have successfully introduced awareness about these victimized foreign countries who have fallen prey to the American media's propaganda war machines.

Talk show hosts such as NBC's Jay Leno screw it up further by mislabeling Conflict Kitchen's brilliant peacekeeping through food initiative by stating ignorantly that the Pittsburgh takeout food enterprise is introducing food from countries which 'do not like America'!

How's that for highlighting a yak yakkety yak yakking airhead who has no other measurable contribution to the American television viewers except blatant false propaganda meant to brainwash them into needless hatred for foreign countries based upon his own blinkered conclusions about what Conflict Kitchen has scored with this brilliant enterprise?

Jay Leno even attempts to ridicule his own American President Barack Obama Jr by scoffing at President Obama's measures with regard to the Gulf oil spill by wisecracks in his misleading show here.

No wonder that those amongst the Americans watching NBC get the wrong message in their heads and obviously leading to the blinkered perception that many amongst the American public suffer from?

Its crackpots such as pointy chinned Jay Leno who are messing with their brains with falsehoods and untruths! Maybe its true that too much television will screw you up as they say? Watching Jay Leno's crackpot show should come with a health warning. Mental Health, that is!

I applaud Conflict Kitchen for showing the people of America that they have a choice and a splendid chance to savor wholesome affordable good healthy food that originates from countries that have been scapegoated by the American government and its misleading broadcasting media channels.

We all live just a temporal life here on Earth.

Instead of waging unnecessary destructive wasteful wars against each other here on Earth, we would do better by following the leadership of Conflict Kitchen and learn to appreciate each other's plus points especially in the delicious palatable world of good, wholesome affordable food that everyone can enjoy.

They did well with their Iranian Kubideh Kitchen.

Please support and help them make their intended Afghani Bolani Pazi takeout a similar roaring success!

Conflict Kitchen is a project by artists Dawn Weleski, John Peña and Jon Rubin.
Dawn Weleski is an interdisciplinary artist who activates and broadcasts the stories of individuals and groups in experimental public performances, where conversation is her process and people are her medium.
Jon Rubin's projects include creating a game show for ideas, starting a restaurant that secretly runs via take-out from its double across the street, and broadcasting an office's telephone conversations through a talking piano.
John Peña grew up in Washington State, where he first began sending daily letters to the ocean.

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